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    E3 - Arma 3?

    Really, I am still expecing Carrier Command to be quite awesome, honestly looking forward to it more than Take On Helicopters. But I don't think I can satiate my need for ArmA 3 info until I have my hands on it, luckily I have learned patience in my years of dedicated BIS following!
  2. IronPyramid


    Nonsense! Its never to early to pre-pre-order!! I'm joking of course, but if its too early then I guess I'll just have to spend my money in other ways. I will probably put it towards the spoiling my girlfriend fund:rolleyes:
  3. I'm very interested in this game and would like to know when and where I might be able to pre-order it. Really looking forward to this!
  4. IronPyramid

    FP : DR - News & Discussion

    I really don't appreciate the fog that is set 20-30 meters away blocking the view. And yes the grass is pretty awful. I resonate the need to see actual gameplay before I can base a better opinion.
  5. IronPyramid

    Americas Army 3

    One of my best memories from AA occurred during a match of Pipeline. I was on defense, and almost all of opfor were located in the exterior pipe room. I managed to burst through the door (figuratively speaking) and shoot ten players. After the last fell, the match was over, but before the next started, you could see in the top left: "Glorfindel23 has bled to death". After sustaining three or four shots, I bled to death after the round ended, it has now become a legend among me and my friends. I was also listening to Dying Fetus when that happened... crazy. Anyway, I really hope they have some cool stuff in store for AA3
  6. IronPyramid

    FP : DR - News & Discussion

    Maybe such was his intent. Hopefully its just rumor mongering, I wouldn't like to see the day where people associate DR with the classic OFP as a flop just because CM cannot undertake such a task. I would however like to see the day where we get some decent footage of what the game will be like. Not chopped up recycled bits of gameplay that last no longer than forty five seconds.
  7. IronPyramid

    My dreams about ArmA 2/3

    I have had such dreams, and upon reflection I thought of such detailed and intricate environments. While that video is a good demonstration of what things could look like when you blast them apart, think about how a living game world could look. What I mean by this is, we have ArmA 2 on the horizon, and it will be great, but in no way will the physics be capable of such feats. But like some have said, in a few years maybe, something like this could be possible even if simplified. If BI were to continue ArmA and begin work on a third, they probably understand a solid physical rendition of the situations you may encounter in armed combat would be pretty much required. But beyond this are some of the things we get from ArmA 2, like civvies, and a virtually living game world. So think about a thriving city, that is populated, like GTA 4. But where you can go inside most buildings (if not all) and true to most cities, construction, demolition, and other such labor is most likely to be conducted. The things I thought of were akin to walking along in a city, maybe patrolling, and being able to watch as civilians erect scaffolding in order to work on something a ways up the side of a building. What if you came back to that spot later on, and the scaffolding was completed, or being taken back down, or even still being risen. I know, this doesnt really come into play when thinking of things that should be in a mil-sim, and I understand this. But some of the earliest previews about Game 2 (when it was still called that) claimed things like dynamic destruction of buildings, dynamic chain of events which usually resulted in combat, and a consistent playing field. Destroy a tank, come along later and its still there, perhaps being scavenged for scrap. But since BI have begun an implementation of a more complex civilian livelihood in ArmA 2, why would they stop with what they have? I'm definitely asking for way too much, but I'll be honest when I say even without dynamic building destruction, or a campaign that would be mildly to entirely different for everyone, or a battlefield that you can come back to and marvel at the fact that you survived such an assault while looking at craters and scorched earth, I'm still very content with what I believe BI will have out for us with ArmA 2. Now this isnt to say I know whats in store for the game, but we all need a little faith. Now even faith isnt entirely necessary, because of all the wonderful info and media that has been covering this game. At this point we know alot about what we'll be getting, but there have been veiled hints that there is much more which hasnt been let on about (I'm not prophecising anything here, just sayin).
  8. IronPyramid

    TrackIR 5 ArmA2 Thread!

    I am truly stunned. Thank you for being so slick and getting yourself a pre-release copy to show off for us (god knows some other previewers are guilty of terrible publications). Once I scrounge up some money, perhaps I will see you all on the battlefield with the ability to look around without taking away my ability to aim! Great job, I am in awe at what BI, and the team behind TrackIR have been able to accomplish at this point.:bounce3::):D Emote spam over.
  9. IronPyramid

    FP : DR - News & Discussion

    Hell is breaking loose over at the CM forums, due to your well spotted piece of gossip Mafia. Over the course of DR's media publications there really have been some rough times over there. OT: There is supposed to be a detailed video in the works, hopefully it can quash these rumors, or we will have 5 kilometers of metaphorical DR yarn tangled in an equally metaphorical 25 gallon mil-sim blender. I just hope that they can make the right choice to delay if needs be, otherwise I foresee another buggy, crashtastic, unsupported game, which will probably deal some major detriment to the continuing development.
  10. IronPyramid

    4 posts, 2 locked threads...can you beat my %?

    I foresee another locked thread.
  11. I knew it was NINny, NIN has such a good sound for ArmA, as demonstrated in ArmA just like you imagined.
  12. Oh yes, I distinctly recall cutscenes involving the corpses of many of your fellow brothers in arms. And some of the dialogue between characters was pretty heavy with war detriment. Ironic that BIS manage to achieve a certain beauty from one of the uglier aspects of humanity.