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  1. Hi Arremba, I am very impressed for the large amount (really tons of...) of pics and work you have done until now. Hope you solve soon all the config problems connected with the transmigration or updating of files from ArmA to ArmA2. About the missions don't be afraid, I have created some new for ArmA2 and once the new Pedagne units are ready, I will also update old Pedagne missions to ArmA2 both in old ArmA islands (with the help of CAA1 Mod) and in Chenarus too... Carry on the great work mate, I am afraid I cannot help you with the config files, really the huge amount of work you are doing worth the game to be played with Pedagne Mod units... Best wishes for a happy incoming new year.
  2. Hi Frantz, great screenies especially that C-160 TRnsall that looks awesome ! A great work much more updated and nice than original Ofrp for ArmA ! I would like to know if you could please share the C-160 Transall with the BWC Mod (Bushwar). The C-160 was together with C-160 and C-47 one of the milestones in air transport / paradrop for the SAAF during the south african / angolan border war. Please let me know and thanks in advance.
  3. cimalex

    Project RACS

    Mig 23 for CAP, Mig 23 Ground version for strike missions and bombing, Mig 27 for CAS. I agree that Mig 23 ground version was used by soviets in Afghanistan, angolan (with cuban pilots) over southern angola/SWA and some more other third world countries around the world. Ask to Lobo but I think the syrians used a ground version of the Mig-23. Mig 23 bag of the wagon...
  4. cimalex

    Project RACS

    @wld427: SLA use the red star because thats what BIS gave them..... If the SLA aircraft had a different symbol already in the game i would be happy to use that... If you want you can use the same symbol used by Bis, otherwise the same roundel used by Eric/RKSL Mi-24 (if not protected by copyright). Anyway also the red star fits well... Can't wait for those Mig 23 in bwc missions as angolan air force bombers over SWA.
  5. cimalex

    Project RACS

    Great news ! Reminds old Ofp "Flashpoint in the Falklands Type 21 Frigate2, if I'm not wrong... Again a great addon people. Hope there's enough space on the flight deck to load almost an Alouette III if not your modified Puma choper... Carry on with type 23 now !
  6. cimalex

    Project RACS

    A great improvement from the previous work that was already a nice skin... Next issue could be adding an animation for opening canopy... Anyway this is one of the bst planes ever released for Arma... With your incoming Mirage 2000 and other PRACS addons on development or already done, now SLA (with their actual forces) have no hope of invading again the south...
  7. cimalex

    What PedagneMOD's doing ?

    Great update mate ! I want also to thank you for having included my missions in your Mod update, without your units my missions would have been forgotten (inside my desktop), despite many hours of patient work... I have also planned a mission in Afghanistan. but I'm waiting for Bell's Waziristan Afghan map, furthermore I have just started a mission in QG' Porto, trying to portray the infamous ambush at the "Checkpoint Pasta" in Mogadishu during July 1994. For this I'd wait Arremba desert units first, but I think I will make two version of the same mission, we have the vehicles and the armored and helos too. Again thanks a lot Arremba and keep on the great work !
  8. cimalex

    CSLA Studio

    Who will be the enemy of the CSLA Army? Ehat island have to planned to used ? Bis island or CLSA custom ? Again great screenshots and top quality addons. Keep on the great job!
  9. cimalex

    CSLA Studio

    I'm amazed about the top quality of your addons guys, I wish you complete your great T-55 together with the other vehicles. Will you modify some Bis vehicles too (UAZ, BMP etc...) ? Have you decided any release date yet? It's a shame a so promising Mod has a relatively limited interest... You should release more wip and news... Compliments for your new site !
  10. cimalex

    FFUR 2007

    Just a little complain Hy Thunderbird, I've just start enjoing FFUR 2007 playing old and making some new missions. I actually use your mod for playing both Tonal Redux and DMA Toyota Wars (I ensure that is possible by putting Tonal files into Ofp\addons folder, and the other files into ffur2007\addons folder, and playing ffur 2007 will show both of mods files. My only complaint is about the sounds, M16, AK, PK sounds are in my opinion less realistic that in the old FFUR2006 versions. Is that possible finding a way of replacing the old files without changing che config.bin file? Or is it necessary to replace both? Wich is the files to change, ffur_sounds or the Sounds.pbo file into the ffur2007/Dta folder? Thanks for the great job and hope you'll carry on again!
  11. cimalex

