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    Desert Patrol Vehicle

    Hey, I found an old DPV model on my harddisk some days ago. I decided to compile a playable version out of it. It contains a few scripts, and I quickly threw together a SEAL driver model from some old model parts I found as well, using OFP standard weapons to make it an independent addon. The addon is version 0.9 as I am not completely satisfied with it, but I am afraid I do not have much more time for addons, making it one of the last releases I'll manage. It does, however, not contain any example mission. If anyone creates a mission using this addon, please post it in this thread. If anyone has serious interests in finishing it for a version 1.0, or converting it to Armed Assault, contact me at andersgrim[at]gmail.com. See this as your new years gift from me. Regards, andersgrim <span style='font-size:12pt;line-height:100%'>DOWNLOAD (3.4 MB)</span> <span style='font-size:8pt;line-height:100%'>Thanks to Scratch Modworks for hosting</span> MIRROR #1, OFP.info
  2. andersgrim

    Desert Patrol Vehicle

    No, i dont think that was for me. but it is definitely a good idea! Should work well. thanks for the mirror
  3. andersgrim

    Desert Patrol Vehicle

    Thanks for nice feedback, and thanks for the mirror - much appreciated. As for the gunner, maybe it would be better to use the ZSU gunner anims. It would take some repositioning of the gunner proxy in the model, but as you say, it'd probably look better than the current "inactive" gunner. Kit and/or ammo in the side baskets is a good idea. At first I wanted some law launcher proxies there (disappearing as you take them), but it would take a bit too much of the effort. Other ideas are appreciated too, as anyone making the 1.0 version may want them (if anyone should be interested in doing so).
  4. andersgrim

    505's ArmA Special Edition - What ya want?

    I'd like something unique, though still military related. Like a boonie hat with the ArmA logo...!
  5. andersgrim

    AAE for AA?

    Can we expect the AAE concept to be issued for newer BIS projects such as Armed Assault? If AAE is taken a step further and is maintained and supported from the very beginning of Armed Assaults release with an updated list of AAE compatible addons on the official Armed Assault website, this may help setting a standard for the addons from the very beginning. AAE is a way too good concept to be flushed down the toilet!
  6. andersgrim

    Addon/Mod Ownership - Q&A.

    I recall an old tool by a-lone-wolf from way back merging 3ds models into a single p3d with lods. Never got to use it though.
  7. andersgrim

    Addon/Mod Ownership - Q&A.

    God I hope we will have at least one free mod for ArmA
  8. andersgrim

    Addon/Mod Ownership - Q&A.

    Is it not any more strict when we are talking about military and governmental use? It is a fact that many addonmakers are from countries of which the government will not benefit from the developement of such a training simulator. And as it is used by the military, it may be used to train personnel for situations and conflicts not supported by the addonmaker(s) both politically and ethical.
  9. Oxygen currently need the original opflashpoint cd to run buldozer. Can this be changed when ofp2 comes out? First of all, it's boring for new addonmakers to need to buy flashpoint1 to be able to run a mod tool for flashpoint2. Second of all, mabye make O2 support the standard ofp2 cd. it's a bit annoying that we need to change cd every time we make a model in buldozer/O2 and test it in ofp.
  10. Well, now this is not supposed to be a big TOW discussion thread. The topic and mistakes has been solved. And a TOW forum is up for further discussion.
  11. andersgrim

    HK MP5 PACK 0.9 BETA

    If you've fired a weapon during night time, you'll see the weapon muzzle flash lights up pretty good. This combined with a light-beam modelled on the weapon should make it possible but hard. Then you could try and add an action to swap weapon models realtime. Maybe using FWatch. Atleast that's my thoughts Back to the original topic - the MP5s look great!
  12. andersgrim

    In-Game Advertisements (NO!)

    If not using a real advertising system, at least getting permission to use certain brand names and logos at the right spots could increase the realism a lot!
  13. andersgrim

    unit's face from eyes to legs!!

