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    Grand Theft Auto V

    Rockstar did it again, why am i not suprised :( its really starting to look like a bad aprils fool joke, or R* having fun with PC gamers, this time its delayed till april 14 -http://www.gamewatcher.com/news/2015-24-02-rockstar-delay-grand-theft-auto-v-for-pc-to-april-14th-heists-launching-march-10th
  2. Sgt.Spoetnik

    The Unsung Vietnam Mod 3.0 WIP THREAD

    Sad to see you go Savage,but i know your work and Unsung will live on,thanks for your hard work all these years and enjoy the time off,and knowing the work off the rest of your team i am sure Unsung is in good hands.
  3. Sgt.Spoetnik

    [WIP] Map Kidal - Mali

    wow,amazing work, cant wait to try it out. keep it up and dont let us wait to long ;)
  4. Sgt.Spoetnik

    Ukraine General

    they need training for those US/UK guns they just bought from the UAE, so porky can sacrifice even more of his ppl to show he's a real leader to the west, one that dont give a shit about ppl only dollars!
  5. Sgt.Spoetnik

    Ukraine General

    A Tochka-U or SS-21 Scarab is what made that big hole,and ive seen the footage 2 and its from around the plant, i did also see footage of a other hit elsewhere in donbass couple months ago, both are same effect,trees blown or destroyed and one massive crater. - and yes Ukraine have those 2
  6. Sgt.Spoetnik

    France General

    Nice,so we all fall in that group now ,cause we like guns and look at war/combat footage, and we dont watch tv/movies (cause they suck) so nice we are now extremist in their(france gov) eyes,but it will spread soon all over the EU,same here in Belgium,they go nuts and try to push crazy laws to keep us silent and to obey or else its fines and/or jailtime. since when we live in a crazy world? its the nutcases calling others nuts,love it and hope ppl will soon see it and realize this and stand up agains it,cause looks like we are free so long we dont say anything and agree with every thing our beloved leaders tell us to do and act all in the name of safety(enjoy your police state lol)
  7. Sgt.Spoetnik

    Ukraine General

    So do we still get a Nuland cookie for blaming Russia, just checking ;)
  8. Sgt.Spoetnik

    Israel General

    http://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-31015862 http://rt.com/news/227007-israel-lebanon-missile-idf/ After a Israeli patrol got hit(and heavier than the official story,cause more than one vehicle got hit) israel reaction whas one off shoot back we dont care where and they hit UN personnel,killing one spanish soldier,not to mention a town on the border. and more will surely follow. will we see a new war again after israel hit more Hezbollah and syrian targets and even a iranian general ,and clame their the victims again so they can go kill anything anyone everywhere because big brother will have their back(again)? I bet tonight many civiliand will die that are again innocent and have nothing to do with this(supporter or not of hezbollah) but sofar the biggest joke is that not many MSM's are talking or showing this(big suprise)!
  9. Sgt.Spoetnik

    European Politics Thread.

    http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/law-and-order/11373504/Air-passengers-bank-details-to-be-handed-to-police-under-EU-anti-terror-plan.html So everybody is a terrorist until proven innocent, got to love this,giving away our rights ,freedoms and privacy for security, not to mention they will keep this data for 5 years, and they will be specially looking for ppl that order Hallal food on the plane(aldo its not in this piece i read it in my nations press). So will you give up your freedom for security(witch they proven over and over again they cant provide?
  10. Sgt.Spoetnik

    Ukraine General

    @Tonic ; propaganda no,really ;) it might be but its just great footage of the battle,and if you wanna see more go check out the translator his channel on you tube its all DPR footage of fighting around the airport and other military actions,but its good footage you wont see often @Oxmox;you can see their bullets and arty do that count? and ofcource you wont see the enemy, like the camera guys puth up a white flag and go ask the other side if its ok to come film their side, but i am not sure who filmed it,prob go pro's on helmets or one of the few journalist that where with them from the beginning. Its just good footage of a battle you would only hear of without seeing,knowing what happend there, you wont see this stuff in your MSM propagandist media in the west.
  11. Sgt.Spoetnik

    Ukraine General

    Battle for new terminal at the donetsk airport,
  12. Sgt.Spoetnik

    European Politics Thread.

