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  1. Henk


    You have clearly not been up against some serious human resistance in a mission that doesn't have respawn. Once you do that, you'll notice that other psychological factors come into play. You can't just buzz in if the enemies on the ground really feel like shooting your bird down.
  2. Henk

    SA-5 Gammon

    Nice stuff! ArmA has been lacking this for too long now.
  3. Henk

    The incremental aiming problem.

    That's the best idea I've heard so far. I support this message.
  4. Henk

    Schmalfelden, Germany Map

    Wow, that's just lovely. I have been dreaming of a map like this since the OFP days. It looks very much like southern Sweden which is what I wanted to be ported into ArmA. Great job!
  5. Henk

    In terms of realism

    So you're saying instead of coming forward with respect and politeness, it's better to be rude and insulting if you want to make things happen?
  6. Henk

    Offliner(vs ai) or onliner(vs players)

    I only play online, may it be co-op or PVP. I prefer PVP more, if it is played in a large and solid group with a decent mission and balanced teams with proper communication, also no respawn is important. This kind of PVP play offer a very nice challenge and also the smartest opponent, one that does everything it can to survive your attacks and outmanuver you.
  7. Henk

    Let's talk about VOIP in 1.09

    I'm pretty sure that zxibit can pimp it even more.
  8. Hi all, I've been trying to use the setpos command on vehicles: OnMapSingleClick "bmp setpos _pos"; After testing I can only use this on infantry and single seated vehicles, confirmed ones are the camel and the A-10. Any other vehicle that has more seats than one, full or empty, won't move. Could anybody else try to fiddle with this? I think we might have a bug there. edit: I've been using 1.07 beta with the small extra fix.
  9. Henk

    What ARMA is missing.

    That is what you have tight gaming groups that use real world tactics for. I thought the two last updates were beta patches, and minding how frequent they give us updates, betas or not, I don't really care what agenda they go by. Maybe if you had something else than "kill" in your mind, you could create something too. The editor is simple if you want simple missions, there is room to make advanced stuff but you reach far with the basics once you start fiddle with the editor. Actually, could you come up with one more easy to use editor that has the same capabilities as the ArmA one? OFP wasn't even released 7 years ago, and I'm sure that you during these 7 years closely followed ArmA's development. Again, that's what private gaming groups are for.
  10. Henk

    Primary weapons have disappeared?

    The same thing happened to me when I installed the 1.07 beta patch. I removed the extra addons and weapons came back. (Earlier only the M249 and M240 + AT weapons showed up =/ ). I really hope they fix this one for the final 1.07
  11. Henk

    BRR 80 Released!

    Nice release granQ and others, yanks have something to fear now!
  12. Henk

    SCWC PvPjas 1110

    Thank you granq and shadow, it was a good game and I hope the addon was worth our enjoyable effort =)