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  1. CAZADORES DE MONTE begins the developing of the "CAMPANIA DE MALVINAS" for Armed Assault. At difference of our last mod for Operation Flashpoint, this time the developing is open. In our forum you can follow the progress and see more details of the work for the creation of the mod. Soon we will liberate the addons that we have in BETA stage. You will have the possibility of download them and test them in our server, and you will be able to post the results of your test and collaborate directly with us. Regards ------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE March 21/2010 Download the beta of our mod: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=70617&page=12
  2. Hi, i need to make the animation to open the back door of the Amphibious LVTP-7. I tried but i do not have luck. Here is what i did: I put in the Class Animations this: And in CFGVehicles in the class of the Vehicle i put this: What is wrong with this?? Regards
  3. Hi, we are looking for people who want to contribute with the team of the "Campaña de Malvinas Mod" in order to adapt the ArmA1 models, to ArmA 2 standards. For that reason we are looking for: MOS IMPORTANT: -Map makers ( we lost contact with NicholasBell, our map maker, who finished the 90% of the Puerto Argentino/Port Stanely Aerea for Arma1, but we need to re do this or adapt to ArmA2, and start with Darwin-Goose-Green and San Carlos parts) -Texture workers -Modellers -Code workers (configs, etc) We will be very glad to count with your help!!! :) Kind Regards
  4. Once again, thank you very much for all the help that you has given us. Of course, when the project is ready you will be duly recognized by all the models created by you and Falklands team. Regards p.s.: if you are interested in making the maps (again hehe) you will be very welcome!! ;)
  5. Thanks Zombo for the data, the problem is that map is not finished and we need to finish the Goose-Green and the San Carlos map too ... so for that reason we need URGENTLY a MAP MAKER. Regards
  6. Yes, we are moving to ArmA 2, but we will need a lot of help to finish the project ... specially with the maps (the rest is almost finished). Regards
  7. I travelled to the islands last january, so if you need pics or anything else i will be glad to help. Regards
  8. A 460 1gb SLI will be better than an only one 480 gtx?? with an i7 920 @ 4 ghz
  9. Hi, from the released of ArmA 2, the addon makers, map makers, modders, etc are waiting for the MLOD models of this game. Also we (or me at least) were waiting for new tools instead of the old ArmA 1 - OFP tools ... for that reason i think that will be a great idea, if BI release a DLC of new tools (like the tools that they uses) instead of "new" factions or something like that .... if they release this kind of DLC surely most of the community will buy this. What do you think?
  10. catito14

    Idea for DLC. What do you think?

    pufu ... you REALLY think that BI uses the awfull Visitor 3 to make their maps?? c´mon .... one of the biggest mapmakers stopped mapping when he learned of this situation (which BI has different tools to make the job much faster and easier)
  11. Hi, a CF of HD 5870 will improve A LOT the performance in comparison with an HD 4890 Vapor-X ?? Rig: -Windows 7 x64 -6gb ddr3 -Mother P6 -i7 920 @ 4ghz Thanks
  12. well, in that case you can expect a very good difference between the 260 and the gtx 480. regards
  13. The ArmA2 it´s not an "VGA´s eater", so therefore the boost will depend on the others specs of your rig....specially the microprocessor. Regards
  14. All in High (except shadows) , visibility 3000m, pp off, aa normal regards
  15. So, if i choose the GTX480 instead of the 5970 (very similar prices here where i live) the game will be run better than if i put the 5870 or the difference will be unjustifiable for the price? (I read several reviews about the GTX 480 and a lot of people complained about the noise and the temperature and therefore I have a little scared)
  16. What rig recommend me between this two rigs for run the ArmA2 OA with all in high, PP off, visibility 3000 mts, 1600x900 resolution: 1) i7 920 2.66ghz @ 4ghz 4 gb RAM DDR3 1600 HD 640 Caviar Black P6t Mobo ATI HD 5970 2gb Win 7 x64 or 2) i7 920 2.66ghz @ 4ghz 6 gb RAM DDR3 1600 HD 640 Caviar Black P6t Mobo ATI HD 5870 1gb Win 7 x64 Thanks in advance
  17. I saw a lot of people asking "With this VGA i will run the game well?". For this reason I decided to create this poll so that we can indicate which VGA runs ArmA2 & OA smoothly, or what is the best choice at the moment to spend some money to buy a new VGA for this games in relation of price-product (i.e.: "the Ati 5970 is the best but is too expensive for this game when a lower card runs the game without problems.") Regards
  18. It´s a personal project, when i finish some units i will present the mod (with pictures, logos, and all the stuff ;)) The idea is to make the ACTUAL Argentinean armed forces, but my specific area of work is the infantry... i´m not an expert in vehicles 3d modelling :p ... for that reason i´m looking for some help to make a high-quality TAM ... i talked to vilas and now he is out of time Regards
  19. And with the incoming mod, Fuerzas Argentinas Mod ;) ... i´m looking for somebody to help with the TAM (argentinean medium tank) Regards
  20. I would to see the TAM (Tanque Argentino Mediano - Argentinean Medium Tank) in ArmA2. Even this tank will be good for middle armies like the PRACS forces, etc. This tank was made exclusively for Argentinean Army between Argentina and germany in 1983 and 1994, the base of the chasis is similar at the Marder 1A2. This Tanks comes in very differents types: VCTAM (the standard tank with 105 mm main gun, one 7,62 coaxial gun and one 7,62mm aa gun) VCTP (Combat Vehicle Personal Trasportation) - Same chasis than the VCTAM with an 20mm cannon and space for 10 soldiers http://www.saorbats.com.ar/GaleriaSaorbats/EA04/images/mec01_JPG.jpg 144 kb VCA (Artillery Combat Vehicle) - Heavier thand the standar tank and with an 155mm main gun VCLC (Rocket Luncher Combat Vehicle) - Same chasis than the VCTAM with rockets of 136 mm VCTM (Mortar Trasportation Combat Vehicle) - Same chasis that the VCTAM with an 120mm Mortar VCPC (Command Post Combat Vehicle) - Same Chasis than the the VCTAM but with long distance radio equipment and space for 6 soldiers Here is the Wiki page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TAM_(tank) And here are more pics and the planes of the tank with the measures: http://www.saorbats.com.ar/articulos/TAMescala135.htm Kind Regards
  21. So with this rig, the 5970 will be a waste of money?? If i go for the 5870 1gb + 2g ddr3 1600 more, to make triple channel, ... will i play the game in all high - very high?? Thanks
  22. So the 5870 will be the better choice for my rig? or the 5970 will run the game faster and smoother than the 5870 with no matter the resolution? I have the money, and i want to change my vga ... so i want to know what is the best choice, with my rig, to play ArmA2 in all high-v.high. Thanks again Regards
  23. With this rig the differences will be big? -i7 920 @4ghz -mobo P6t -HD Caviar Black 600gb -4gb ddr3 1600mhz -win 7 x64 -19´´ screen on 1600x900 Regards
  24. I will have a big difference between the 5970 and the 5870?? (in ArmA 2 i mean). The difference of price is big, but the difference in performance is bigger too?? or it is just a waste of money?
  25. I have a doubt to change my 4890 vapor-X for one of these cards: -gtx 295 -HD 5870 vapor-x wich one do you recommend for this game?? ´cause with my 4890 i can run all in mid-high with 30-40 fps rig: i7 920 @4ghz 4gb ram ddr3 win7 x64 hdd caviar black 750gb Regards