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  1. Altis Forces Rearmed (APEX Hotfix 1) Changelog: Added: Optional replacement config in tb_alfr_replaceBI.pbo Added: Optional RHS, ACE, and RHS+ACE mags compatibility addon. Fixed: author config entry errors on all included addons. Fixed: Mk21 UGL Sight rotation. Changed: Mk21 Inherits from Spar 16 base class. Better sounds and more appropriate character reload animations. Changed: Mk23/24 Inherits from LIM-85 base class. Better sounds and more appropriate character reload animations, weapon reload animations adjusted to fit. Download ALFR APEX HOTFIX 1 Required: Community Base Addons The RBS-70 and vehicles are to follow as soon as I can give them a proper work over.
  2. Despite all appearances, I'm not dead yet! APEX has given me a bit of motivation to work on old things*. As there's quite a few things to patch since I last updated I'll be putting the component parts out as "hot-fixes" until I can collate them into a latest working version. This should hopefully mean those of you using these addons can get fixed versions as soon as I have them ready. A couple of things to note: Some bugs with the vehicles have been brought to my attention, these will probably need some extensive "looking at" so they'll take a while longer than the rest, sorry! While I appreciate some people may not have purchased the APEX DLC just yet, I will be using some components of the weapons at least in newer versions of the mod. I would greatly appreciate anyone who does use the mod who encounters issues preventing them using any ALFR content following hot fixing let me know and I will look into the problem. While I don't think twice about picking up BI's latest releases for ArmA I understand some do, and I don't want them to be unable to use this content because of it. The order of fixes looks like it will be: Units & the rumoured basic replacement addon. Weapons Ground/Wheeled vehicles Air vehicles I anticipate being able to release the unit's fix by the end of this week shortly followed by the weapons. As always, if you've found a bug let me know and I'll add it to the list I have, there's been a couple I missed that have only just been brought to my attention, so let me know regardless of how obvious it is. *bit of a porky pie, just been getting bored with various other things that have drawn my attention of late!
  3. I'm not dead persay, I have however been away from ArmA longer than I'd hoped. I had planned on putting an update out per my last post however, a move to SSD with some poorly thought out migration of my ArmA stuff meant how I build the addons got messed up and I've since not had time to put a public release together. I've been made aware of the vest issue with the latest ArmA patch and I think I've fixed that in my last build. I'm not going to give an eta for the next update though rest assured there will be one "Soon".
  4. Thanks for the input an optional config shouldn't be to much trouble I would like to do so in the near future as, config wise, it's an easy job but currently getting art assets is easier said than done.
  5. Apologies for the lack of updates. Shortest answer as to why: I've been lacking any motivation to work on ArmA stuff of late. That being said, managed to kick my ass back into gear so I've been working on some of the stuff I said I'd get around to. I will be putting out an update in the next week or so (for real this time!) including a rudimentary replacement for bits of kit on the vanilla AAF units that I feel will not break how the vanilla missions, or other missions that use the stock units play. This unfortunately won't see as much testing as my other stuff (this was the first time I've opened up that ArmA 3 campaign since installing the Alpha release), I'll fix stuff as it's reported but hopefully that shouldn't be a lot. The replacement will not replace any of the vehicles other than aesthetically for the reason mentioned above and will only be for the woodland units. A side from that we'll have some script improvements to the RBS-70's sensor, changes to the Mk21s with UGLs to use the new animation source for UGLs, and compatibility with ACE magazines. I'm currently weighing making ACE a requirement as a lot of stuff I'd like to do down the line will be dependant upon building on what's available in ACE rather than reinvent the wheel. Nothing decided as of yet, thoughts are welcome on this as I know not everyone uses it. In short, nope. Not a fan of the digital pattern on the vehicles and the only reason I've not reskinned the others is lack of time and ability, my photoshop/gimp stuff is all in photography and not texturing I'm afraid.
  6. Well, I am back and somewhat back on top of things. I aim to have an update with an initial replacement pack ready in 1 or 2 weeks time. WRT attack helos, not likely, nor planned at the moment.
