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  1. colonel well

    The Orphaned Projects Thread

    Libya map unfinished Description land desertic of libya addon ufinished , testing in game work for me , but not sure for other material for visitor , ready to use and to modified under visitor Media Intention no time to continue , for those who want to continue libya map Rules Free rules Free to use and realese free to work on Download http://rapidshare.com/files/45602110..._map_empty.rar
  2. Japanese soldiers? will there can be also as heads burned F4U http://ofp.gamepark.cz/index.php?showthis=4675 :p
  3. colonel well

    Uhao Island in A2

    Description: OFM Uhao is an island with tropical ambient and atmosphere. Terrain elevation is based on real Oahu island in Hawaian area. (from the uhao readme.) After searching the web, I realized that this island is the island in tv show Lost! :eek: the creators of Lost on the island real copied to create their mysterious island realy good for creating the Lost island in Arma2 , need permission to convert into uhoa in Lost Island , Uhao creator is still there ?
  4. colonel well

    Any sci-fi MOD?

    a little research would have been better... :confused: http://www.armedassault.info/index.php?cat=addons&game=0&era=5&type=0&sort=date&order=desc
  5. colonel well

    Patch 1.03 Satisfaction Survey

    good for me teamswith work again :)
  6. euhhhh .......... ;) it's complicated? not really, make a copy pasted into a new folder, rename the file @map for example and put it in the arma directory , then place -mod = @map in arma shortcut on the desktop, with a little attention and patience to get there ... even Colonel Well yours truly has been successful ....:o
  7. colonel well


    yes it is a A320 :p can you post a A340 picture please :icon_wink: maps for A1 work in A2 : ;)
  8. colonel well

    P51D & M26 : need help Config file!

    hi , same problem to import arma 1 addons to arma 2 "some input after end of file" delete this }; on the end of your config.cpp;) plane must be reconfigured in config test this config.cpp on change name into config file to your name model ;)
  9. colonel well

    the Grey

    if you want other fun addons tell me :)
  10. colonel well

    the Grey

    and yes, unfortunately for us there will be "gray" arriving in arma2 :rolleyes: gray and gray with a weapon without a weapon, but there will be more alien green, yellow, darkgrey ans ufos :eek:;)
  11. colonel well

    the Grey

    creation of a gray alien, rebuilt for the proper functioning in arma2