    Tonal Redux

    Safari Rover 90, Ex-Outcomes Puma, TSF etc... But anyone has thought about a standalone Alouette III in two tone camo for Scout infiltrations? Could be a strong effort for Scouts or TSF Fire-Force style fast helo assaults, directly above rebels' head! Don't think nor SA mercs or the Tonali government could efford MD500 Littlebirds, while there's plenty of former SAAF SA-316 waiting for retrofitting no?
  12. cimalex

    Vietnam: The Experience v0.3

    HD MAGS YES, HD MAGS NO... Basically I appreciate the choice of HD mags also for US troops, I think it's historically accurate. During the conflict most part of the US troops were conscripts, with only a few months of training. The British Army consider a trainee soldier combat ready only after about four of five months of intense training, and after having shot 3,000 rounds or more in every conditions. According veterans and historians the US GIs were sent to Vietnam after having fired about 1,200 - 1,800. Fresh troops usually were often seen into battle firing bursts, instead of single shots as recommended during training. This attitude changed with their experience, during the one year long tour of duty. So most part of them could be considered HD mags troops, almost if they were green troops. SEAL, Special Forces, and other professional units were more skilled, so should be better to change settings from HD to "normal" mags. Ebud, do you still think it'll be possible to see Tonal Readeaux this weekend? I haven't seen any reply in the forum since last week! Again a great job guys, now all the units are really nice and enjoyable, with VTE 0.2. most part of the units were a bit outdated, but now, that's another music!
  13. cimalex

    Vietnam: The Experience v0.3

    Great job guys, I didn't know that Ebud was involved also in this, he had a lot of work on Tonal redeaux I guess... About the units, the arms now are looking really realistic, doesen't matter for the helmets, also Unsung mod wasn't able to do much more better in this. Do you have fixed the problem with Llauma heads (after a savegame the faces if edited resulted completely distorted, a problem that I meet also with DMA Toyota wars units)? Is that possible finding an alternative M-48 Patton, or working Inq.' M-60 and Nam era M113 in VTE addons? Hey Ebud, do you also think to release Tonal redeaux soon just after VTE 0.3?
  14. cimalex


    I'm making a mini campaign about Toyota wars 1986/87. Shall I have some pictures or almost the Url of site to download 'em? I need them for the mission overview. Thanks.
  15. cimalex

    Tonal Update

    Great Job Ebud! Just a few questions: When your great mod will be released? Have you changed also the island shape? Have you retained the Tonali scouts with the government troops as in the original mod? What about the female militias and all the Tonali sounds and music? Hope you'll release also some missions, anyway you've revitalized one of the best mods for Ofp.
  16. Hi guys, I've just finished testing my new campaign using the beautiful MLV_Mod of Cazadores de Monte, the campaign name is "The Falkland / Malvinas war - British side player". There are 30 single player missions during that historical period from 2 April (Argentine invasion) to the end of the conflict on 14 June 1982. I've used Malvinas Mod addons, plus (forgive me) some addons of their competitors Flashpoint in the Falklands. According to the beta testers that played the entire campaign, those extra addons will give more playability to the british side player (eg. Sea Harrier, little frigates, etc. are not included in the Cazadores de Monte Mod). Quite all the main battles of the conflict have been included in the campaign (Invasion, Goose Green, San Carlos, Mount Longdon etc..), many spec-ops operations (Pebble island and Mount Kent for example), and also three-four aerial mission with Harriers/Sea Harriers and helicopters. Three demo missions from argentinean side will also be included. I've planned to upload the campaign to Ofp.info, Ofp Mission database and Cazadores de monte website next week, hoping you'll release it in your site soon. I'm starting working also on another Falkland / Malvinas war campaign, this time by argentine side. Bye.