  7. With regard to zeus: most if not all content in ALFR *should* be usable with Zeus, had a typo in the update post. Again, if you find something that's not there let me know and I'll look into it. Individual items that are placeable in the editor and Zeus will come in due time. Robert Hammer, and RHS (as that'd inevitably come up), both have excellent content however, I did consider incorporating one or the other but decided against it. Optional configs are/will be typically made in response to requirements at United Operations (RHS Mag compatibility and ACRE radios) and as such a lot of other content used in the wider community won't likely be taken into account. I'm a big proponent of mission makers using good gear scripts to achieve the setups they want, rather than relying on an assortment of addons to achieve the same result but with a greater overhead. However, as I've said in the past, I am not opposed to people making external configs to work with the mod. Plans for the immediate-ish future. I'll be abroad for the next couple of weeks so nothing will be happening with ALFR for at least that long. That being said, current plans for when I'm back in bullet point format are: Complete an initial replacement addon for vanilla units. Warrior Port / Upgrade: Not happy with mismatched part colouring as a result of proxies on current A3 vehicles. Will be armed with 40CTAS and include both standard variant and variant with addon armour. Would have liked to do a completely new vehicle (specifically Kaplan-20) but in lieu of a body capable of decent 3D and 2D work what's a guy to do. Continued work on buzzard. Likely to be moving towards further integration of ACE3 features, particularly changing missile guidance on the RBS70 from A3 Tablock/psuedo-SACLOS to appropriate ACE3 guidance.
  8. v1.4 Added: Landrover variants: Light Utility Vehicle, Light Patrol Vehicle, Medical Evacuation Vehicle Found in editor under: AAF (1Bn) -> Cars / Empty - Cars Added: New weapon reload animations for Mk 21s with UGLs Tweaked: Mk 13 ammunition flight characteristics Tweaked: Mk 13 ammunition damage values Fixed: Assorted assets were missing/unavailable in Zeus. Download Current ALFR Release (v1.4) Alternative Download Link (Dropbox) Required: ASDG Joint Rails, Community Base Addons
  9. Issues above addressed and fixed files will be in the next update. Also spotted a couple of small silent errors that will be getting dealt with as well.
  10. Please list any ALFR content available in the editor that is not available through zeus. Will address that with the next update, which may be a bit delayed a bit longer than my initial estimate.
  11. Planned content from upcoming update: Will be adding 3 landrover variants: A general utility/transport one, WMIK with HMG, and Ambulance.
  12. Thanks for the update, as FYI to those using PWS this was to address the file size issue reported above. The archives, and the files therein, hosted by Armaholic and withSix are functionally identical except for the label on their respective sites. Sorry for any confusion.
  13. Thanks for pointing it out, will be fixed in the next update: *very* rough estimate 2-3 weeks away. Glad you like it however, eastern block kit is not in the cards for ALFR/currently out of the scope of what we are looking to do. There are better mods that have a greater interest/passion for eastern block kit than I have, so I'll leave it to them. Mixing and matching kit can be done easily by mission makers or if necessary by external unit/vehicle configs.
  14. v1.3 Added: Chinook HC.3 (tb_alfr_hc3) - Currently only unarmed variant, armed variant to be added at later date. Added: Buzzard GR.1 variants in CAS role/s. Fixed: Bad backpack definition in tb_alfr_ACRE.pbo Changed: Various recoil values. Known Issues: -Inconsistent rotorwash effect behaviour. Download Current ALFR Release (v1.3) Required: ASDG Joint Rails, Community Base Addons
  15. Made some fairly decent progress on the aircraft, so I hope to have an early release of those either the end of this week/middle of next week. New textures for the chinook are planned. Obligatory screenshots: Also, a much belated thank you to kecharles28 and Foxhound for the mirrors.
  16. At the risk of using the overdone: Soonâ„¢ . Work has been unseasonably busy and I've been cramming for some qualification assessments so work on the landies at least got pushed aside as I haven't had the time to sit down and wrap my head around the newer features in the engine. This also has had a knock on effect on the aircraft, a version has been tested at unitedoperations however the config revamp I was looking to do before a public release has also been delayed. I have another land vehicle in the works that unfortunately requires somebody with better modeling and texturing skills than I to complete however, once we make more head way with that I'll post up some screenshots.
