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    MP thoughts

    For me, ArmA MP has always been a community driven area. However, in saying that, I do have some issues with the current ArmA 2 MP, that I'm assuming will be fixed in A3. Aside from the numerous GUI enhancements that have to be addressed to get A3 to a modern-fps level rather than still having a similar layout to OFP MP, A country filter would also be handy, aswell as a filter that looks at mods, i.e when you first start up the game (post install), it is set to 'vanilla', easier for new players, there is then the option to have 'mods' or 'both'. I'm sure with a bigger MP team working on A3, we'll be in for some surprises. :) I think the main area BIS need to focus on is the MP engine itself, the GUI, the UI for the server, the scoreboard, the lobby etc. Leave the game modes up to the community.
  2. Run Patch 1.60 again. I was getting kicked earlier as I installed BAF/PMC after I patched 1.60, therefore keys were different. I'd say patch 1.60 again, then make sure you have all the dayz mods, and try again.
  3. I must say, excellent mod. Fantastic work! Only massive problem is night-time. I was just ingame on one of the US servers, and it was pitch black... Could not see anything, not even my hands, just stars, which is completely pointless in my opinion. If there's a way you can make the moon shine or something, that'd be much better. Or a torch? In terms of gameplay, it's actually very enjoyable. I'm having a lot of fun, and I see it's absolutely taken off which is excellent to see. I hope you keep improving the mod as at the moment it has massive amounts of potential! I think more variety is needed, more options, different scenarios and more variations in zombie movements. Some fast, some slow etc. Other than that, I love the transferable position of the player between servers, works a treat! Looking forward to seeing this in Limnos with massive amounts of new and exciting adventures :) Edit: Can you enable knives? Man, that'd be so much easier. Esp if you have one zombie by himself, not anything around. Saves bullets, and is much quieter. Also, you need another Aust/NZ server. The current one has been 55/55 all day. If you can get your Rcon stuff working on Linux, can lend you a fairly decent server, should hold 30 or so. But I believe windows only correct?
  4. Just some Screenshots from AAF online gameplay. http://i.minus.com/jKvKE5n7qzpXH.jpg[/img] > 100 KB http://i.minus.com/jsliXgGsDKVwz.jpg[/img] > 100 KB http://i.minus.com/j4tVinU2AUN0o.jpg[/img] > 100 KB [Lingor, AAF SOTG, RH Wpns]
  5. Looking solid there Kanga. Eagerly awaiting update. Any news on ACE compatibility or new base for Inf/SOTG?
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    Development Blog & Reveals

