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  1. cuppa

    [MP] co40 Domination!

    Yup , seen your post about it , was just messing with it , i better look up a guide on youtube.
  2. cuppa

    [MP] co40 Domination!

    Great to see you back , love playing domination. I play on my own with a few AI, You used to have a setting for making the arty reload quicker any chance you putting that in the parameters again. rgds cuppa
  3. Hi, I like to play on my own, any versions of domi extra ver4 that has ai recuit.
  4. Hi roy86. Been jumping on a few servers running patrol ops with a few friends (6-8 of us) Every time the find and destroy the weapons cache mission comes up we usually quit, I think we found 1 once, nothing worse than wandering around the likes of kavala for 2 hours looking for the caches, Where are they, can we get intel to the location from the dead or capture an officer to find to location ,, still love the mission but that one is a quit server time for us.
  5. Tankbuster, It says on the brief for the navel mines that you have to be an explosive expert, so i have joined the server as one and brought a tool kit with me still cant defuse the mines (is there a special spot on the mines) When we drive into the cable of the mines they explode over our heads when in deep water in the shallow water we drop helies on them and they explode, it clears the mines and the mission is won , hehe. I found that out by accident we were trying everything we could to do that mission, were about to give up when I called in and air taxi and it landed in the water and blew up some of the mines, noticed there were less mines , so we dropped 2 more helies on them and cleared the mission. Might be nice to make the heavy lift chopper to lift boats and subs, it takes a long time to drive a mini sub to the mine field. Also noticed the AI dont HALO jump or teleport to the MHQ with you. on the med truck we just park at main entrance in front of the green house I remember an old domination we used to play and you could load a MOAB into the transport plane, was pretty cool.
  6. Hi TB, Enjoying playing domination again with some friends, few things I have noticed. 1. In order to rescue people , you have to move the medical truck or they wont walk to the map/flag. 2. Haven't noticed any random enemy patrols around the map apart from a few off roads with mounted mg at our base. 3. Cant defuse navel mines under water,cant do anything under water with mouse roller. Only way to do that mission is to drive a sub into the wires on the mines or drop helies on them :) 4. Cant put ammo that you have on you into ammo boxes, you have to drop your gear on the ground. 5. Not able to dress AI in scuba gear,and they wont use the clothing box. 6. have got the A10c,FA18 as bonus,, but still have not got the big cargo plane, when do we get that.
  7. cuppa


    Just cleared camp maxwell on 1.3 , still no bonus
  8. cuppa


    yea it was an active task, took me about 4 hours, task said it was completed but no bonus.
  9. cuppa


    Knocking over the sign stopped the AI getting stuck. I cleared Agia marina and got no reward.
  10. cuppa


    They seem to get stuck on the portaloo beside the recruit sign, I knocked over the recruit sign over somehow think I shot it and they seemed to spawn a bit further back Also I did not seem to get any bonus vehicles.
  11. cuppa

    ASR AI Skills

    Looking for a guide on installing this for A3 This is what i have main A3 folder...@ASR_AI @ASR_A3 C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\userconfig\ASR_AI\ asr_ai3_settings.hpp In game expansions enabled.... ASR AI-072602 and ASR Appendix-072101 and CBA. I think disabling ASR Appendix-072101 makes the AI pick up ammo but they did not seem to pick up enemy weapons. Any help ta
  12. cuppa


    Love this BB. Have a slight problem (stable version) not sure if its ASR_AI or bis or the mission, But when I try and lock on to a heli with the titan mprl launcher I can never get a lock , its like it is about to get a lock and then starts again. Anyone else getting this edit , just set up an AA guy and an mi-48 in editor and i could get a lock no problem. After shooting around 50 titans at the chopper in the mission and missing, i dropped the titan on the ground and got an Ai guy to pick it up and he downed the chopper in 1 shot :(
  13. Hi still having fun on this with a few mates,, we dont seem to have the redeploy option anymore ,and any chance you can have an option to repair and rearm vehicles at the forward base.
  14. cuppa

    ASR AI Skills

    Thanks Robalo i got it working, i was forgetting to make ASR_AI subfolder in the userconfig to copy the asr_ai3_settings.hpp into. I guess i dont need an ARS_A3 subfolder for the ASR_A3 setting.hpp because i could see the larger compass