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  1. Zarele

    Best AI Mortar Script?

    My mistake. I put the name "spotter2" in the composition variable instead of the unit variable Strange if i put it in a testmission everyting works out, if I put it in my actual mission i get an error about : etarray (configfille >> "cfgvehicles" >> |#| typeof _x "availableforsupport error typeof, type group expected objects I have no idea what this means or how to fix this
  2. Zarele

    Best AI Mortar Script?

    Thank you the errors are gone, but there is no mortar fire.
  3. Zarele

    Best AI Mortar Script?

    Sorry to dig up this topic but I tried to use this script and I get an error saying that i miss a ";" . I might do something wrong, I placed the " _nul = [ spotter2, [mortar1, mortar2] ] exeVM "mortar_spotter.sqf"; " in the init of the spotter unit.
  4. Okay I have a neww question. I want to disable the radio (if it is possible) for everybody exept for the radioman and the higest ranking player. I was think of using maybee the laserdesignator or batterie as a radio ?"_x hasWeapon {LaserDesignator}" => this would check if player has a "radio", right? But how then could I make it check if a player is in range with the radio man(lets say 1m away) and is the highest ranking player (not only in his group but overall/ or just his group) thx
  5. Thx Loyalguard and HitmanFF, I can disable the map and the gps for all players but is it also possible to hide show it to just a few players? About the mag thing: to bad it cant be disabled. The great thing about arma is its moddability but also its minor thing. If you want to play you need to have the addons.
  6. Hello, After several search attempts on thise forum and the ofpec forum I was wondering if it is possible to "hide" the map and the magazine counter for the player. Also is it possible to "hide" messages? Like in tekst mesages witch players type in chat? This to make the mission more real.
  7. Zarele

    Doolittle CTI

    I think that loosing because the others have more money can be a bitch. Its a downward spiral that can hardly be stopt. Cant you make it so that if the money diffrence becoms like 1/3 ratio, the loosing team gets extra ai support like in a resitance group that automaticly goes to capture a town until they are killed, or more free equipment like a tank or airstrike or the sort, just to help out. ann other thought: is it possible to make it so that sertain towns are more valuble than others. Not in money but in use: like if there is a factory in town unita are produced faster, or cheaper weapons, ammo etc. Or all towns you own get anti air for free. Stuff like that. Keep it up.
  8. Hell I to want to be a beta tester. I always loved the vietnam era war, dont know why because im not american. Aside from the helisurfing bug I keep getting errors on the dskh about there are no drivers and it doesnt show up on the map. Also some trees haning in mid air or grass layers in mid air that look like they came from ofp (if it is the case then forget that last part) Huey handels really bad but thats probebly bad arma handeling overal. None the les I think it is pretty desent for an alpha. Ps: Wil there also be female civ. The kind that either koffs or stab you. "Me make love to you long time" has to be in it
  9. Zarele

    Wall Generator

    I cant use the demo because it needs an addon. Witcht one?
  10. Zarele

    ArmA 1943

    lol, you guys keep amazing me
  11. Zarele

    ArmA 1943

    what col faulkner means is from HL2. A single renegade yank that wipes out an entire prisson, or even shoots his way out is hollywood. (although prisonbrakes did occure but these where extremly coordinated atack both from outside and inside, I remember a outbreak where 2 mosquittos dropped a bom aigainst a prisson wall and another in the guards mess at lunch time. The resitance where waiting outside to guide the prissoners to safty). Let him use stealth instead. Not with a plane crash but with a bombartment (plane= local problem, bomardment= WTF is the next one gone fall! Its pretty hard scripting but so more entertaining and satisfiyng then: "is that you John Wayne? Bratatatata, Yup I guess its me". You can also make a partizane group for each side (indipentent, opfor, bluefor) and let them open up the war by fighting umongst themselfs. You know a little bom hier, a hit and run there. Goverment troops not cappeble a handeling them, nazi killing civs as a retaliation for a bomb, us getting bombed by the comunist partizanes, etc, etc. Tell us a story on what happend on the island but please no comedy-rambo storys
  12. Zarele

    ArmA 1943

    Bummer for you guys. Why did he leave? Can you still use his truck?
  13. Zarele

    ArmA 1943

    Isnt that doing twice the work? And with the low amount off addons they dont have a clue where they should use it. They said it themselfs there addons depend on weather someone makes it or not. I would hate it if i made a mission for an addon and the addon would never be made. If they would just wait until at leat each side had 1 player model, 2 diffrent weapons, a vehicle, maybee armor. At least then you can make some smaller missions, and later when there are more addons continue with the story line. Dont get me wrong a good campaign doesnt relay on the addons but on the storry, and is a must. I cqnt wait to hear the reason why Sahrani is occupyd and it should be reconquerd. Edit A smal tip came to my mind: djfrogstar is working on a donkey card with donkey. You should ask him if you may use it, just for realism
  14. Nice model. Are you going to give it selective fire modes or just the full (it hqs e duql trigger with singele fire and full fire mode)? Are you also going to make the static version with periscope vieuw and adaptable heigt or is this to much to ask?