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  1. I have the sprocket version and installed the 1.08 and it says to reactivate and it fails also....sigh....sprocket blows...I hate them. this is getting so tiresome.
  2. Zisme

    ARMA needs squad system

    I find this to be lacking in MP too....I played JO for along time and even with random people you would get team work..this is becaue the hold(AAS) maps where linear in the order you had to attack them..this alos made for the most intense online fire fights i have ever played in (think 100 plus players fighting over the smae spot) not random like this or BF2. BF2 does have a good squad system. It is not fully taken advantage of by random players....but the option to use it is nice to have and when used right is very effective.
  3. Thanks Wiley..just trying to help others that went or going through what I had ot to get this game installed and working...OH and I tried emailing all the supports but never received one email back until I calle dthe support number listed in this post an then within an hour I received my CDkey code and activation code....just really made me chuckle when I entered it as new and hit next and nothing happen....LOL..kinda like email support. My real question is who said lets roll out the download version on a Friday using a glitchy delivery system knowing that customer support didn't work on the weekends.
  4. Zisme

    Terrible (none) customer support

    You welcome...I have to help others after what i went through.
  5. try using the re-install liscense and use your email as your licsnese holder ...I was gettinghte smae issue as you and did that and it worked.
  6. Zisme

    Sprocket/Softwrap - this is ridiculous

    All you people that have had enough of these threads shoudl STFU...Poeple that paid money for a product and then dont get the use of the product feel they have been ripped off and are not getting the support they need. I am also in the smae boat and its been 3 days with no help from anyone after sendign numerous emails. These boards are the only place that people with similar problems can share their experience and possible help each other out. IF you dont like it then don't reply in these threads.
  7. well its snunday now and I stillhavent received any support emails and Im afrian after reading all these other issues that I wont be able ot install tha game after waiting 2 days for a key code...What a FUBAR this is.
  8. It would be great if I got an email like that....but still nothing.
  9. Well I downloaded the gmae on Firday and never received any confirmation emails and no cd key. I sent emails to support and have not received anything back. SO I went back to Sprockets website and tried to register on it and everytime I fill out the reg info including my country and it tells me over and over to enter my country....I am not happy. No matter where I buy from on line I always get a sales confirmation. So now I have no purchase number or License holder info...and I cannot talk to anyone at sprocket as there is no phone number for them...I tried the softwrap one and only get a message that they are open monday threw friday...This is not a promising start for BI or any of these companies. I am not happy about this.
  10. Zisme

    ArmA 1.05 ENG Sprocket

    well I bought the game form sprocket on Friday at 6pm EST and I hve not received any emails with a confirmation or from any of the support I tried calling that number only to get a message saying support is monday thru friday....I am not happy about this....