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  1. cervomix

    Behind the scenes...

    Pm sent
  2. cervomix

    OFPEC & Opf.info gone?

    Hey It seems that some people from the USA can't connect to the ofp.gamepark.cz website but I have no idea why. I suggest you to try to connect using a proxy server. Maybe you can try http://proxify.com/ too ... ?
  3. Can you access http://www.ofp2.info ?
  4. Hey, Which url do you have in your navigation bar when this message occurs?
  5. cervomix

    Addon Search Failed !

    Then you have probably a problem because it works fine for me !
  6. cervomix

    Addon Search Failed !

    Oh, you look for this maybe so! :P
  7. cervomix

    Addon Search Failed !

    You didn't look correctly it seems http://ofp.gamepark.cz/index.php?showthis=5197
  8. We removed our MLOD section on BIS request.
  9. cervomix

    World War II CZ MOD

    The ofp.info version is a repack of the 1.5 version so you just need the TK vz.7/24, TK vz.24 and TK vz.37 fix.
  10. cervomix

    World War II CZ MOD

    I repacked it in one file and mirrored it! AÄŒSR 38 DEMO 1,5 NO EFFECTS (but with ranksystem) [310 MB]
  11. cervomix

    World War II CZ MOD

    Hey petrtlach, I will upload your mod on ofp.info! But I don't understand why you say there's a problem with ofp.info admins... I always posted your work etc.... ?! Â Edit: typo
  12. cervomix


    Spad, can you send me some screenshots by email for a newspost please? Thanks Cervo ^at^ ofp.info
  13. cervomix

    Swiss Mod download problems

    The version you tried to download is outdated, go on the mods page to get the latest version http://ofp.gamepark.cz/index.php?special=articles/mods.html
  14. cervomix

    Samourai pack

    I reuploaded the samurai file, it should work fine now, sorry for inconvenience!
  15. cervomix

    FFAMM v1.3

    Here's a longer version of this video on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2-qeDQ0s3c