  17. As promised, with the Marksman DLC release we have an update for a lot of things (and of course, stuff) in the mod. The most notable additions are the new AFPAT - Arid (AFPAT-A) units and gear texturred by Deathstrike, and the fist new asset, the RBS-70. The RBS-70 is a port of the BIS ACR DLC* model and can be dismantled and reassembled in game as one would expect. In an effort to better show the system's capabilities we have put together a proximity fuse for the missile that has a 30m range and 60° FOV. This has however also added a dependency on CBA to the mod for their Per Frame Handler. v1.2 Added: 1 Bn. & Pathfinder Coy. Arid Units. Added: 1 Bn. & Pathfinder Coy. Arid Groups. Added: Arid uniforms, vests, and headgear (see class-list file). Changed: Mk 21 (tb_arifle_mk21) Compatible with bipdos. Changed: Mk 22: Compatible with bipods, Compatible with Marksman DLC .338 supressors. Changed: Mk 23/24: Integrated bipod animated and deployable using Marksman DLC deployment feature. Changed: Mk 25: Compatible with bipods. Changed: Added support for new Arid units to tb_alfr_acre.pbo Changed: Group configs should be better compatible with ALIVE (Have not been able to conduct in depth testing, feedback appreciated) Added: RBS70 static SAM. Can be dismantled and deployed, found in the editor under AAF > AAF (1Bn) > Static > RBS-70. The RBS-70 uses a proximity fuse with a 30m range and 60° FOV on either side of the missile. Can currently be "tab locked" or manually guided to closer / slower targets Added: CBA dependency (RBS70 Proximity fuse script uses CBA Per Frame Handler) Download Current ALFR Release (v1.2) Required: ASDG Joint Rails, Community Base Addons *Love me some TLAs.
  18. Depends on which variant you mean, the M119A2 doesn't but the M119A3 (first deliveries in 2013) has an INS and FCS that does have commonality with that used by US M777s, notably not the same components as that used on Canadian M777's and British light guns in so far as they lack the APS iirc. The A3 would probably require substantial model changes to the A2/A1 that ACE2 used, which still requires the sight unit modeling that Nou has already mentioned. As cool as I would find the A3 upgrades (especially if a L118 with LINAPS made an appearance), always found the M119A2 to be a far more enjoyable bit of kit to crew than the M109 in ArmA. Considerably more involved than pressing a few dialog display boxes, and getting a gun crew or gun line working quickly and efficiently in ArmA has been a source of great satisfaction for myself and a good few others I know. Very much looking forward to seeing ACE develop and like most others can't wait to get my grubby mits on it.
  19. I will look into it for a future update, unfortunately ALIVE is not something I use so I have not looked into compatibility until now. Immediate priority has been getting the weapons updated to a point I am happy with them for the DLC release.
  20. toadball

    ACRE2 Public Beta Release

    The following works just fine:
  21. Couple more screenshots of the units. We'll be pushing an update for the units and weapons to coincide with the Marksman DLC release. This will include updates to incorporate features from the DLC into the weapons and the new Arid kit. Aircraft are currently undergoing a config overhaul and getting a fresh lick of paint.
  22. A somewhat related follow up question: presumably there is an animation source/s for a weapon being 'deployed' for weapons with integrated bipods. Has anyone figured these out already? If so, what would they be?
  23. They *should* have the same values as the regular AAF equivalents, as such the GL vest does have a considerably higher armour config value than the other 2 vests. I was looking at tweaking this with the arid kit update so thanks for the feedback. Some preview images of the arid kit.
  24. Air assets are being worked on more actively now, current livery for the L-159 (Buzzard GR1/GR1A) courtesy of Blackbuck http://imgur.com/a/euIzf WIP of a CAS/ISR variant that will likely drive me to insanity: http://i.imgur.com/SEsTrN1.png http://i.imgur.com/S8aQbPL.png
  25. An update for a number of issues that have been brought up: 02-03-2015: v1.1 Fixed: Wrong rucksack defined on some units. Fixed: Incorrect faction on some units. Fixed: Incorrect display name on some units. Fixed: All addons now signed, server key included. Added: Weapons crates. Added: Optional RHS Magazine compatibility addon (tb_alfr_rhsMags.pbo) Added: Config preparation for addition of AFPAT-A (Arid) uniforms, equipment, and units. Download Current ALFR Release (v1.1) Required: ASDG Joint Rails