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  1. Same here, cant start it,thought it was because of my 20 gig Arma2 with wild mods, did a new steam install of my ArmA OA.. still doesnt work :(
  2. i think it somehow sounds wrong :/ heard several a10s in real life and in videos and i think they have their very own sound.. you can hear it out of 100s of jets..
  3. F35 Lightning II - JSF

    Its just perfect,the choice, the model, the flight model, awesome, perfect for the warfare in arma.. not too fast, not too weak.. just great. Best Plane Addon so far i think.
  4. Schmalfelden, Germany Map

    Give us some Fulda-Area that we can do all that WW3 Sceneries like in the dead? game "Enemy in Sight"
  5. F-22A Raptor

    Yeah.. but thats even more offtopic But i loved that propelled ground combat thingy for OFP that came out very early.. dont know its name anymore.. looked weird.. like a turbo-prop-black-widow.. dont know its name.. well.. ok On topic: I like the F22.. and i like its ability to turn.. but it should gain speed much faster after these extreme turns. i dont like it to make a fast 90° turn and then stall for half an hour its not like that on flight shows with the F22
  6. Vult´s Missions

    Great that you had fun with it That´s the reason i made it Edit: thx to Armaholic for the Mirrors Eagle´s Death Breakthrough
  7. Arma MechWarrior Project (AR-MW)

    Loool.. i want a vulture sitting in commander seat of a M1A1
  8. Arma MechWarrior Project (AR-MW)

    You can do animations for the infantry, cant you just do a giant infantry? :X
  9. USAF F-16C Falcon

    should be M61 i think ^^
  10. Vult´s Missions

    My missions were released long time ago only in german boards.. but they have been played several times and they always had english briefings so they have spread over international several servers and are played until today in spain, france and other countries.. now i want to release both missions here so that the everyone who wants to play it can use the newest version.. They are both with respawn, but hard to master, really.. they were created in version 1.05 or so of ArmA and the AI is now nearly supernatural in the second one :X _ First one is a 40 men coop mission called "Eagle´s Death" its a combined SLA strike on US forces with armor, helos, several types of troops and several objectives. You should have a good teamspeak structure and at least 10-20 people to play this.. else it is no fun. Its not good for senseless public gaming.. :/ The objectives of the missions: http://www.christian-aigner.de/vulture/V_Coop_Eagle_Death.Sara.rar _ Second one is a rescue misson, its called "Breakthrough" and the goal is to bring a US crew of a downed helo into the friendly RACS-zone. there are 10 people on US side, 20 slots on RACs side that attack the SLA to bind their forces and help the US troops and there are also 2 slots on SLA side to bring a bit of human action in the enemy forces if wanted. This mission can be played with 2, 20 or 32 people, it is always doable. http://www.christian-aigner.de/vulture/V_Coop_Breakthrough.Sara.rar No Addons needed for both. Hope you have fun with these "archaic" missions, they are not full of scriptload like dom, evo, or warfare, but they can still be fun.
  11. Desert Bradley

    Needs more Dirt :/
  12. Arma MechWarrior Project (AR-MW)

    Most of the Mech Projects did not release anything.. most of them hat problems with the engine limitations and animations... please try to do one single mech and look how far you get and then decide how or if to continue o_O i am no coder.. i cannot do anything useful.. i am just a battletech fan and i saw to many mods die -.-
  13. F-22A Raptor

    http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=974 Something like this would be awesome too.. vapor effect when you turn hard \o/ and you turn hard often in that f22 And it definiatly needs more POWER :O
  14. USAF F-16C Falcon

    Thank you.. i like the Eierlegendewollmilchsau even more on that link