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  1. Don't know if this has been mentioned yet, but there's a part near the 3rd starboard elevator where you can see through the ship. http://i.imgur.com/dSmHZHa.jpg
  2. Northwest airport bugged when you zoom in. http://imgur.com/a/gfhwE
  3. Great progress so far. Reminds me of New Ocean Island for OFP.
  4. I'm not sure why BI decided to remove the GPS item as standard gear for units. It's multiple years ahead of ArmA2, you would think every unit would have gps transceivers embedded in themselves by now :p
  5. WackyIraqi

    Love the new AI firefights

    I just got done having to chase a couple AI making their way through houses. One decided to stop, go prone, and camp the door way. The next one tried to out run me before I finally caught him in a back bedroom. Great AI improvements BI!
  6. I can not, for the life of me, figure out how to launch PwS into single player mode with selected mods. I've setup all the additional parameters it's just the whole "LAUNCH" button I'm looking for. Perhaps I'm blind. :Oo:
  7. WackyIraqi

    Helicopters in the Alpha?

    If I'm not mistaken RiE confirmed earlier today that tanks would not be in the initial alpha release. I'll attempt to find the source on that. Also, I believe he said no attack helicopters, but I also want to say there was word of at least a single one. There is going to be non-attack though. Edit: From another thread http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?147160-Will-there-be-any-fixed-wing-aircraft-in-the-first-release-of-the-Alpha&p=2311720&viewfull=1#post2311720
  8. WackyIraqi

    How to prepare steam to install Arma3 on your ssd

    I'm running the Steam beta, but I do believe the ability to choose where you install the game is default functionality as of lately in Steam. This excludes Source games, however.
  9. WackyIraqi

    ARMA 3 Alpha - Java Virtual Machine

    Many technical differences, but it brings the possibility to use existing java libraries outside of the game for added functionality, as well as the fact of being able to program using object-oriented techniques.
  10. I've got my i7 950 OC'd to 4.0GHz and it does wonders for ArmA2. I would definitely not recommend OC'ing that much, if any, without some form of liquid cooling :)
  11. WackyIraqi

    ARMA 3 Alpha - Java Virtual Machine

    I believe the problem with this would be cross-platform support for Linux dedicated servers. Yes, there is mono, but just my two cents as to why they chose Java over C#
  12. WackyIraqi

    ArmA 3: new ARG - Things we know so far.

    I'm not sure if it's been said yet, but that "explorer.lnk" file in the ofpd/unofaddons2 folder just links to http://dagobah.net/flash/successful_troll.swf :icon_mrgreen:
  13. WackyIraqi

    New ArmA 3 ARG started?

    List of alpha testers on the ftp o.0
  14. WackyIraqi

    New ArmA 3 ARG started?

    So I would venture to guess "jerryhopper" would be the login. now for the password?