    Footage short after the raid on a house in verviers, first floor is on fire while cops are inside and gunfire can be heard, this was one place out off 10 places police raided this evening after they learned those guys wanted to attack police and goverment buildings/sites and it was a action in several country's aimed at jihadis but only in Belgium there was a shooting with 2 death and one injured. btw Sook; didn know you live here 2 ;) but you would know then that its only the rightwing that want to split us up and they dont speak for all belgians.
  13. Sgt.Spoetnik

    Should tourists be banned from Antarctica?

    same here,but its all about money(again) tour operators want to make big bucks letting tourist trampel nesting sites,scaring the animals etc for some bucks, wait till big corps come in to drill for oil or mine or whatever,sadly no place on earth is free from the human greed and love for bling. :(
  14. Sgt.Spoetnik

    France General

    this NEVER we say!,but yeah we can take it to the isis thread, or the eu one,but just dont make jokes like that not funny for belgian ppl ;)but one thing in the piece is that those guys in france and these guys all bought their AK's in brussel around the central station,they must been having a garage sale going on down there in guns ammo and explosives,mayby for a couple extra bucks they will trow in a rpg or something.
  15. Sgt.Spoetnik

    France General

    2 death and one injured when belgian police raided a house in Verviers/Liege, while looking for jihadis returned from Syria, the started shooting and the police returned the favor killing 2 and injuring a third one, locals heard automatic fire and explosions but report mention of no injuries amongs police forces. press conference beeing held right now so we will know more after it, it was in a coordenated action by police raiding several places at once all across Belgium with more arrest made in those places.
  16. Sgt.Spoetnik

    Ukraine General

    or why would they shoot one single GRAD out to nowhere in hopes off hitting a checkpoint 30 km's away? shouldn they shoot a volley when using a GRAD? love the russian part in your reply,you reallly believe it was russians dind you ;) btw Ukraine have grads 2 you know.
  17. Sgt.Spoetnik

    France General

    uhmm, you mean this erdogan that thinks he's the leader of a ottoman empire?- lol his palace with 1000+ rooms really got to his head i guess.
  18. Sgt.Spoetnik

    L85a2 v3

    Nice job,only hope you didn spend to much on the sound (;) ) but lovely job! btw you could have asked here for a good sound file without the money lol,but thx for the effort!
  19. Sgt.Spoetnik

    Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh) Discussion

    lol,why not take the sword,get you armor and we can all go on a crusade to liberate the middle east,cause it really start to sound and look like that,btw that mindset,been over for about 600+years and you blame them?!,but you do the same and call for the same!, love the blindness and ignorance off some! crusade here we come,hide your woman and kids cause they will all fall on the sword soone! btw last part is sarcastic cause i dont want that,we can do so much better without killing eachother! but we rather believe wat is beeing said and told then to think for a second!
  20. Sgt.Spoetnik

    Ukraine General

    Same BS like the rebels have arty that shoot 30+km to hit the bus,prob a ukrainian army round that didn go to the east but decided to drop short. and offcource no mine it would destroy the bus,its a shell hitting close by and killing and hurting the ppl inside, oh btw why arent we disscussing the countless civilians that been killed in ukrainian arty shelling but suddenly you all suprised when civilians are killed? i mean really? mayby it was a big bertha beeing fired from Russia,you would all believe that when you would read or hear this one,but nothing about the relenthless bombing off civilians in E-Ukraine!
  21. lol 20k for all crafts in the game,you can buy a new(real) car for that amount,geez! looks like the devs dont have enough money still, 60 something mill and counting and still they want more. hope they REALLY deliver wat they promised!
  22. We can only salute Kju for all his hard work and respect him for all he did for us,BIS and the game(s), Respect and enjoy life Kju !
  23. Sgt.Spoetnik

    Grand Theft Auto V

    http://www.gamewatcher.com/news/2015-13-01-grand-theft-auto-v-delayed-until-march-24th-pc-specs-released GTA V pushed back to march 24, can only hope they keep their word this time and it will release end of march,because last week they told it would release on jan 27,but knowing rockstar nothing suprises me anymore :butbut:
  24. Sgt.Spoetnik

    Tilos : Greek Island

    congrats on the release,it looks amazing, and love the pool ;) great job!
  25. Sgt.Spoetnik

    JSRS3: DragonFyre

    sweet job,didn try it but knowing your work i am sure you knocked it out the park with this,congrats and thx for your hard work LJ!