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    Zombie Panic Source

    A word of caution. I downloaded this game because it said "coop" on its steam page and I was looking forward to playing it with my friends. However, we were very disappointed to find out that there is no coop mode. I'm not sure how they can get away with labeling it as coop when there is no player vs AI mode to be found, only player vs player. Please correct me if I am wrong.
  2. Rumsfield

    Third person mode & realism

    We will just have to live with these issues until the holodeck is invented. :)
  3. Rumsfield

    Small Co-Op / Duo suggestions

    Another good dynamic randomly generated mission is Patrol Operations. My two buddies and me play it cooperatively. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?168315-A3-Patrol-Operations-Official-Thread&highlight=patrol+ops
  4. Thanks for the tutorial, helps a lot! Also, for Arma 3 don't forget to add the following to your "defines.hpp" or you will have an invisible dialog issue. #define GUI_GRID_X (0) #define GUI_GRID_Y (0) #define GUI_GRID_W (0.025) #define GUI_GRID_H (0.04) #define GUI_GRID_WAbs (1) #define GUI_GRID_HAbs (1)
  5. Rumsfield

    Arma III Fishing

    Wow! Very clever. Nicely done. I love how you took a "military simulator" and gave us something unique. A fine fishing mod indeed. Thanks!
  6. Rumsfield

    Spy Party

    I saw an article about this game a while back, been waiting to see how it will progress. I definitely love the concept and potential, but I'm waiting to see it a bit more fleshed out before I buy it. All the videos I have seen(not many) show this game has a shooter and a spy. Which means two human players. Anyone know if it will support higher player counts(3, 4, 6, 8 players, etc.)? Keeping an eye on this game.
  7. Rumsfield

    Forcing AI to stay in Vehicle

    Try playing with these commands: lockDriver, lock
  8. I always prefer a competent human driver. But, when I can't get one to drive the tank/apc, for which I am the gunner/commander in, I simply drive it myself then stop and switch to the gunner seat when I need to shoot a target. This is silly, but I got used to it. It would be amazing if there was a better option.
  9. Rumsfield

    Will CTI be Implemented into Arma 3?

    CTI = Conquer The Island/Capture The Island It was a popular game mode which appeared way back in OFP:Resistance days. Later, Bohemia Interactive Studios' released their own version called "Warfare". Here is a quick explanation of the game mode: http://www.wikihow.com/Play-Arma-2-Warfare-for-Beginners
  10. Rumsfield

    Best Vietnam War FPS?

    Not many Vietnam War games out there. I played Vietcong for PC years ago. I played it coop with buddies and it was fun for a while.
  11. Unless I'm mistaken, it appears the prize is no longer a copy of either Mafia or Civilization, it is now a chance to win an iPad mini? Damn, guess I'm late to the party! :(
  12. I basically have the same issue. I have 2 friends who I play Arma 3 with. Friend X and Z can join MY server. But if Friend X starts up a server, Friend Z cannot join it, even though I can. This is just a guess, but I think it has to do with setting up the router properly. Make sure proper ports are open, firewalls off, etc. Also, I had a router(D-Link Dir-625) which required me to use the Virtual Server feature for hosting my server for friends. Opening the ports was NOT enough. If your router has this feature, try this. Also try DMZ mode(demilitarized zone) on your router. Definitely read this ----> DMZ info Good luck!
  13. Rumsfield

    Takedown: Red Sabre

    Here's 9 minutes of actual gameplay footage of Takedown: Red Sabre with developer commentary. http://www.ign.com/videos/2013/08/19/takedown-red-sabre-developer-commentary
  14. Rumsfield

    CRcti Proman

    Hey crCTI team! I noticed that your latest version 5_64(from your website) does not have a crCTI mission for the island Tasmania. :( So I fixed that for you! http://www.filefactory.com/file/365dk5sbfg8v/n/crCTI_Proman_v5_64_CO_12vs12_tasmania2010_pbo It is a good island! I hope you don't mind that I updated it to v5_64.
  15. Here is a real quick answer(May contain errors)! The first part is easy(1. Trigger Activate on hit). Do you want to use "hit detection" or "unit sees player"? HIT DETECTION: You can use an Event Handler to detect if the unit has been hit or if the unit has taken damage. Use one of the following: Hit: Example Below _index = unitName addMPEventHandler ["Hit", {Null = _this execVM "playCustomVoice.sqf";}]; OR... Damaged: Example Below _index = unitName addMPEventHandler ["Dammaged", {Null = _this execVM "playCustomVoice.sqf";}]; FYI: It seems that the "Hit" Event Handler doesn't always trigger if the unit is killed from "the hit"(ex: single bullet), try and see which works best for you. You will have to tweak the above code to get it to work properly with your mission, but this is a good start. Place either of the above codes into your "Init.sqf" file to integrate the event handlers into your mission. UNIT SEES PLAYER: If you want to use this approach, then look into the "knowsabout" command. Your second question(activating a custom voice heard only in a certain radius) is trickier. If I remember correctly, you can adjust the volume of the sound file and it will increase/decrease the range that the sound will be heard. This is of course assuming you are using a sound file(.ogg, .wav. etc.). Not too sure about this one. Here is a nice little tutorial I stumbled upon, not sure when it was written, hopefully it is still relevant. Good Luck!