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  1. Hi all, I want my Curator "mycurator" to only spawn listed units - That i already accomplished.. BUT i also want him to be able to remote control his spawned units. - That part is my problem Any idea how? he can still use ARES... maybe there is a third party way to remote control with zeus?! I used this code for my init.sqf: Thx a lot for your time ---------- Post added at 21:03 ---------- Previous post was at 19:37 ---------- Got it:yay: case "ModuleRemoteControl_F": { [true,0.35] }; One can find the 'names' of Curator Stuff here: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_CfgPatches_CfgVehicles thx and i hope this will help someone with a similar problem
  2. Name=Kunduz_Final GameHeight=113212 GameWidth=8338 ImageHeight=5129 ImageWidth=5124 oh... can i change the values in this .txt to yours and than it could work?
  3. wtf am i doing wrong. ??? i imported this map png for Kunduz map: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ru0n8oeqqxv3aaa/Kunduz.png?dl=0 and as map hight and width i took 5120... when i am ingame the athena Desktop tells me i am at grid G:039044 and that is correct. But in the athena Desktop map i am at the upper right corner g:000020 and all amrkers are missing. the map in the athena Desktop only goes from g000000 bottom left to g020020 top right corner.... something must be wrong with the width and hight pls help
  4. Vaikless

    custom Zeus "loadout"

    Hi, I did just reset my account Password -that i forgot- just to thank you for this.!!!! I was looking endlessly for a way for a template to add mod unit costs. This ist extreamly helpfull and a perfect solution for players who want to play team VS team. ty very much. too bad i didnt find this when google searching "arma 3 zeus addon mod ressource cost" would have saved me a lot of time. thx again:yay:
  5. Vaikless

    Drag Dead Body Script

    thx for the script. great work!
  6. Thank you very much it worked! another problem: when i exit the remote controlled vehicle i loose all actions even the one to exit the uav control
  7. Hi, i am making a coop mission where one "oberst" is high commander withe the vanilla arma 3 high command module. But as everyone knows who tryed it out commanding vehicles w high command works for about 2min and then they get stuck in a stonewall or building. to prevent this and add more precision to the placment of armor for the high commander i wanted him to also have remote control over the armored units So I made a Trigger: ("Puma" is the Armored unit that is supposed to be remote controlled and "oberst" is the only person sho sould have access to it. Problem: In Coop Gameplay somehow every single Player is switched to the internal view of the unit "Puma." Any Idea how i can prevent this from happening? Thank you for your time
  8. Hi, I am using a Script to set a Captive/Undercover Group to "setCaptive false" if they fire a Weapon i got from here: http://www.kylania.com/ex/?p=98 Now I am wondering if there is a way to reset the captive status (to: "setCaptive true" for the Group "uct = group this") after a couple of minutes when they stopped shooting thank you very much:)
  9. Vaikless

    ArmA Addon request thread

    http://www.cqbk9.com/images/cornershot.wmv Israeli cornershot
  10. I want to add bounty for a character I created. I created an East- Officer to the map. And a secondary objective should be to kill him and as a reward you would get a lot of money. I tried to make the officer constructable by east and made him cost 10.000 and set the points _p to 250 but you don't get any money for killing him or any other characters created in the editor. any idea?
  11. Vaikless

    Warfare 1.1.x [ MattR N&S ]

    great! how did you "Added ROMM_IA to Random Resistance" ?
  12. Vaikless

    a little change in warfare?

    so.. doesn't anyone know how to script the death penalty thing?
  13. Vaikless

    Singleplayer save?

    yes it would really be great, especially in warfare or long coop missions. I hope arma2 will have it.