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  1. Hey, I did a quick search and came up blank so thought it best to post a thread here. I'v recently gotten a Nvidia Shield Tablet and the associated Controller, I was hoping that I might be able to utilize the controller on the PC to compensate for my absolutely atrocious flying skills. The game seems to be detecting that I have a controller connected as it displays (Y) (B) (X) symbols next to menu GUI but yet it does not appear in the controller section for the controls. Anyone know whether the controller is compatible with the game or if there is a fix to similar issues, the controller works fine in other games I have tested. Cheers for any help.
  2. hey guys enough raging, i enjoy both games, as celery pointed out arma has its downfall and flaws but on an all encompasing scale its a far more realistic simulator of warfare. MW2 if much better lookign, much easier to play and at times far more fun. I play it regularly with my mates on teh playstations and ocassionally on the pc. Hopwever this doesnt get aroudnt ehf act that it is quite unrealistic. Hardcore doesnt make it much more realistic, it just increases the amount of damage givena nd removes your HUD. Great. Both games have their pros and cons and there are many bad things to be said about both games but at the end of the day Arma is more realistic anyway you look at it. Im not a fan boy or an elitist before theres any more accusations thrown around on these forums but the ty[es of players vary from each game, they have completly differnt scale fan bases and they are 2 very differnet games.
  3. I like the super realistic feature in cod where if you get shot 3 times in the chest you can hide in a bush for 10 seconds and you are able to run around the battle firing off rounds again. It makes it so realistic and enjoyible :)
  4. Looking Good man can't wait for the next update
  5. casimir4794

    Is there a demand for this?

    +1 Im english aswell and i can tell that what your doing is illegal. Don't bring language into this because everyone knows whats wrong and whats right.
  6. casimir4794

    City Life 2 RPG MOD (WIP)

    Well decided I’d add my thoughts and knowledge to this discussion, hoping to give people a bit of an insight into City Life 2 beta. I have been fortunate enough to have been listed on the closed beta team, unfortunately due to real life commitments my gaming hours are allot less than I would like. However my limited experience of City Life 2 has been great. In Armed Assault I played a great variety of role playing mods, Sahranilife, Sahraniville, City Life and a few private missions with friends. The step up from the features available in these games to those available in City Life 2 is incredible; my opinion is clearly going to be bias but who really cares. I don’t have any screenshots at the moment but the next time I get to take part in one of the big tests I will grab a few and post them up here. Anyway down to the interesting stuff. City Life 2 is such a great improvement not just because there are so many more features, but the way it’s implemented. For example previously in such games there have been vary basic systems for arresting e.g. the police officer gets close to the suspect, accesses a menu and with a click of a button the prisoner is in jail… this is a quick and easy method of arresting someone, however it is clearly not realistic. With City Life 2 there is now a more advanced system which has been described above. Advancements are also apparent within the license testing situations, rather than simply paying for a license as in older RPG mods you must now successfully pass a test in order to receive your license. I have found that even in these early stages of development the game is still incredibly playable and with expanding features and player base I can only see it getting better. As far as I am aware the Devs are planning on expanding the closed beta to incorporate a few more of our members at the city life website. Why not hop on over and register and get more inside information? http://www.cityliferpg.com/f/index.php
  7. casimir4794

    ARMA 2 Adult content

    Thats like saying if you want to role play, don't play missions like Chenarus life, play WoW. Or if you want to drive a racing car, Dont make an addon. But another game. Why not make a mod and see the possibilities of ArmA? Its the fact that this game is so modible and it can be done. Why not? If you don't have a reasoned argument dont bait people.
  8. casimir4794

    ARMA 2 Adult content

    In my opniuon i think a mild amount of gore would enhance the game... i dont see it necisary to have it so that gut's n all hang out but simple disfigurment will make both combat photogrpahy and ingame aftermaths more realistic and the game will in turn become more enjoyable and playble. Befire anyoen says it i dont "get off" on gore or anything liek that but in my honest opinion when someone gets hit with an RPG or a 105mm their body really shouldnt just become slightly bloodied and fly off alogn the floor. It really reduces the fujn in the game for me. If your a sniper or just a squadie the current situation is pretty good if your using your equipment at appropriate ranges but working in tanks or with artillery just seems unrealistic to mee if you can't ahve some gore.
  9. casimir4794

    Star Wars Stormtrooper

    Heres the Youtube link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_HkDke2XjTQ
  10. casimir4794

    Star Wars Stormtrooper

    Can we get some admiral ackbar cereal aswell? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_HkDke2XjTQ
  11. casimir4794

    WIP GRID 7-09. Mod Idea.

    I like the story. But what parts of it will be implememnted into the mod / game? BTW your english is alright so dont worry about it :)
  12. casimir4794

    ARMA 2 Adult content

    When referring to gore and other so called adult content i believe its more than resonable in a game. If a game such as this is meant to be one of the most realistic games of all tiem how come shooting someone in teh head with a a 50 Cal. machine gun only leaves them with a few cuts n bleeds? For total immersion in a game gore and other content sucha s that are needed. Tehy make it more believable and more fun.
  13. casimir4794

    Who Would You Rather Have Your Back?!

    Hmm not a moderator but i think fluffy bunny and a dancing bannana might make a good distraction while i kill the opposition? :P
  14. casimir4794

    Chemical Warfare

    Yeah cluster bombs might be illegal in the geneva arms convention but that doesnt mean they aint used. And what about the countries that havent signedup to the arms convention. The odds are the Chedaki wouldn't give a tuppany f*** about it.