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  1. You did it, congrats! It looks like good code. This makes it easier to see the program flow and spot errors and such. Don't worry; if it works, the job is done. Later, as your skills increase, you will re-visit this and other older scripts and say "Oh, why did I do it that way?" You will then be able to optimize them. You are on your way.
  2. SQS was a gateway drug to programming for me when I learned it a decade ago. It was simple to grasp due to its line-by-line, BASIC type nature. I have since learned other programming languages. SQF is more akin to what you will find in the real world. Another thing: anything complex becomes impossible with SQS, as you are finding out with your script. With SQS, you have to keep everything simple. If you want to create advanced scripts, learning SQF is a must.
  3. benreeper

    love the game, but performance has been bad

    Your system is 5 years past being new. I wouldn't expect to play anything new with that, not just Arma. --Ben
  4. benreeper

    ArmA Scripting Language

    Shizzle my BISL, --
  5. You guys come here just to post that? --Ben
  6. benreeper

    Skins Online

    I don't think he knows. --Ben
  7. benreeper

    Please stop moving! I'm trying to shoot you!

    Welcome to the world of BIS and ballistics. The first time I experienced this in OFP I was TOTALLY amazed. In this game you just don't chose the most powerful weapon, you chose the most appropriate weapon. I was watching a TF2 sniper deathmatch yesterday and what they were doing could never happen in ArmA: Putting the aiming reticle directly on the head of an enemy sniper 700 feet away and killing said sniper as soon as the trigger is pulled. --Ben
  8. Thanks a bunch anyway, appreciated. --ben
  9. So if I use setting #2 the east and west will not fight each other and will instead fight the resistance together? If this is true, then there is no way to have all three sides fighting each other? I have the resistance is friendly to no one in the mission sqm. I read the docs and I noted this in one of my misssions when I (as west) was expecting to be attacked by the east and was not. Thanks for your reply, --Ben
  10. So I guess that the resistance has to be friendly to either east or west in order for the east and west to be enemies, correct? --ben
  11. benreeper

    Comparing two strings

    Gotcha. Thanks. --Ben
  12. benreeper

    Comparing two strings

    Comparing strings is case sensitive. Set them all to upper case before you compare them. --Ben
  13. [APS]Gnat I would check those FX scripts. Do they start other scripts that may not be terminating? ColonelSandersLite I've been thinking the same thing about the private command. I've started seeing it used in scripts that do not return anything and I was wondering if they knew something I didn't. --Ben
  14. benreeper

    Is a car locked?

    Did he name the car? --Ben
  15. benreeper

    Vista Ultimate X64 with loads of Ram

    I was an avid Vista hater until I got it on my new notebook. It took me about 2 hours to get it to work like XP but when it did it won me over. Admittedly I have yet to play games on it bit the Vista experience makes it fun just using the OS. --Ben