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  1. ultimateflashpoint

    The Crate 2 - an Armed Assault movie project

    I remember this from several years ago. This was an awesome movie, but the DL links are dead. Can anyone reupload the files please?
  2. ultimateflashpoint

    HARCP not loading

    I am using the latest version of ACE and CBA, and when I try to load HARCP, it CTDs saying to include the config.hpp file even though the file is present and in the directory that it is supposed to be in.
  3. ultimateflashpoint

    ASR AI Skills

    Not sure if I missed something, but only AI units in my group will arm/rearm themselves. I have tried placing weaponless groups/single units and whether they are attacked or not they will not arm themselves while men in my group do.
  4. ultimateflashpoint

    Modern Nogova

    Here will be one of the biggest modding projects I've ever done. :D The entire island is being redone with new vegetation, buildings, textures, etc. There will be more gravel roads and little villages sprinkled throughout the map with some high rises in the cities. Farms and seaports will also be added. Pretty much all textures are going to be replaced. I'm working with the Mapfact Nogova as a base, replacing a lot of vegetation with Berghoff nature packs. Military bases will also be present. Ground textures and water will be redone to give it a more HQ look. In the one alpha screens you can see the new asphalt roads. They look damn fine even if I say so myself. :) All roads will be redone so they look ultra high quality. I am also hoping to release some modern Nogova police and vehicles with this but I will take it one step at a time. Leave feedback and suggestions to help me get it designed. :) http://www.flickr.com/photos/43513422@N06/
  5. ultimateflashpoint

    How to play ofp in window 7?

    I run Win7 64 bit and I have played both OFP and CWA just fine on a 1080p monitor. Check your resolution settings and ensure that if you have a 1900x1200 monitor, that you are not running at 1920x1080 and vice versa.
  6. ultimateflashpoint

    Modul Skies Pre Installed

    Thats odd. Can you upload a pic?
  7. ultimateflashpoint

    Modul Skies Pre Installed

    Your welcome. I am glad you enjoy. :D It has made a world of difference for me having nice environment in the game.
  8. ultimateflashpoint

    Modul Skies Pre Installed

    Filefront has been having server issues lately. If it happens just refresh once or twice and it will work.
  9. ultimateflashpoint

    Modul Skies Pre Installed

    http://operationflashpoint.filefront.com/file/Modul_SkiesPre_Installed;119676 Download link and install instructions on there(much easier this time:p).
  10. ultimateflashpoint

    Modern Koljuyev Beta

    Well, I don't want to give everything away, but the hill and a large area around it has been turned into a "zone" for a large military base. I am getting rid of most of the others. As far as AGS, the refinerys were moved, and I used the buildings pack for the large city. It is located near the north-east part of the island near the coast. As far as the grass, it requires the OFPL objects pack that you can obtain from the Lechistan download(I think). If not I will upload the grass files.
  11. ultimateflashpoint

    Modern Koljuyev Beta

    AGS Buildings and Industrial pack OFPL objects Baracken and Mapfact objects Berghoff nature pack(can't remember which one), should be brg_en.pbo Farmland objects pack And that should be about it. :P
  12. ultimateflashpoint

    Modern Koljuyev Beta

    Ok, I put up 24 more pics of KOLJUYEV. I won't get into an argument. I call it Koljuyev and that is final. It is not like it is a popular island.
  13. ultimateflashpoint

    Modern Koljuyev Beta

    It is not an error. People obviously call it different names, I don't see what the issue is.
  14. ultimateflashpoint

    Modern Koljuyev Beta

    It is a moot point, if you don't want to use the island, then don't.
  15. ultimateflashpoint

    Modern Koljuyev Beta

    I have heard people call the island many things. I have always referred to it as Koljuyev. Some call it Kolgojev, Kolguyev, etc.