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  1. Hello I have observed that using moveInCargo in init.sqf will not work for clients in a multiplayer session but it does for the server. However if a fairly large delay is introduced like a waitUntil { time > 10}; then it works but it is not a good solution. To reproduce: Place a helicopter anywhere flying with the name hkp Add an infantry group with at least two playable slots In init.sqf: player moveInCargo hkp; Host the mission, have another client join. (I used two games running simultaneously to check myself) Once the mission is started the host will be in the helicopter whereas the client will not be. If you add waitUntil{time > 10}; above the moveInCargo line in init.sqf then both players will be moved to cargo after 10 seconds. I dont know where the threshold is but checking for time > 0 is insufficient. I also tried to run finishMissionInit; before the moveInCargo command but that did not help either. Is this a bug or is there a condition I should check for?
  2. Hello everyone. Me and a friend decided to make a stats system for our community in a small joint effort but interest seems to have faded but I have decided to share my arma side of the code. The complete source and compiled binaries can be found here: https://github.com/martinengstrom/arma_stat_track So what is this? Whilst the complete project is supposedly a stats tracker its basically just a c++ plugin written to send json formatted events to a webserver backend for storage, Of course you could alternatively just look at the code for educational purposes if you want as well. :) This plugin could be used for sending any kind of data to a remote server so it is perfect if you want to gather data real-time. The plugin is written with cross platform in mind and all of the functionality is platform independent with the sole exception of the library externs in main.cpp, I have yet to finalize this because I dont have a linux machine with arma 3 to test with. The API Please note that this was designed with the mission stat tracking purpose in mind but you are free to change the plugin however you need to. The communication consists of two stages, First the plugin will report that a mission has started and that it is ready and it expects an UID to be returned from the server. POST /api/missions { “nameâ€: “mission_name.altisâ€, “hostâ€: “NOT_IMPLEMENTEDâ€, “worldtâ€: “altisâ€, } and it expects the following return data: HTTP 201 { “_idâ€: 42 } _id should be the uid which the plugin will then use for every other packet it will transmit. Once the uid has been obtained the plugin is ready to start transmitting events. It will look like this: POST /api/missions/:id/events { "event": [ { "field1": "foo", "field2": "bar", "timestamp": "local-timestamp-from-server" }, { "field1": "foo", "field2": "bar", "timestamp": "local-timestamp-from-server" } ] } An event array may contain a single or multiple events depending on how quickly events are added to the library from arma, They will queue and be batch-sent when possible. Using the library in arma Here is the bare code needed to use the library in the game, taken from my github linked above: _hostname = "myserver.com"; xea_extension = "armastat"; // is global so other functions can access /* Configure the plugin and get status id */ xea_extension callExtension format["setup;%1", _hostname]; xea_stattrack_id = xea_extension callExtension format["status;%1", missionName]; // We dont really need to save the ID because its stored in the library anyway And then to send: xea_fnc_serializeArray = { _str = ""; for "_i" from 0 to (count _this) -1 do { _str = _str + format["%1=%2", (_this select _i) select 0, (_this select _i) select 1]; if (_i < ((count _this) -1)) then { _str = _str + ";"; }; }; _str } xea_fnc_sendEvent = { xea_extension callExtension format["event;%1", (_this call xea_fnc_serializeArray)]; }; _arr = [ ["field1", "foo"], ["field2", "bar"], ]; _arr call xea_fnc_sendEvent; This will produce an event as shown in the API example above. Do note that the timestamp is automatically added by the library before being sent. So thats it. I hope it may be of use to someone or at the very least provide some reading material. Criticism is welcome, Im a fairly novice C++ programmer so have at it! - xealot
  3. xealot

