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  1. Makes sense, so I tested it with 2 different video memory stressers, and it came out perfect. Also, like I've said before, I play a few different games, sometimes for long sessions, and I've had no problems at all. Oh well, it might be a driver problem, or a game code problem, or god knows what... I guess I'll just wait for my new computer :computer: , thanks guys!
  2. It depends. On infantry missions they can take a good 5 minutes to show up, but in aircraft flying missions, or missions that require moving a lot around the map, they show up in around half a minute-one minute. They're not like "real" overheated/broken card artifacts, those usually appear slowly over a long time, but here it's like the textures suddenly reach a limit and in about half a second the graphics pass from normal to screen completely full of artifacts.
  3. EDIT: Aaah damn it!, this is meant to go on the ArmA 2 troubleshooting, I was just looking around in case someone had the same problem and screwed up, sorry! Hello everyone. In ArmA 2 and OA, after 5 minutes playing or so, I get TONS of artifacts, after a while I can't even see anything. From what I've searched around these forums, it seems to be a problem related to video memory, and it usually happens on ATI cards. It doesn't matter what I do in the ArmA2.cfg/ArmA2OA.cfg, or the video memory setting, it always happens. A temporary solution has been to alt-tab when it happens, but it's quite bothersome, and this has never happened in OFP or ArmA. It's obviously not FADE, as my copies are original and the artifacts have all the telltale signs of graphic failure (hell, at first I thought my card was dying on me...) Right now I'm stuck in an old system, a Pentium 4 with 2gb ddr and an ATI HD3650 agp (I've got a 9800GTX+ here though,waiting for my new parts...but it'll take a while), but I've seen it happen to people around here with newer systems. Also, Crysis, Far Cry 2 and the like run (very slowly now because of the Pentium, but the dual core I had before the mobo crapped out had the same GFX card and they ran) perfectly with no artifacts. I've got the 10.8 drivers now, but I've tried 4 older versions, and no dice. Any solutions?, I'm getting desperate, and it'll be a year until I have my new computer completed.
  4. Don't worry about that, ive decoded the message with a cheap czech translator, and its just a confirmation of ur email being sent to an idea games RT (you can see that on the bottom of the email,something like [iDEA-RT#xxx]) You will get an answer soon from that person,until then u just have to wait (dont worry about waiting either,you should receive an answer today,the tech support is pretty fast,they probably havent answered before because it was Sunday :P)
  5. Hi all again, after the problems i had downloading the game, finally i could get it But i have another big problem, i bought the czech version through sprocket, and i just dont know where to get my cd key, the installer needs it (probably the installer says where to get it,but i cant speak czech, but i cant see it on the transfer confirmation email, nor in sprocket itself Please CZ version users,could you tell me where to get the **** cd key?, its driving me mad these days
  6. by the way,i hope you guys speak czech and know where to get the cd key,because the installation needs one,and i just cant see where to get it probabily the installer says where to look,but i dont speak czech
  7. i was joking, of course i didnt just turn off everything :P (i only turned off the firewall,because customer support told me to) btw, i've emailed customer support, and after some questions about my specs and such, they have seen that sprocket blocked some ip's automatically, they just patched it, and now i have no problems at all with downloading
  8. Hi all, this is my first post here, tho i registered a long time ago. I would like to see if someone has the same problem,let me explain: I bought the game (CZ version) via my-sprocket.com, and I downloaded the game's download manager (sprocket.exe). The problem is, whenever I try to start the download, it says "Login failed!,try another server." I don´t see any login screen, and the CZ mirror is the only server i see there. Maybe the server is too busy? :S Thanks, XJ ps:yes,my firewall is closed,and I've opened basically ALL my router ports (unsafe, I know ,but the game is worth the risk),I also used the search feature with no results. pss:sorry for my bad english