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  1. Where are the "Vehicle Get In" and "Vehicle Get Out" waypoints in Eden editor ? Apex is now release and I still do not see them
  2. choum

    Army of the Czech Republic DLC

    This dlc is english only, or there's subtitles for other language (German French etc..) ?
  3. choum


    there're many games that use physx without any hardware support (mass effect, age of empire 3). In fact the poor thing about hardware physx is that they voluntarily drop the cpu support (we have 4-6-8 cores now and physx never use it...
  4. choum


    Who said that arma 3 will use hardware physx ?
  5. choum

    Reinforcements import (UK)

    PAL or NTSC on a pc game ?
  6. choum

    Arma 2 1.09 releases on Arma2.com

    Is there some differences with the previous 1.09 patch included in 1.59RC or it's the same version ?
  7. sound volume bug in trial by fire still here. No hud in ah1z. They should be fix as they've been reported many months ago and mark as resolved in "Upcoming version" ?
  8. choum

    ARMA 2: OA beta build 78927

    Yes this is normal, due to a limitation of directx 9 when you use AA with alpha transparency. The only way to avoid this problem is to disable anti-aliansing or Atoc. The second way will be to upgrade the engine to support directx 10 or 11 which fully support this combination.
  9. we start the campaign in coop, and like arma 2 always the same bug since 2 years now : If you use an ingame savegame, the next mission will not be unlock, you have to restart the mission from the beginning (why there's savegame during the mission so ?). We had a problem during the sniper mission, we clear the aera and the mission never end ( we use cheat code endmission to continue to the next one). We never finish Harvest red in coop because of this kind of bug mission successfull that not unlock the next one especially razor2 and manhattan, yes we can use endmission and campaign unlock cheat code but you lost all our choice during previous mission and that not a decent solution. We never see any improvement to corect this bug, we try since 1.03 to 1.55. The pmc campaign look like COD, you are in god mode during the campaign, you only lost if the two player are wounded. We are on the 9th mission, and there's 2 3 mission that are totaly useless(preparation ?? only have to board a chopper to finish a mission, the civilian one...).
  10. If you install/buy Full baf after the 1.56 patch.
  11. this DLC is a ripoffs, the entire campaign is in fact totally free. The new map is terrible (2 road, 10 tree and 3 houses.) I'm quite sure it will be impossible to obtain a refund now(I don't install or activate my dlc yet, only the 1.56 patch). Stay away from pmc dlc guys.
  12. Can we expect a full language support on this dlc, french german spanish subitles this time ?
  13. With this beta,If I order ia to move when they're are in a vehicle (Jackal 2 MWMIK for example), they don't move at all and don't start the engine. They only move if I am in the vehicle I want to move. So You're unable to do the second mission in the Baf campaign as there two jackal to command (the one with you inside will obey, the second one will not move at all.) Do you have the same problem too ?
  14. Is it plan to have subtitles for dlcs in the same language as arma2oa (french, spanish, german version etc..) As the free Eagle wing pack was translate into all language, it's something strange for a paid dlc to only have english and czech subtitles.