    Good pickup. ;)
  7. Website: http://www.australianarmedforces.org Forums; http://australianarmedforces.org/forums/index.php Registrations are open! The Australian Armed Forces, often referred to as just “AAFâ€, is a co-op based squad formed late 2008 and progressed through the mature versions of ArmA 1. AAF is highly regarded among Australian and New Zealand Clans and has a reputation of being one of, if not, the most active clan among the AusArmA Community. With the release of ArmA 2 the AAF then proceeded into the pandemonium and began playing co-op straight away, and has continued to do so since release. We play most evenings and often have members on TS3 almost every day. We often have scheduled Mission Nights and Joint-Operations with other clans. We currently rent a Gameserver's ArmA 2 server, we also, in co-operation with AEF, own a dedicated MSO server. A third server, on behalf of one of our members runs whenever required. So you’re interested? Awesome! To set the scene before we go onto how the AAF operates, here's some pre-dominant factors in becoming a member. You are mature when the games rolling, a bit of fun out of game is never shy, but you must put your serious face on when playing or you won't get far. Don’t get us wrong, we love a laugh, but we despise immaturity and generic “Pub Playâ€. You must also be highly teamwork oriented; cooperative and are Australian or within approx 5 hours of (GMT +10). There is no minimum dedication within the AAF, however a regular check of the forums to show your still with us is required at least weekly unless you apply for leave. The AAF has a relaxed attitude and we enjoy chilling out and talking smack in the forums or TS, but when we jump ingame, we always switch on, enjoy what ArmA 2 offers and have a good time. Ok, so how do we operate? The AAF is a squad that focuses on the realistic aspect of game play, whilst sometimes those two terms can be contradictory, we get the best balance possible. We spend at minimum a few hours per month training and completing exercises, making sure we are up to standard, and have our own written doctrine for new recruits to learn upon entry. Don’t let this deter you, it’s not pages of a PDF, rather some small and important information the AAF has written up over time to most effectively complete missions in the ArmA verse. What does our training consist of? Our training is a very enjoyable and an excellent learning process. We don't expect our new recruits to sit through tedious hours of recruit training, so we break the training up into different elements to be taken over various nights. Some of the recruitment training modules that you will learn consist of; Navigation Cam and Concealment Patrolling Formations Target Indications Contact Drills Fire and Movement Basic Section Attack Break Contact Drills Obstacle Crossings Ambushes Great, where do I sign up? To become an AAF member, you must first place your entry application through the Google document below and then register on these forums and PM Antipop informing him that you’ve applied and ready to go. An easy way to get in contact with the clan is via TeamSpeak (information below). Upon processing of your application, you will be contacted a senior member on our team speak channel on the AusArmA team speak server; after meeting and assessing your personality, you will begin the selection process, and from the information provided in your application you will be assigned to a unit, a relative position and begin the training. During your application, all are welcome to play with us during our games, however, if we have a scheduled mission night, we require members only to be a part of these. If you complete the training without any serious problems, and we are happy with your performance, you will be slotted into your unit and will began playing where they may be deployed. Upon completion of entry, at any time without posting for official leave you will have 4 weeks maximum inactivity, before you are deemed inactive and removed from the team; to re-deem yourself you will have to speak to the CO and be granted special permissions to re join; unless under specific circumstance. Microphones are required for any communications, and mandatory; a moderate internet connection and good 3D performance is also recommended for solid game play. We haven't set an age restriction, but if you are below 18, you will be judged on maturity and ability to become part of a team in the ArmA game world. If you are interested in AAF, then please, fill out this Google form below and one of the senior members will contact you. **AAF APPLY PAGE:** http://australianarmedforces.org/apply/ Don't forget to register on the forums and Private Message Antipop stating you’ve filled out the above document and what your Forum Account is. If you have any problems during the recruitment process or have any queries, feel free to email me; matt.hurley91@gmail.com , contact me on skype (theantipop91), give me a yell on TS3 or PM me on the forums. Some other points of call are; Monty (Skype: montybravo – Email: monfries@rocketmail.com) or Thor (Skype: nitsud2k4 – Email: dustfet@gmail.com) AAF uses it's own internal mod whilst gaming, however, we also use the latest versions of ACE, ACEX & ACRE. The AAF Use use Teamspeak 3 and Skype to co-ordinate games most of the time, download these below. http://www.teamspeak.com http://www.skype.com Our teamspeak is; ts.ausarma.org (The AAF Channels) For more Information please visit AAF's Website: http://www.australianarmedforces.org or Forums; http://australianarmedforces.org/forums/index.php AAF Forums Recruitment Topic: http://australianarmedforces.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=39 AAF SERVERS: Dedicated AAF ArmA 2 CO Server: :: Filter 'AAF' ingame. Dedicated AAF & AEF MSO/Joint-Op CO Server: :: Filter 'AAF' ingame. AusArmA TS3: :: AAF Channel
  8. the_antipop

    Australian Armed Forces [AAF]

    AAF has been refreshed! Due to numerous members being away, AAF had a period of low playing time. However, we are now back and more active than ever! We have a new website up; http://australianarmedforces.org and subsequent new forums. I have updated the original post with more information in regards to AAF and what to do if you would like to Apply. AAF recently went over 40 members on the books, and almost every night we are having games of 12+ players. :) If anyone would like anymore information, you can email me; matt.hurley91@gmail.com - hit me up on Skype; theantipop91 or PM me on here.
  9. the_antipop

    Arma 3 Community Alpha - Announcement!

