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  1. akd

    FDFMOD 1.4 OUT

    Just loaded up the 43-44 Soviet rifle squad in the editor and all the AI PPsh display as empty (no magazines in gun).
  2. akd

    DMA European Resistance

    Now even better!
  3. akd

    2-37_Fuel Depot take down

    Something is not quite right here:
  4. akd

    SJB Weapons Pack Released

    Yes, from a recent trade show. Paris Milipol, or something.
  5. akd

    SJB Weapons Pack Released

    Yet another for the sauerkraut munchers:
  6. akd

    FN SCAR and SHRIKE 5.56

    No one argued the fact that the EO and the ACOG are different. Author seemed to be comparing the Aimpoint and ACOG in his post (i.e. "more compact," etc.), but he was responding to a EOTech and Aimpoint comparison. We need to throw a few more in, just to really muddy the waters. One of IOR's CQB optics maybe? I liked it when rifles just had iron sights. Much simpler! Anyways, I like the "black rifle" look. Brings the RobArms XCR to mind.
  7. akd

    FN SCAR and SHRIKE 5.56

    Well, I rolled with an Aimpoint constantly in Iraq, and don't know who did that study, because the joker performed great in rooms and other sorts of tight places. Â And I've fired plenty of rounds at less than 25m (quick fire drills and the such) Â and never had an accuracy problem, so it's a matter of preference, and the Aimpoint is more compact too. Â Plus using the ACOG at 25m isn't recommended.. I'm sure this is just a misunderstanding, but the EOTech sight and ACOG sight are completely different.
  8. akd

    SJB Weapons Pack Released

    These pics are super-dark man, but M4 sure looked nice.
  9. Well, the problem here is that "metallic reflections" are not really added to the models. There is no real specular effect as you would see on a truly reflective surface, but more of an enhanced shading and highlighting creating more contrast. That being said, it should be possible to reassign textures in the configure materials section of the config to get different effects. Or maybe you mean people who add artifical highlights to the textures themselves, creating areas of the weapon that are perpetually reflective regardless of the lighting situation (i.e. the pseudo photorealism approach). I agree that this does not look very good outside of screen shots.
  10. akd

    SJB Weapons Pack Released

    Oh really, what is it then?
  11. akd

    SJB Weapons Pack Released

    For the HK nuts:
  12. akd

    Addon/Mod Ownership - Q&A.

    What would you do with your model if you did not import it into O2?
  13. akd

    Couple of new addons

    Shilka is quite capable of visually tracking and engaging targets. If it can see it, it can engage it. Also, if the target is visually acquired, I strongly suspect the radar can be focused on to the target to acquire a lock (JSF and other stealth aircraft are NOT invisible to radar). Sure there is: Igla and Shilka.
  14. akd

    FN SCAR and SHRIKE 5.56

    Ah, well, there is no real ACOG versus Aimpoint/EOTech debate, as the ACOG is a magnifying optic meant to increase accuracy over range, not a CQB optic. In flashpoint, having a magnifying optic is always better.