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  1. aaman

    Simple models 0.96

    Now with the AMD FX 4,3 ghz CPU, this mod can be really fun. :)
  2. aaman

    More units mod?

    Mount and blade "is" total war, but it dont lag less than OFP. Look here and see what i mean.
  3. aaman

    BIS Missions

    Thanks Gunter. Find BIS crCTI V3 mission (no addons needed, thats why it´s BIS) Download here. http://rapidshare.com/files/438349827/crcti_1.0_bis_v3_missions_x10.rar
  4. aaman

    BIS Missions

    Where did all the BIS missions go, where can i find missions to play without addons needed?
  5. aaman

    Preformance test mission

    Tanks Rellikki But i would say that test is to test the computer you have. My test is made to test different mod´s, compared to BIS. So you can see gain or loss in preformance. Not how good youre computer is.
  6. aaman

    Simple models 0.96

    With that visibility the only thing you could do is to turn shadows off. The thing that make the game ugly is youre resolution. I tried to change from 1680 x 1050 x 32 to 1024 x 768 x 32 and it made no difference in preformance at all. I would say better 10 as you say ugly trees, then 2 nice. And this mod just help the preformance when you can see many units or trees at the same time, it dont make the waypoints in missions less CPU consuming. You should try to have less waypoints and more units if you can. Here is one preformance test mission that really make a huge difference compared to BIS. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?p=1814326#post1814326
  7. aaman

    Preformance test mission

    Made a preformance test mission, it is made to compare a mod´s preformance to BIS Operation flachpoint Resistance. It was made to get the preformance out of Simple Models mod, but can be used with anything you want, as long as the config file for the little white civilian car is not changed. Mission name: Going home MP: http://rapidshare.com/files/437818672/Going_Home.Abel.pbo And here is SP: http://rapidshare.com/files/437820407/Going_Home.Abel.pbo You will need fraps: http://rapidshare.com/files/437821075/setup.exe
  8. I would say it´s a 1.0, but i dont, it´s still some bugs to fix. This will improve youre fps preformance and raplace BIS units with others. All islands have new trees but Nogova and dessert island. Great to play multiplayer with. Here you can see some of the things i replaced. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=110503 Notice best preformance and visual if Frame Rate set to 7..13 and Visual Quality set between 3..15 and 6..18 DOWNLOAD http://rapidshare.com/files/436922548/Simple_models_Beta_0.96.rar . And here you can download the BIS crcti V3 mission http://rapidshare.com/files/438349827/crcti_1.0_bis_v3_missions_x10.rar . . .
  9. Anyone knows where these trees are hiding, i wanted to change them for simpler ones. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us They are nice trees, but all other trees are one third the structure of these two, so i need to change them. The problem is that i cant find them in data3d.... Find The top is OLIVA the other is SAKURA
  10. aaman

    Mf conquer the island

    what does ART-Tank do in CTI? ---------- Post added at 10:34 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:07 AM ---------- Whats the difference? I only find biscrcti to download. And dont know how to use the art-tank. Maybe i have no brain.
  11. aaman

    PC Gamer U.S.A. STILL Hating OFP1

    Maybe it´s was that with OFP there comes a lot of tools, so the gamer dont really need a other game, as he could mod this to what he want. Ofqourse this piss of the game buissines as they wanted to sell one mission at the time other than the whole package at once. CTF is one game CTI is another game ond so on And here you have everything in 3 CD discs, and you could do youre own mission´s when the others was finnished or just simulate different cenarios. BIS sold the control of the game to those who buy it, when other game makers want to keep the control to them selves. Like a cow, BIS eate the meat of theire cow and that was yummy. The others will keep milking theire cow till it´s dead of high age and never get any taste of real meat. Now i hope ArmA 2 will broke theire bone one more time.
  12. aaman

    Graphics Card Question

    CPU´s inside graphics cards are leftovers, garbage. Why do you think there is no cards with 4000 mhz CPU´s inside? Listen now. There would be no money for the graphics cards buissines if they set cards with 4000 mhz CPU´s inside. These CPU´s are expensive to made = less money for the buissines when selling a graphics card. The buissines dont want to have less money, they want to have more money. So they sell garbage to you (and me) Understand?
  13. aaman

    Just got my GTX460...New Game...!

    The truth now pleas, did the SSD realy make a difference in FPS game preformance?
  14. aaman

    COOP Grozny, Checnya 1995

    Is this mission available in BIS mode with no addons?
  15. aaman

    Just got my GTX460...New Game...!

    Maybe you should ask with what settings. One card would probobly be better with one type of settings, the other card would be better with other settings, if there is a hunt for fps, i would take the card with the fastest CPU if i must take a graphic card.