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  1. nice job on the update. Love the fire mission. The bm-21 wont fire beyond 4km. Is this a game limitation or Ares? Is it possible to note if min or max range parameters have been met?
  2. Brilliant!!!!! Long needed. Love these anims that fill gaps to complete immersion.
  3. gunterlund21

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Is there a chart of muzzle velocities for the RHS artillery for our arty calculators.
  4. yes did that. Ill try again. I put 5 targets down and saw them in the list. Are there range limits. ---------- Post added at 03:07 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:06 PM ---------- yes noticed the group issue as well. Fortunately it save the first request so you can drop them on the others quickly.
  5. artillery module doesnt seem to work with rocket arty? Tried to use the rhs rockets and the standard ones.
  6. Is this server side only or does every machine need to load it.
  7. gunterlund21

    Insurgency Chernarus Completed

    possible problem with this mission. Ive cleared squares and they dont turn green. Running on a dedicated server. Like the idea here though. Lots of potential.
  8. Really nice work Phaeden. Glad to see you bck from your travels. Stay in touch
  9. gunterlund21

    Interaction Scripts

    would also be nice to be able to clear the streets if a bomb is found.
  10. gunterlund21

    Celle 2

    what are the two area west and northwest of Bergen. They look like giant motocrosse tracks. Is that a military training area?
  11. Awesome work DevilDog. Keep it up.
  12. Any chance of implementing Rydigiers Hetman in here?
  13. gunterlund21


    Hi all Not sure if this has been discussed but added a ticket to see if its possible to add the ability to track down high value leaders, capture them, bring them back to base in order to get more info on cache locations. As mentioned the more damage done to civilians the more difficult it would be to locate these leaders. Any thoughts. https://dev-heaven.net/issues/28471
  14. gunterlund21

    Working LHD Elevator

    does the elevator actually go to the water? I thought it just went to the hanger deck. Very interesting job though. Keep it up. How bout making the tail plank open. I think it has one doesnt it?
  15. gunterlund21

    HETMAN - Artificial Commander

    One thing Ive also found is the truck will take one group up to a certain size. I think the max is around 8 in the group. So if you have 2 groups of 4 it will only load 1 group and not fill the truck.