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  1. Wow, what an awesome script. Just what I need!
  2. Walker001

    MBG Window of opportunity

    Awesome. Need to test this tomorrow.
  3. Walker001

    MBG Window of opportunity

    That would be wonderful.
  4. Walker001

    MBG Window of opportunity

    In this release the enemy AI commander is not doing anything, so for most fun you need to play it pvp. The enemy ai seems however to be on the todo list.
  5. Walker001

    MBG Window of opportunity

    I've been playing now for a while, and i must say I am impressed. This is absolutely awesome. This feels like a whole new game. Your the best Mondkalb. Just missing the background music, and the "Yes, Sir", "Affirmative" sounds when moving units around. :D One thing I'd wish for in the next version is ability to move the camera and the map screen by using w,a,s,d or the arrow keys, and possible fast moving using shift key. That would the gameplay a bit more slicker. If you want I could make a longer list of suggestions and improvements, mainly regarding the UI. Not because I don't like it, rather becouse I like it so much that I'd like to help to improve it further. :)
  6. Walker001

    MBG Window of opportunity

    Great tnx! This with CWR2 must be awesome. Gonna try it now! :bounce3:
  7. Walker001

    MBG Window of opportunity

    Being an RTS fan myself, i really love the idea of this. Here comes the first feedback/question. Where is the everon version, its seems to be missing from the download? :p
  8. Walker001

    MBG Window of opportunity

    This looks totally awesome. I've been waiting for something like this since i I saw the Tiberian Genesis mod for ArmA 1 (that was never released :(). Arma is such a versatile engine and I knew it could be done. Just watching your videos of this project made me happy. I'm now gonna test this mission and then get back here with some feedback. Dont think it will be much sleep tonight. This is so great! Best arma 2 project since CWR2!
  9. Walker001

    Development Blog & Reveals

    The jittery shadows of the leaves on the APC in picture 1, really hurts my eyes. I really wish there will be some new lightning technology in the final version of ArmA 3. Realistic and believable lightning should be important in a game like this.
  10. Some stuff i picked up from the live stream: - 50 villages scattered all over the island - map is 900km2 - "you will be able to throw your self"
  11. Walker001

    The ArmA III Engine

    I wonder if it will include some engine upgrades from latest VSB2, such as terrain paging, and support for underground structures as described here. What I'm hoping for is smooth gameplay.
  12. It's quite a while since I released the UNA targets. Thanx for all the feedback, and sorry if I haven't had the time to answer you all. Apparently some people have had some problems with the script working after clearing the targets. [COMBAT]Geo however might have found a solution for it. I don't have this problem on my system so I can not test it. I have included this fix in a new update of UNA Targets. I decided to at the same time fulfill some of the request I have received. For example now you it is possible for the mission designer to allow the players to check the score without having to move to the targets. The script should also be backward compatible with v0.8. If you find any problems with the new update, please let me know. So what is new in v0.9? - Clear script hotfix by [COMBAT]Geo, tnx - New parameter, _monitor, allows the player to check the score from a different object than the target. - New parameter, _target_name, allows the mission designer to assign names to the target that will be visible in the GUI. - GUI updated. - New example mission for OA. Download: UNA Targets v0.9
  13. Very innovative. But isn't the repair animation a bit to long?
  14. Walker001

    User Interface Editor

    Much appreciated. Tnx, your the best.
  15. Walker001

    An FRAPS alternative, open-source

    This one has already been out for a while. I tried it many years ago, but then it was buggy and crashed often, but its long time ago so I guess that it's worth an other shot.