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  1. try this https://dl.dropbox.com/u/96469595/tpwcas_dsc/tpwcas_v4.0beta.zip
  2. i tried expert difficulty after seeing Tankbusters post and theyre gone now. usually, i play on veteran. which difficulty setting affects this?
  3. debug was off and im not seeing the coloured balls, but the thing is that im seeing the red target marker on the enemy
  4. while running asr ai and the two tpw mods, im getting red target markers on enemy ai's and players (not the suppression markers) as if i was commanded by someone to target something. what have i set up wrong?
  5. LeChuckle

    Isla Duala

    remove the file called ui_duala.pbo
  6. LeChuckle

    ArmA 2 site hacked

    was about to suggest it a while ago, but thought it sounded too unlikely
  7. LeChuckle

    ArmA 2 site hacked

    "the world will change"?
  8. whats up with the para FAL being an m16a2?
  9. " Pets, hookers, workers and all new features only in original CL and the makers of the mission are working on it since the days of OFP1 and Nogova Life (also their work) " you mean shawn 12 gauge and the other one whatever they were called?
  10. PR 0.86 happens to be released today :rolleyes:
  11. LeChuckle

    ATi Catalyst 9.6 Download

    how do i check that?
  12. LeChuckle

    FFUR'85 (2008 edition)

    Also, the 1.5 patch seems to cause more errors then it resolves. Outside of that, great work, and I hope to see another version someday. thank you very much. apartment buildings on Malden didnt look too well...
  13. LeChuckle

    Anyone Worried

    hey, what happened to the russian cave-cultists who thought the end of the world was in May?
  14. LeChuckle


    its a shame that the game is split up into different map zones. when i first heard about it i imagined something like oblivion/ofp areas, go wherever you want, dont be forced to follow the main quest(side-quests are worthless in stlkr), realistic environments like big forests etc.. i think i read that finding equipment would be hard in the big zone( big, open area as i had imagined), but advance through some areas and you'll find loads .its not like youre going to go "WHOAH, i found a G36 :O :O :O!!!. despite this, it is still a good game, especially with the mod oblivion lost, the game gets much more interesting