    ACRE2 Public Beta Release

    Is there any word about the volume in acre2? I find that the volume is far too low for playable use and even if I lower the overall game volume its sometimes still too hard and theres a point where I cant lower the volume anymore because I dont have an amplifier so really this kind of workaround is unacceptable. Im not the only one who experiences the volume to be unplayably low as I have heard similar complaints from random people in the community I play with. Its a shame, truly.. I always recommended ACRE over TFR but I might have to urge us to switch over because of this :/.
  4. xealot

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    yes. some people in my community have experienced this issue as well.
  5. xealot

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    hello AGM team, I have a question relating to events. Im looking through the source code specifically the medical section and I can clearly see that you are setting individual variables on each unit for states such as AGM_Unconscious or AGM_Bleeding but my question is do you emit any events anywhere that I can listen to (CBA or PV) or do I have to poll every unit I am interested in to see when these change? Thanks, - X
  6. xealot

    ACRE2 Public Beta Release

    You're probably right. I am not the mission maker but its probably using an older F3 not updated for ACRE2 so Id wager its the frequency manipulation in f/common/fa_ACRE_setFrequencies.sqf that could cause the weirdness. Thanks for looking anyway, Ill make sure to point out to the mission makers to update F3 if they use it when its available or just disable the frequency modifying function.
  7. xealot

    ACRE2 Public Beta Release

    Heres from one of the sessions, some acre script errors inside: http://u.sigkill.me/xealot/acre_error.zip
  8. xealot

    ACRE2 Public Beta Release

    We played some random missions last night and on a few of them the radios were completely broken, both the 343 and the 148. Heres a video sample from one of the sessions where I attempt to set manual frequencies incase the radio was just zeroed: http://www.twitch.tv/generalgoran/b/560856192 notice the transmission box saying any - any too.
  9. xealot

    ACRE2 Public Beta Release

    Hi nou, good job on this and thanks for finally releasing it Me and a couple of others did a brief test and we found that the volume is really too low, 3d speech is low compared to the rest of the game and setting the 148 to internal speaker and putting it on the ground will make it almost impossible to hear, is there a way to boost the audio?
  10. xealot

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    I feel like people die too easily in AGM, It would be nice if it was more like ACE where you could actually sustain a lot of damage without being permanently dead so as long as there was someone with enough supplies you could revive people. We had an OP last week with AGM and no respawn but most people who got shot were permanently out and thats a problem for long coop/missions. Perhaps that is a undesired behaviour but then I would at the very least urge you guys to make it an optional setting
  11. Hello I downloaded this from armaholic and tried your sample mission with the 3 respawn zones, a west squad and a MHQ car but the revive part was totally absent in both dedicated and listen server configurations, only the respawn worked.. At that point I tried downloading the 5 coop mission you linked claiming to incorporate your revive but when I depboed it I can see that it does in fact not use your revive but norrins so Im not sure what to think. Is the current version linked on armaholic bugged or am I missing something here?
  12. xealot

    ASM - Arma Samples Mod

    I second this, If they work pretty well as it is now please release what you have and just release updates as you go along.
  13. I've been an avid fan of JSRS ever since it was released for A2 but tbh this looks like it could be the next best thing that has happened to arma, Sound is a Huge deal in this game because of the distances we fight and more often than not we dont actually see whats around us but have to rely on the audio cues. I absolutely love how well this scales with the different environments and distances so I am looking forward to trying this. Thank you so much.
  14. xealot

    TMR Modular Realism

    Hello I've got a question regarding your licensing choice, since GPL is a viral license would this mean that any official inclusion of TMR into a mod would automatically mean that mod would have to be licensed under GPL in order to not violate the license ? Depending on your political views or personal values you might perhaps want to consider LGPL as an alternative if this was an unintended consequence? We might just include an addon pack separate to our own mod for our community so the issue is bypassed alltogether but it would be nice with an official answer on the issue. Oh and thank you for this wonderful addon either way, its really good. - X
  15. xealot

    Advanced Cockpit Interaction

    I've got nothing useful to add, everything in the latest update video looks absolutely amazing.. I'll be watching this thread for progress and eagerly await a release :)