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  1. It just felt wrong to play a rebel without an AK..
  2. XCess

    East Static Weapons Pack

    Thank you! Arma just isn't Arma without BMPs.
  3. A high value target has been located in a compound deep within enemy territory. Command has come up with a particularly daring plan to eliminate him. Strike hard and fast, and try to get out alive. Steam Workshop link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=179033513 Uses massi's NATO SF/Russian Spetznaz weapons (required): http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=21912 http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?160599-NATO-SF-and-Russian-Spetsnaz-WEAPONS-for-A3
  4. XCess

    Survive - Radio Silence - AI

    Strange, I failed the task but completed the mission. Used the mortar to clear out the enemies inside the base rather than the towers.
  5. Funny you ask, I've just uploaded a mission using these weapons ;) http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?164467-SP-A-Daring-Raid
  6. It only takes about 20 minutes to get to grips with scripting, it's really not something to be afraid of, especially since there is a complete command reference on the wiki. That said though, I was looking forward to a GUI based loadout editor, but Dslyecxi's paper doll tool does the job just fine. What I'm really waiting for is the missing uniforms to arrive.
  7. XCess

    This game is amazing

    I'll give you that, but my strongest memory from Red Hammer was lots of long, awkard pauses in the dialogue :p
  8. XCess

    This game is amazing

    oooo don't recommend Red Hammer, that was atrocious (and made by Codemasters I heard). Resistance and CWC however were simply masterpieces.
  9. Unitcapture is definitely the way to go, there's a full tutorial here: Ignore the part about adding a functions module, this isn't needed in ArmA3. It also helps to make a small script to force the AI out of the helicopter, particularly if you're controlling the squad. To save you reinventing the wheel, I'll paste up one I created for my last mission: _grp1 = group player; _x = count units grp1; for [{_n = 0},{_n < _x},{_n = _n+1}] do { unassignVehicle (units _grp1 select _n); (units _grp1 select _n) action ["eject",helicopter1]; sleep 1.5; };
  10. Doing something similar myself to switch over to massi's weapons. I created a large trigger set to activate OFPOR Present, named it opforTrig and executed the following script from the init.sqf (You need a small delay for the trigger to initialize). sleep 1; { removeAllWeapons _x; removeHeadGear _x; if (typeOf _x == "O_Soldier_F") then { _x addMagazines ["30Rnd_mas_545x39_T_mag",10]; _x addMagazines ["handGrenade",3]; _x addWeapon "arifle_mas_ak_74m"; }; if (typeOf _x == "O_Soldier_AR_F") then { _x addMagazines ["100Rnd_mas_762x54_mag",6]; _x addWeapon "LMG_mas_pkm_F"; }; if (typeOf _x == "O_Soldier_GL_F") then { _x addMagazines ["30Rnd_mas_762x39_T_mag",5]; _x addMagazines ["1Rnd_HE_Grenade_shell",4]; _x addWeapon "arifle_mas_akms_gl"; }; } foreach list opforTrig;
  11. Excellent work massi! Couldn't ask for more :D Well.. I was a little disappointed not to see an RPG-7 in there somewhere, but it looks like you're on it already! Good work man. Not sure I'll be able to make any missions without these now.
  12. Dslyecxi did release an editor mission that allows you to select loadouts and copy the init field it generates to the clipboard. When I last used it there were some issues with magazines not being added, but it should tide you over until the gear selection is added. http://dslyecxi.com/shacktac_wp/shacktac-mods/dslyecxis-paper-doll-gear-menu/ http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=19378
  13. I know Arma3 has it's future setting and all that, but I would have liked to see the content from the old games ported over. Seems a waste really, surely it wouldn't take too much work to polish them up a little and throw them in?
  14. I think people are just mad we didn't get a tractor.
  15. You could make a script to remove the UAV terminal from the player when he's over a certain distance from the laptop and add it back once he's in range.
  16. Once you've placed any character on the map, place another and go to: Side > Empty Class > Objects Fortifications There will be several kinds of sandbags to place. Along with a load of other stuff.
  17. XCess

    Body armor

    You might survive it, but are you still going to be standing and in fighting condition? (For all I know, it might have improved to that point, genuine question)
  18. XCess

    UAV woes

    I thought I might try and take advantage of the new UAVs and support modules in a mission, but have been coming across a few problems with them. Just minor little things that I expect could be tweaked quite easily. I was hoping to guide in a few laser designated artillery shells using the Darter to spot targets, but once you take control of a UAV you have no access to the radio menu. It's still possible, but it does make things a little more complicated. To add to this frustration, the UAV seems to act quite erratically when switching back and forth to the turret, I'm not sure if that's because of enemy AI making it a little nervous or because I'm switching control rather rapidly, but it makes spotting targets a very frustrating experience. Their batteries seem to run out rather quickly as well, is there a way to recharge? Another minor annoyance is the UGV's insistence on keeping it's lights on at all times, I've tried setting it's behaviour to careless, but to no joy. Oh, and another little sidenote, picking up backpacks from the ground seems pretty hit and miss, it seems to take a fair bit of running back and forth before the option appears in the menu. They make a wonderful addition to the game, particular for spec ops type missions, opening up your arsenal immensely. If these few little points were smoothed over, they coud be some excellent fun.
  19. XCess

    [SP] Ekali Air Cavalry

    Odd that the helo got itself shot down, I created a cheaty little script to repair it constantly and set it to captive... Might have to look into that. I'll give your mission a shot when I get a chance, sounds like a good laugh from the description :D
  20. XCess

    The boozer!

    http://www.iamstaggered.com/featured/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/Henry-Westons-Vintage-Cider-Re-launch-1.jpg (510 kB) Clearly I don't know how forums work any more..
  21. XCess

    Ambient combat - Needs work

    It isn't particularly difficult, or time consuming to adjust the paramters for these modules through the init box.
  22. you type dammage like so... oh wait, they fixed that...
  23. It was all explained during one of the campaign missions in Operation Flashpoint :p
  24. {unassignVehicle _x} foreach (units (group this))