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  1. I'm having this problem too with the latest patch in domination and warfare multiplayer missions. Running win7 64bit. Best regards, Jorge
  2. Jorge.PT

    The (un)Official Freetrack Users Q&A Thread

    As promised here goes the hat I made for freetrack. Just a quick note, if it was today I would have done a clip and not a hat, in the future I'll do one. Stuff that I used: - 3 Siemens Infra-red Leds 1,5 mm of diameter, max forward current 100 mA, voltage drop 1,7 V; - 3 Resistances 27 Ohms; - 2 junction boxes; - Soldering iron and solder; - 1 old TV remote control; (For the batteries only) - 2 AA 1,2 V rechargeable batteries; - Microsoft LifeCam VX 3000. Check the FreeTrack website LED Assembly Wizard: Link About the Leds: In FreeTrack website they recommend that you use SFH485P Led models, or equivalents, they weren't available in the store I went to, so I bought 3 standard Infra-red Leds. About the resistances: Don't forget that the bigger the resistances are the less current will feed the Leds. As my intention is playing with some room light, I went with a froward current of 50 mA, so that the webcam can pick the Leds easily. NOTE: Don't forget to weld the resistances to the positive side of the LEDS. LED Assembly: The Cap... Good luck with your clips/hats. ---------- Post added at 12:51 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:44 PM ---------- The wii remotes are cheap today, see if you can get a good deal on one plus a blue-tooth stack. I don't know about that HP, but the best thing is to see in the freetrack forums.
  3. Jorge.PT

    The (un)Official Freetrack Users Q&A Thread

    Does the PS3eye have the option to use I420 compression? In my webcam freetrack can't track if it uses RGB 24, but it tracks wonderfully in I420.
  4. Ok, it seems that I'm not alone in this fps drop problem. This was posted in another forums: I'm going to open a ticket at dev-heaven, to see if I get any feedback there, since I'm no longer alone in this.
  5. I'm running the 60588 beta patch, but I'm getting this fps drops even with less then 50 AI, that's why I find it strange. It's purely a difference between ACE and vanilla, when running the same beta patch I get huge differences in fps. Is there a way to change other more values then the empty bullet cases? (I changed those, but I've never seen bullet cases, so I guess the fps problem is not related to them) EDIT: I'm not using the dev-heaven, because I don't know if this is my problem only, or a generalized one.
  6. First of all, thank you for the ACE2 release, but I'm running into a big problem. Running ACE I'm having a fps drop around the 10fps, to the point of being almost unplayable in some situations, even when playing non ACEX missions. Can you guys help me on this one? I really don't want to tune down my view distance and settings even more. Best regards.
  7. Yes, this is very annoying. It's impossible to aim up a hill when climbing it, because of this "feature". Did anyone from BI leave feedback about this issue?
  8. Jorge.PT

    The (un)Official Freetrack Users Q&A Thread

    First of all, thank you Bushlurker for making this thread, I was thinking of doing something similar. I don't share your opinion on NP, no monopolies are good without proper regulation, but that's another discussion. Now helping future trackers: You can find allot of tracking systems in this thread at freetrack forums: http://forum.free-track.net/index.php?showtopic=466 (@MehMan: If you look at the first page, you have one using reflective tape and a light source.) And here you can find a simple system (very similar to mine) using LED's: http://forum.free-track.net/index.php?showtopic=1856 For those that don't have a soldering iron, you can just use this instead: PS: I'll put my headtraking setup here when I've time.
  9. Jorge.PT

    RE: The Freetrack poll

    Yes, it works with all available degrees of freedom in arma. I hope that some of the usual bashing towards freetrack stops now and we can start openly talking about freetrack in this forums. I'm now a happy owner of ArmA2. Thank you BI, and to placebo for keeping the pool open for so long. PS:NaturalPoint Vincent banana phone!
  10. I'm getting confused, am I the only one getting a worse performance with the last two beta patches?
  11. Thanks for the update sparks. Talking about the 59857 build, after alot of missions testing, I've to say that performance it's worst for me with that beta then with 1.04... Going to try the new beta now.
  12. Jorge.PT

    Operation Arrowhead

    One thing you can do is buying games only when a patch fix the bugs that worries you most. If buyers start doing this you will see a shift in the game developers and publishers attitude. @Zipper5: Clean your hand first.
  13. Yes W0lle... the problem is that BI is forgetting the most important part of their business, their clients, and without them there is no more cash flowing. End of BI. So it's better for them to start changing things, or giving ears to those who express their reasoned opinions, and don't get to much confident from the words of a couple of sheep's that are resident in this parts of the forums.
  14. Interesting that you point that out, my Armed Assault is still in public beta and they explicitly said that there would be more patches for it... so yes, knowing BI, a consider that. Here you have the beta patch 1.16 for Armed Assault, from the public beta program: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=5428
  15. Jorge.PT

    VON Issues

    I'm really interested in knowing this also, my purshage of arma2 is on hold mostly due to this problem. Leave the standalone expansion on the drawer until we have a working game, it's really best to consolidate what you have or you will have a second headache with the expansion. Like the popular proverbs says (in Portugal at least): "It's better to have one bird in your hand, then two flying."