    I hope everyone understands why BIS is asking the community to help out with an Alpha. There is a significant difference between a fully released commercial product and an alpha, some may have seen the difference in Battlefield 3 Alpha compared to release, obviously ArmA 3 will be on a much larger scale. I understand everyone is keen to get their hands on the game, just remember to keep in the back of your mind that BIS are releasing this so we can all help test the game, not just enjoy it as a commercial product. I'm sure more information will be released sooner to release of Alpha in regards how to document and report bugs, crashes, script errors etc, but that's fundamentally the purpose of an Alpha, to test the game and report anything that isn't smooth or normal. I just thought I should share all this so people don't see the 'alpha' as a demo. It's a testing platform for the community to use to HELP BIS, not to download and use as a demo for the final game. The only piece of information I can share in regards to being apart of Alphas and BETAs of big commercial games in the past is never assume that a bug has already been reported, it doesn't matter if it's listed twice, as long as it's listed. BIS need our help to make the final release of ArmA 3 as smooth and enjoyable as possible, and I hope everyone is on board to help make that happen. I'm sure everyone will enjoy getting their hands on ArmA 3 too :) -Antipop
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    Development Blog & Reveals

    Remember, they're old screenshots.
  11. the_antipop

    Arma 3 Community Alpha - Announcement!

    In regards to the alpha/beta, will they included a server exe file in order for clans and others to test the MP side of these builds? Or will it be purely SP? And during these tests, will some base models and code be available to modders in order to help the process of porting A2 content? Regards, Anti
  12. the_antipop

    Automatic Mod Downloading

    Maybe just in the server browser, servers that have mods on it that you aren't running are just not shown? Or there are two settings in filters, vanilla, mods or all servers. Therefore new players who aren't familiar with arma will only, by default, see vanilla servers.
  13. the_antipop

    Automatic Mod Downloading

    I think automatic mod downloading should be a completely different program than the original game itself. If A3 is to have any form of auto downloading, it should be auto downloading and patching, and a 'Welcome' screen, similar to the new Blizzard games. I just feel Mods are other's problems, not the original and standard vanilla game. My 2 cents.
  14. the_antipop

    Automatic Updates

    I agree with a permanent launcher for the game. Launchers are now very common practice for many games and I feel it's quite necessary with the number of patches and amount of news BI put into their games that a launcher for A3 is almost a pre determined feature.
  15. the_antipop

    MP thoughts

    There needs to be two distinct variations in ArmA MP. Obviously the well known Co-op gameplay we all know and love. Leave that as it is, obviously with improvements, network fixes, JIP fixes etc etc. But there also needs to be a more robust PvP mode. Similar to what Project Reality was looking into, but maybe, make Limos smaller on these maps, like BF, when you stray too far you are killed. Keeps people closer and in a more confined area, which means more kills and more fun. Obviously, in this mode, specific missions can earn you ranks, unlock new weapons, new attachments etc. Could bring a whole new range of players to ArmA, and allow those who turn to COD/BF3 etc when ArmA is giving us a headache, we can just join a PvP server and hook in. I believe this needs to be looked into. It doesn't need to be crazy complex, just certain missions which have a limited size, distinct objectives, etc.
  16. the_antipop

    Clafghan Map 20x20 Beta Release

    The ALICE module does work on this map. The MSO scripts that use ALICE detect it and spawn civilians, albeit that it is an unofficial ALICE made by the MSO guys, but ALICE is somewhat enabled on the map.
  17. the_antipop

    ArmA 3 will be available on Steam?

