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    Optimisation for AMD GPUs

    I'm using an AMD HD 6970 and used to get around around 40fps on high settings, 1680x1050. After the Tanoa install, my fps dropped to around 30fps on Altis and 25 fps on Tanoa. So I'm planing to upgrade to the latest AMD GPUs. I know BIS is a wintel nvidia gameworks shop and for that AMD GPU owners have to accept being treated as second class users but a disparity of over 50% between similar price/performance category GPUs is remarkable. The only reasoning I can get out of this is development efforts spent on only one vendor platform while AMD users are left to their own. I will still be getting an AMD GPU as there are other task I benefit from it; deciding between the RX-470 and RX-480. I hope BIS developers will take note the this unjust disparity and work with AMD towards giving your AMD GPU customers a bit better experience with ARMA 3.
  2. blankko

    Optimisation for AMD GPUs

    Isn't that Arma 3 being poor at multithreading? They could start optimising there it they haven't yet. It would benefit everyone.
  3. blankko

    Optimisation for AMD GPUs

    http://www.hardwareunboxed.com/gtx-1060-3gb-vs-rx-470-4gb-best-value-at-200/ The benchmark suite clearly showed Arma 3 favoring nVidia more so than the other games that the reviewer had to excluding Arma 3 from overall picture, preventing a skewed result. Gameworks titles like the Witcher 3 was only 9% faster on the 1060 but at 55% faster for Arma 3 does raise eyebrows. If other game developers can get their engines running fairly well on both architectures, why can't we ask the same of BIS?
  4. blankko

    Optimisation for AMD GPUs

    Yes, AMD GPUs are slower on dx11 games and yes, nVidia's pascal architecture is a lot faster in dx11 than AMD's polaris architecture. In fact, the difference between a GTX 1060 and RX 470 can be seen on the benchmark above, showing the 1060 at 14% faster on average. Arma 3 however, being the outlier here, favoring the 1060 at 55% more fps can only mean the game is heavily optimised for nVidia's latest architecture while AMD's architecture gets no love from the devs. As an AMD GPU user, I know what to expect, when running a game that dons nVidia's Gameworks logo at launch. I just ask the developers to also give attention to users not using nVidia cards so that everyone can get a better performance out of Arma 3.
  5. blankko

    ArmA X: Anniversary Edition

    Thanks for the information. Update: I've gotten ArmA X:Anniversary Edition from Steam. Yay!
  6. blankko

    ArmA X: Anniversary Edition

    Hi, I saw that there's a 50% offer for the entire ArmA franchise on Steam today. 32 hours left for the midweek offer. I'm temped by it. I've only recently started using Steam. and my ISP's connection quality with steam isn't great. I find that some games are not available for playing when I can't connect to Steam. I plan to get the ARMA X: Anniversary Edition. Can I still be able to use play ArmA games online when Steam is down? I believe I still can use mods and other custom digital assets from the community but how severely crippled will I be if I use the Steam version over the retail version?
  7. blankko

    Google Wave invites

    I've gotten a google wave preview account with 19 invites to send out. For anyone interested, please PM me your gmail address. I'll process the invite base on FIFO priority. Invites usually takes around 48 hours to process. I'll reply to the PMs that have been sent an invite. While google wave isn't specifically arma or ofp related, it's collaborative functions could prove useful during pre and post game session discussions.
  8. blankko

    Google Wave invites

    No demand so far. gave out only one invitation :\
  9. Has anyone tried 'Arma II Linux Server 1.04 Public Beta' on FreeBSD's Linux Binary Compatibility mode? Hope BIS would be able to release future Arma II dedicated server binaries for FreeBSD also.
  10. blankko

    Some genuine patch 1.03 information

    I second that. I made an AmrA 2 thread at my local community gaming forums to get people interested. Users who bought the game are now complaining about the show-stopping bugs in the single player campaign. I don't think I can calm them much unless BI announce plans to address the single player campaign issues ASAP.
  11. blankko

    Was the campain even bug tested?

    It's sad that users of ArmA 2 come out to debate about the bug-ridden single player campaign while the game maker remain silent on this issue. The least I expect from BIS is a promise to fix these show-stoppers asap. Instead of calming your concerned users with assurance of a fix, leaving them frustrated in the dark while they speculating on your competency will do you more harm than good.
  12. blankko

    ArmA 2 Demo feedback

    I don't know if refreshing your directx 9 dlls will help but you give it a try though. http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=2DA43D38-DB71-4C1B-BC6A-9B6652CD92A3&displaylang=en
  13. Name : The Software Boutique Price : RM179 Availability : Malaysia Delivery : refer to site Date : Available Notes : Name : PCgame.com.my Price : RM179 Availability : Malaysia & Singapore Delivery : refer to site Date : Available Notes :
  14. blankko

    Arma 2 appearing at E3?

    505 Games Meeting Room #401 I hope they're holding a press conference showcasing ArmA II and walk-in demos. E3 is one of the best events to get the attention of peoples interested or potentially interested in the genre because of the wide coverage from the press worldwide : from newspaper columns to dedicated forum threads. With E3 less than a month away, I think if there's anything it's probably already planned.
  15. Sorry I wasn't clear but I was thinking about the dynamically destructible buildings while writing.
  16. Destructible buildings: A Windows 3.1 Bang! Bang! clone using mortar. Last building standing.
  17. blankko

    ArmA 2 map in recent screenshot

    traveling for a while into the "infinite lands" away from the normal map, you decided to turn back. After several minutes of running you realize it shouldn't take this long to get back on the normal map. You are still on the infinite lands. You tried to contact your teammates through the radio and a final sound resembling a voice was reduced into static. You type out to your teammate in caps. In a while your own text is echoed back in small letters. You got worried and opened the map dragging down to where the normal map was suppose to be. It cannot be, the map is repeating itself. It was getting dark now and you have now lost your sense of direction as the surroundings in all directions looks confusingly identical without any distinctive features. Suddenly while you were scanning the horizon you notice a hazy feature that seems to be approaching you. You shouted and run towards it. The thing you saw seems to have heard you and is moving towards you now at a faster pace. It was then you heard the most horrible cry ever in your life and realize the thing that is coming towards you is no man but something else. Something you fear that will be your doom. You quickly aimed your rifle at the thing. Closing your eyes, you prayed. Praying that this isn't a bug. ~and that's what i think about the "infinite lands".
  18. Besides Windows and Linux platform, please provide dedicated server binaries for the BSD OSs too. eg. FreeBSD, NetBSD... etc.
  19. blankko

    Linux Dedicated server

    I use NetBSD and hope that BIS will be able to provide dedicated server support for BSD and Open Solaris platforms. I understand BSD and Solaris users are able to run linux binaries via binary emulation. However native support for BSD and Open Solaris will ensure better stability and performance compare with binary emulation.