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    Insects Pack

    insects pack by colonel well find in editor under independent - colonel well's addon - cw_alienscorpio - cw_antnest ( under empty ) - cw_biggiantant - cw_giantant - cw_gray - cw_troopersbugs - cw_alienwasp no commercial blablabla , but it's a free and open addons you can change and modifi it if you want . by colonel well video http://fr.youtube.com/watch?v=NYBGZeb74d4&feature=channel download now ! http://www.fast-load.net/index.p....5b3ee6b
  2. colonel well

    The Orphaned Projects Thread

    Libya map unfinished Description land desertic of libya addon ufinished , testing in game work for me , but not sure for other material for visitor , ready to use and to modified under visitor Media Intention no time to continue , for those who want to continue libya map Rules Free rules Free to use and realese free to work on Download http://rapidshare.com/files/45602110..._map_empty.rar
  3. Japanese soldiers? will there can be also as heads burned F4U http://ofp.gamepark.cz/index.php?showthis=4675 :p
  4. colonel well

    Uhao Island in A2

    Description: OFM Uhao is an island with tropical ambient and atmosphere. Terrain elevation is based on real Oahu island in Hawaian area. (from the uhao readme.) After searching the web, I realized that this island is the island in tv show Lost! :eek: the creators of Lost on the island real copied to create their mysterious island realy good for creating the Lost island in Arma2 , need permission to convert into uhoa in Lost Island , Uhao creator is still there ?
  5. colonel well

    Any sci-fi MOD?

    a little research would have been better... :confused: http://www.armedassault.info/index.php?cat=addons&game=0&era=5&type=0&sort=date&order=desc
  6. colonel well

    Patch 1.03 Satisfaction Survey

    good for me teamswith work again :)
  7. colonel well

    how to fix levitation bug ?

    try to fix it by landcontact lod but don't work
  8. colonel well

    the Grey

    creation of a gray alien, rebuilt for the proper functioning in arma2
  9. euhhhh .......... ;) it's complicated? not really, make a copy pasted into a new folder, rename the file @map for example and put it in the arma directory , then place -mod = @map in arma shortcut on the desktop, with a little attention and patience to get there ... even Colonel Well yours truly has been successful ....:o
  10. colonel well


    yes it is a A320 :p can you post a A340 picture please :icon_wink: maps for A1 work in A2 : ;)
  11. colonel well

    P51D & M26 : need help Config file!

    hi , same problem to import arma 1 addons to arma 2 "some input after end of file" delete this }; on the end of your config.cpp;) plane must be reconfigured in config test this config.cpp on change name into config file to your name model ;)
  12. colonel well

    the Grey

    if you want other fun addons tell me :)
  13. colonel well

    the Grey

    and yes, unfortunately for us there will be "gray" arriving in arma2 :rolleyes: gray and gray with a weapon without a weapon, but there will be more alien green, yellow, darkgrey ans ufos :eek:;)
  14. colonel well


    it is also my opinion A340 flight to Sahrani in A2
  15. colonel well

    Patch 1.03

    Placebo informed the community on the BI Forums that if we may believe Bohemia Interactive's CEO Marek Spanel ArmA v1.03 patch will very soon be released, although no release date given yet. Patch log: - Improved airplane HUD visibility. - Direct analogue throttle and brake for airplanes now available. - Optimization: Reduced frame stutter near map borders. - Sea surface was not rendered in NE area out of map. - Terrain surface was sometimes using wrong parallax map. - Grenade can destroy a building just by impact - Radio echo elimination - Team switch did not work when player died - More flexible configuration of Flares in the config (brightness, size) - Reduced AI detecting slowly moving enemy vehicles by ear. - Prevent killed units reporting who killed them. The above will be fixed/improved as applicable and are of course subject to change in terms of inclusion in 1.03, nor does this list mean that other fixes won't be included with 1.03 And before you ask, no current ETA besides as soon as possible :yay:Give us as soon as you can! thank you:yay:
  16. colonel well

    Team switch bug

    no news for the solution from Bistudio? :(:confused:
  17. colonel well

    How do i open campaign missions in the editor?

    located in the addon game mission.pbo, then opens with the CPBO program you will just have to put the missions of the campaign in "my documents, arma2, mission" then you will find in the editor link to cpbo : http://www.kegetys.net/arma/
  18. colonel well

    Team switch bug

    is much more exciting fight until the last soldier and take up the mission and it is also much more fun . option was used in ofp arma 1 and 2 before the fucking patch 102 :(
  19. it's a bug or I don't inderstend how to use it , afther player dead it's impossible to change team in solo mission , the same in editeur :eek: want to change unit not to replay the solo mission :butbut: fight until the last soldier
  20. no solution to this problem really sucks ? but what do they do? :confused:
  21. colonel well

    Team switch bug