    I'm hoping with the Steam version of the game that there are more Steamworks options, Achievements, Steamcloud and the like. Sprocket/Retail is the best way to go for hardcore modders. If not, Steam is always very handy.
  18. Even though it has 'No Discussion', I thought I should clear a few things up. If you already have a 'Wish list' post, just edit it rather than having five posts with one wish per post. (Stops clogging and gives BI dev's a chance to read through these posts more easily) Also, I don't think weapons are a valuable wish, they can be added in easily at a later date. This should be for more Graphical/Features/AI/Animation etc, stuff that the game is based upon. Data that modders are not able to change without a lot of time. In saying that, here are a few things that I'm hoping make it into the game. (I'm not going to state the obvious, (Fix AI, etc) just post a few things I feel, from playing OFP since 2001 are needed in a game being released on DX11 and in 2012. 1. A Beta is NEEDED. For maybe a few weeks pre launch to select clans and individuals. It should have designated areas in which to focus. i.e One clan exploring the map, finding any bugs. Second clan, stress testing MP. Third, The Campaign etc. Will make for a much smoother launch. Also a release date that is global would also be good. 2. Varying animations depending on your main weapon. i.e Running with Machine gun is different than running with a stock M4. Breaks it up a bit and adds a tad more immersion. This also goes for crouching and crawling. 3. As Wipman said. Proper and smooth animations between the switching of weapons and the removing and adding of optics/silencers is a must. If it all works, it will take the game to the next level. As Wipman stated, have the weapon drop to your front when switching to a sidearm. 4. Taking full use of DX11. I will find it very unfortunate if BIS have not jumped into the beauty that is DX11 technology. Sure, it's easy to add a and b features, but what I really want more than anything it just for BIS to make the graphics amazing. The draw distance spectacular and the gameplay smooth. It can happen, there are technologies out there that can do it, I just hope BIS can too. 5. Improve the modules (ALICE etc). Wolffy has constantly been fixing stuff that BIS somewhat neglected in A2 for his MSO in terms of BIS modules. I hope BIS can improve on these and make them solid and good to go for A3. 6. BIS remember, there is no rush. ArmA 2 is still an excellent game. Take your time and make it the best game you can rather than feeling you have to rush it. Other than that, a lot of my other hopes are in the 'Confirmed' thread or others have stated over and over. Let's just hope BIS make a heck of a game. Thanks.
  19. In love with this so far. Really enjoying it. My rig pumps out a constant 80fps, even on Caspain. Everything Ultra. Awesome. Remember people, it is a BETA. But I'd hightly recommend people to give it a go. Awesome fun. For those wondering, Caspian border password is now; shoppingcartsareagoodride See you all on the battlefield!
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    Development Blog & Reveals

    My countdown says it ends in an hour. Whereas a mate in the US said his says 18 hours... Is it based off your computer clock? Therefore, won't be up til a certain time?
  21. the_antipop

    Development Blog & Reveals

    I just realised that the countdown is all over the forums and bis' site. It MUST be something significant... fingers crossed for gameplay video...
  22. the_antipop

    Development Blog & Reveals

    My bet is on a new website/new content and a solid ingame trailer. :)
  23. Hey all, I've recently purchased a new gameserver for my clan. And the staff member on the other end has been extremely helpful in getting my server up. However... Mods is the big issue. The server is CO, patched to 1.08 and 1.57. Now, I've uploaded CBA,ACE,ACEX and AAW. At the moment, only CBA works. If the staff member adds any of the others the server doesn't want to start. I reuploaded ACE, and still same thing. Any thoughts to what may be preventing it from starting? Is it worth someone else uploading ACE? Thanks Anti
  24. I agree on some kind of Fortnightly update. Just to give some ideas of what the dev team is getting up too, what avenues are being investigated, what new breakthroughs have been accomplished etc. I think that'll be quite good for the community, get some kind of up-to-date information regarding a game we're all going to buy and love.
  25. But since ArmA 2 BIS have acquired 3 new studios... Maybe they have the man power to make this game what we all want it to be, and what it should be! :)