    It is a matter of improper selections (or rather lack of selections). Make sure the current model properties are applied to the proper selections. As of now it looks like you have removed the selection of these parts. Either simply copy the head from your perfect soldier or head over to the Breathe site and download the sample models and either copy the head from BISman.p3d onto your model or study the model to see how they have applied the selections. Good luck!
  14. andersgrim

    Maps and Overall Gameplay Suggestions

    Unless it eats performance that is
  15. andersgrim

    Modify standard BIS models

    As long as you keep the models within the game, editing standard OFP models with the sole purpose of creating an addon/mod for OFP that is, I don't think Bohemia would sue you After all they have released a set of open source sample models at the official Breathe site. But I wouldn't edited the models and imported them to a Half-Life modification, as an example.
  16. andersgrim

    Working Camera Project

    This sounds quite nice, though I'm either blind or there is no demo mission included in the zip. And both an _bmp_n.bmp and n.jpg is saved no matter whether I have checked "Compress to JPEG" or not. Sorry for the picking, it's just that I imagine playing a real realistic and innovative coop mission where locating enemy activity is half the job Edit: Another idea would be to make a camera addon do about 0.0001 damage to the unit(s) included in the image or something similar. This way one should be able to identify which unit(s) have been actually spotted by the camera guy, and base a mission objective on the content taken in the photo, for instance an enemy tank in a no-military zone.
  17. andersgrim

    Melee Weapons?

    Are you sure they didn't say ArmA would be compared to OFP like CS:Source is compared to CS? Like an engine upgrade?
  18. andersgrim

    Objects of addons in Editor

    A model of an addon is divided into LODs, each LOD being a "model" inside the same model file. Some of these are for distance purposes, to save resources, so you only have to load a small detailed object from distance, but this changes to a more detailed object as you move closer. But some LODs are not for the looks, such as "Memory", "Geometry", "LandContact" etc. Be sure you include the Geometry LOD as this is a solver for many of the disfunctional models made. Read through BRSSEB's tutorials for more on this. (With screenshots)
  19. andersgrim

    What about a demo??

    I thought Armed Assault was supposed to be some sort of demonstration of the engine improvements for OFP2. So where's the point in the demo's demo? And as it's release is scheduled Q4 2005, and we're soon to enter Q3, I'd rather want a tip top game than a rushed demo. Atleast that's my point of view.
  20. andersgrim

    AAE for AA?

    I wouldn't mind a full Mod Dev Kit with a proper installer and modfolder support. Unless it spammed my OFP dir when used for single addons or the like. And ofcourse, we never get enough mission and addon related competitions and contest I doubt you have to pay cash or ship weird gizmos, but being allowed to place a "BIS approved mission editor of the month"-image/stamp on your website or in your forum signature would be a price big enough, atleast for me!
  21. andersgrim

    Armed Assault - should the name be changed?

    what/who holds up "combined arms" ? Combined Arms Tactical Trainer (CATT) But as 'Operation' was used in OFP, what about using another military expression, such as 'Codename' for this sequel?
  22. andersgrim

    Armed Assault - should the name be changed?

    I'm another one of those who like Virtual Battlefield Systems, and I think a name of that sort would attract people as it would seem quite professional, but still be a normally priced game (I hope). I'm in a happy mood today, so I'll spare you my suggestions
  23. I'm another one of those who like Virtual Battlefield Systems, and I think a name of that sort would attract people as it would seem quite professional, but still be a normally priced game (I hope). I'm in a happy mood today, so I'll spare you my suggestions
  24. andersgrim

    Engagement Ranges

    Then starting a JointSoldierConfig project, providing configuration standards with the same purpose as JAM, just for soldier units, wouldnt be any stupid idea for the new addons. Such a config could include diferent classes coded with given behaviours, e.g. Professional CQB soldier taking note of his CQB weapon's range and accuracy and firing at <100m, while an amateur soldier could try firing at 2-300m, with a great lack of accuracy. This way one could simulate more specific differences between the different classes; snipers, mgunners, grenadiers, amateurs etc..
  25. andersgrim

    Random Face System

    I have compiled my RFSys, a quite easy combination of config, scripts and model, which can be implented into your addons so you can use custom faces (for instance camouflaged faces) with your addon. Please note this is not a complete addon. An example , 'myFace.pbo', is included in the package to show off the possibilities of the scripts. In addition to the included script where only custom faces are applied, you may, for instance, use this to apply corresponding face/arm textures for rolled-up sleeves and so on... If you want to edit the system and implent it into your addon, you will have to unPbo 'myFace.pbo' or download the unpacked version. The scripts are using the "animate" and "animationPhase" commands, and will not work with OFP < v1.75. To explain the process, I'll quote a part of the readme.txt More is explained in the readme.txt - make sure you read through it. Documentation - readme.txt - My Website Download - RFSys.zip - 1.14 MB - RFSys.rar - 1.10 MB - RFSys_unpacked.zip - 1.04 MB - RFSys_unpacked.rar - 1.00 MB My server can't handle too much traffic. A mirror would be greatly accepted Â