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  1. I read the whole thread, was asking about the Carl Gustav, the uniforms, the night vision equipment, and the packs because nothing was said about them. Wasn't sure if you meant texturing new uniforms or re-texturing the ones already in there. There was a post describing the new uniforms being planned, so I was wondering if you planned on doing both the new and old. The M72A6 has been included, so I was asking if the Carl Gustav would as well, as the first post says "with hopes of AT weaponry soon after". The MNVD is the err "official" name for the night vision issued, the AN/PVS-14. Sorry for not being clear on that.
  2. Nice work. What plans do you have for equipment and weapons? CTS Ruck/small pack? AN/PVS-14s/MNVDs? New/old uniforms/boots? Carl Gustav? Would be very appreciated if you could model some of the "modern" stuff as well, not only focusing on the future equipment.
  3. Well, it is A Friday .. any news? :)
  4. Also can try: this && ({(_x getPos select 2) > 2} count thisList) > 0 In the condition field of the trigger. Basically, it fires if the original trigger conditions are true and if there is at least 1 unit from the trigger list under 2m altitude. Depending on what your trigger is for, you might need to change that.
  5. Try: _str = format["Stop Vehicle %1 for inspection", i]; _btrig setTriggerStatements ["this", "pac1 = player addAction [_str, ""civc\stop.sqf"",[], 0, true, true, """", """"]; i=i+1", ""]; Easier to manage it via another variable than trying to put in 8 sets of quotes.
  6. beita


    I just quickly tested this in the editor, for a Kamaz truck, simply put this in it's init line and it will drive without headlights: this setHit ["L svetlo", 1]; this setHit ["P svetlo", 1];
  7. beita


    You can do it by destroying the lights on the vehicle. Use the setHit command in the init of the vehicle, you could repair them later with setHit if needed. Try: this setHit ["L svetlo", 1]; this setHit ["P svetlo", 1]; If those class names don't work, you will need to look them up in the pbo file for whatever vehicle you are looking to drive without lights.
  8. init.sqf is run after the init lines of units as far as I know. I haven't found a way to change the group ID in the slot selection screen as of yet ...
  9. Try in the unit's init: group this SetGroupId ["PapaBear"]; Won't show up until you have gone to briefing (when the unit init lines are run) so during slot selection you still will see 1-1-A, 1-1-B, etc. Also, can't seem to have the regular space character (" ") in the string, %20 might work, haven't tried it ...
  10. Creative use of the setPlayable command? http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setPlayable In the unit's init, maybe something like: id = [this] spawn {sleep 0.1; _unit = _this select 0; if (!isNull _unit) then {setPlayable _unit;};}; Not sure if this would work properly though.
  11. Did you ever find anything out about this? In the same boat, would REALLY like to use this logic for other purposes ...
  12. Any idea on when this might happen? I thought I read sometime in November a while ago? Nice mod by the way! Some suggestions I thought of while testing out all the units and weapons .. 1. Need some sort of sight adjustment for the Elcan optics, they become less and less useful as you move past the 200m mark. 2. Would it be possible to apply a "glow" to the tritium part of the Elcan optic (similar to the compass and watch in Arma 2)? 3. Adding the glowing cateyes from the USMC Arma 2 model would be awesome, those things are helpful when it's really dark! Keep up the good work, looking forward to a release with some CADPAT TW so the units don't look so out of place in Chernarus!
  13. The blur when near the MGs seems overdone. Haven't been around an M2 firing, but the M240 ... yeah, maybe the very first 5 bursts you would be a little nervous or whatever, but hell, after you have been around the thing firing a lot, you don't notice it. Just another loud noise and some toasty brass.
  14. beita

    DPICM Artillery Addon

    Is that an incoming artillery sound I hear? Nice. The impact effects look better, the damage radius also seems better. Would it be possible for you to do any work on 60mm mortar rounds? They would be fantastic additions to the game, an easy platoon mobile mortar piece (rather than the 81/82mm mortar, more of a Company piece).
  15. Yeah ... it is becoming a MASSIVE crutch. Pretty much every other form of IFF is going out the window, being taken over by the "just hold the spacebar" method. Seems like a pretty damn strong exploit to me, you can see things through houses, trees, terrain? Are you kidding me? That is a bug plain and simple.