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  1. Hi, here is the artillery fire demo for ROC MOD 4.0, it's script free for users. Here is the demo of game play. No need to write any script, just add a sqs command in artillery's init. Then, you will see the artillery fire. One artillery team can aim 10 target data at the same time, and save the aiming data ready to strike. This movie shows I simply put some artilleries far away about 1.5km from 3 bmp. I just type one line in artillery's init : [this] exec "addroccmd.sqs". And then, those artilleries works fine.
  2. andylee054

    Airline Pack by CSJ

    Finally, we have nice passenger aircraft in OFP's sky to play with. Great job. Â
  3. andylee054

    Civilian Wings Series (static)

    Oh, can't wait to put those babies into the mission editor. It will be a great help if we could put them into MOD too. Keep up the great works.
  4. andylee054


    I said Woow at first time that I saw this island and can't wait to download it. But I have to say it is a real problem to let everyone to download too many 3rd party addons to support this works.
  5. andylee054

    US Civil War Mod ver.1.0 Beta Released

    Finally!! Someone noticed the bayonet system from Taiwan workshop. I felt a little sad in the first time I released the news and our ROC MOD 3.01, I thought maybe nobody appreciated this system, even someone like the PUKF's more better than mine. (It spent me almost two years to find the way how to make AI soldiers deal with the bayonet and decrease the lagging problems...) But it's good to hear you guys talking about this system, now. Actually, I am one of the Fans of CWMOD,too. And I noticed the bayonet has no functions in this mod. I Hope to see the bayonet fighting in this MOD, too. Good Luck, dude.
  6. andylee054

    ROC mod - new release

    Thank for interesting in this mod. I did check JAM's config long time ago since I made ROC MOD 2.0, and found a lots of problem to fit it in ROC's. Mainly problem is the AI behaviour when using the JAM's one. Specailly the AI fighting distance, you will find the AI fire auto mode when closing combat and fire semi mode in long distance while they using the ROC's config. I think it will close to the real human behaviour when a soldier fighting under the pressure. At lease I did have the experience when I was in Army. So I made a lots of changing in cfgAmmo and cfgWeapons in my config. But the JAM's didn't do it like ROC's. That's why I didn't make my MOD to compatible with JAM's. That's no offence to JAM's, the JAM's is a great weapon system as I rekon. The next campaign from us would be a Sniper training campaign or the career of soldier from trainee to retire.
  7. andylee054

    ROC mod - new release

    Here is the download link for rar version. Down load ROC MOD in RAR file Check this out.
  8. andylee054

    ROC mod - new release

    alright, I will try the best.
  9. andylee054

    ROC mod - new release

    No one discuss the bayonet fighting? If you want to try the bayonet fighting, you can find it in the last mission of our new campaign "The mercenaries".
  10. andylee054

    ROC mod - new release

    Thanks for interest in this MOD. You don't need the old one, just install the new one and it will overwrite the old one. We made lots of change in this MOD, specailly we added bayonet fighting system in for it. We added a new big island named 'Taiwan' which size in 512*512. Also we made a new mini campaign for this version too. Cheers.
  11. Many people ask me why I didn't release the HALO addon in US version since I released the ROC MOD 3.0 in 2004. After long time of waitting, finally I release this addon. This is the stand alone version of HALO from Taiwan workshop. You may download this addon from the URL as belower. http://www.jmfoz.idv.tw/~otwbig5/files/otw_halo.rar
  12. andylee054

    Bayonet Fight in OFP1

    Yep! and thanks. That's why we getting forward and hand out lots of new stuffs for OFP, right?
  13. andylee054

    Bayonet Fight in OFP1

    I set a trigger or in unit's waypoint to set units pos "UP", for I don't want them go prone when close to enemy. The original setting in OFP is not fit to bayonet fight. But, if I didn't set the unit pos, soldiers still will get up to use bayonet, after they kill the enemy they will go prone again, but that is not I want. The answer is YES, but you need the magazine named bayonet.
  14. andylee054

    Bayonet Fight in OFP1

    Hi all, Here are the new screenshots and demo video for you, enjoy it. Demo video download from here
  15. andylee054

    Bayonet Fight in OFP1

    Because I am not the copy cat like some others (no offence). So, I have to make a brand new one. That's the spirit of ROC MOD.  the script in config.bin is: <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">   class CombatStrokeGun : Default   {     actions="CombatActions";     file="\roc_mod\anim\bayonetfight.rtm";     speed=-0.450000;     looped=0;     disableWeapons=1;     soundEnabled=0;     duty=0.600000;     interpolateTo[]={"CombatDying",0.100000,"CombatDyingVer2",0.100000,"CombatDyingVer3",0.100000};     connectFrom[]={"CombatRelaxed",1};     connectTo[]={"CombatStrokeGunEnd",1};   };   class CombatStrokeGunEnd : Default   {     actions="CombatActions";     file="\roc_mod\anim\bayonetfightend.rtm";     speed=1.800000;     looped=0;     disableWeapons=1;     soundEnabled=0;     duty=0.600000;     interpolateTo[]={"CombatDying",0.100000,"CombatDyingVer2",0.100000,"CombatDyingVer3",0.100000};     connectTo[]={"CombatRelaxed",1};   }; the code in cfgAmmo: <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">  class roc_bayonetAmmo: default  {   hit=6;   indirectHit=3;   indirectHitRange=0.250000;   minRange=0.1;   minRangeProbab=0.100000;   midRange=1.0;   midRangeProbab=0.480000;   maxRange=2.5;   maxRangeProbab=0.010000;   simulation="shotStroke";   model="";   explosive=0;   cost=1;   simulationStep=0.050000;   soundHitMan1[]= {"weapons\bullethitman1",0.012589,1};   soundHitMan2[]= {"weapons\bullethitman2",0.012589,1};   hitMan[]={"soundHitMan1",0.500000,"soundHitMan2",0.500000};   soundHit[]={"",0.000032,1};   soundFly[]={"objects\noise",0.000032,4};   soundEngine[]={"",0.000100,4};   visibleFire=0.035000;   audibleFire=0.035000;   visibleFireTime=2;  }; The code in cfgWeapon : <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">  class roc_bayoneM16A1:Riffle  {   scopeWeapon=0;   scopeMagazine=2;   modelSpecial="\roc_mod\misc\roc_bayonetM16A1.p3d";   displayNameMagazine="Bayonet";   shortNameMagazine="bayonet";   picture="\roc_mod\misc\w_bayonet.paa";   count=9999;   magazines[]={"roc_bayonetM16A1"};   ammo="roc_bayonetAmmo";   aiRateOfFire=1.000000;   aiRateOfFireDistance=500;   displayName="Bayonet";   reloadAction="ManActReloadMortar";   modes[]={"this","this"};   initSpeed=100;   reloadTime=2.000000;   autoreload = 0;  }; Some thing like that.