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  1. thanks sickboy for the quick reply if ur looking for cheap $5 girls dont bother paying just find a english girl they r very easy...lol
  2. have to say nice work with the translation but i have a question when i install the cz to english version of 0.9 i get this all the files in the templates folder dont get updated is this ment to happen as it skips them
  3. caveman

    Patch 1.02 Released for Czech and German ArmA

    still crashing in multiplayer on certain maps,
  4. fox im am surprised he can run the game with a cpu speed of 1.2ghz,,, but i also have this problem with kernel32.dll my system specs are AMD X2 4400 2gb Ram 7800 GTX
  5. caveman

    Sprocket Troubleshooting thread.

    i got a email back from idea saying they were working with sprocket to resolve the issue about no cd key and saying i should hear from them today. i did get a email from sprocket but just the same as i got before with no cd key...lol
  6. caveman

    Sprocket Troubleshooting thread.

    try this email addy support@softwrap.com i havent yet recieved a email back saying it couldnt find the domain but then again ive not recieved anything back....this is a bloody disgrace, its like going to buy the box from amazon and getting no dvd inside.. come on BIS help us out with some ideas. i think someone should have told sprocket april fools day has gone and give us our cd keys
  7. caveman

    Sprocket Troubleshooting thread.

    they havent yet returned mine, but i suppose i will wait abit longer then, let us know how u get on talking to them at idea but surely there should be a way that it can just get sorted without having to phone different countries for a stupid cd key...
  8. caveman

    Sprocket Troubleshooting thread.

    not much point contacting them as look at bottom of email u got In the event that you require any assistance activating / licensing your software please contact the Softwrap support centre via email at support@softwrap.com. If you have a technical problem with the title which does not involve licensing, please contact the author at arma@idea-games.com. More details are usually found within their application or on their website. contacting idea is only if u dont have a problem with your licensing but as u have no cd key like me we just have to sit around and spam softwrap support...lol
  9. caveman

    Sprocket Troubleshooting thread.

    i have also downloaded this version but i only have on my email from them. Dear Please save this email and print a copy for safe-keeping as confirmation that you have purchased ArmA: Armed Assault for € 39.86 License holder: xxxxxxx@xxxxxx.xx.xx Purchase Reference: x-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The title you have just purchased can be downloaded at the following url: i`m beginning to wish i hadnt bothered after reading the problems everyone else is having getting the cd key
  10. caveman

    Confirmed release dates and countries.

    TBH its probably going to better to wait for the uk release then order one from germany as the game is bound to be buggy at first....just look at ofp when it was 1.0 even at 1.96 there were still bugs....lol i just hope this time the bugs get ironed out quickly and we dont have to suffer for yrs
  11. caveman


    As there is going to be alot of unhappy people due to the release date in different countries at different times wouldnt it be alot better to release a demo that those who cant get hold of the game when its released, and make it that the demo allows players to at least get a taste of the online part of it until their country finally gets around to releasing it
  12. caveman

    Confirmed release dates and countries.

    its all very well people commenting that the reason they are taking so long in releasing it in other countries because of the language in game having to be changed but why wait to release in england longer then november 30th as in most of the videos that have been released all i see is english language writing on the bottom. when soldiers speak. id even pay extra if the game was released on download via a site and then when the release date was in your country they sent you the dvd box of the game. but i suppose thats never going to happen. i just think is stupid releasing the gae in other countries first before others that arent even a stone throw away. and also to release it AFTER xmas in other countries.
  13. caveman

    Confirmed release dates and countries.

    Seems like u havent played the game that much then, when ofp first came out i spent 20hrs a day playing the game then after about 6months doing that my body cried out for abit more sleep...lol, so i used to game 15hrs a day then, but the amount of cheaters i used to see in the game was unreal, take the ones using wireframe,speed cheats to name a few. it is true ofp and AA have to have the most stupidest anti cheat systems around, but the funniest i find is most servers now use a file checking one....lol how stupid can u get, they are the ones that seem to still have cheaters on them in fact some of them that own the servers are the biggest cheaters in the game.and these are so called mature players....more like immature
  14. caveman

    Confirmed release dates and countries.

    Why they just couldnt release the game everywhere in the world on the same day i will never know, the amount of cheaters there will be in this game just sucks. i dont think i will even bother buying this game as i left OFP because of cheaters spoiling it, im going to blame the community for most of the cheater coming into the game as how many said they didnt want steam or PB, Also how many said they would rather have a box copy of the game then download it...Now think if you had kept your traps shut, we wouldnt be worrying about cheaters and pirates of the game we once loved.