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  1. No way to extend the built-in inventory system (not easily) - you'll need to create an alternative.
  2. Treelor


    I did lose a number of guys assaulting the BLUFOR HQ. That would explain it. How quickly does your group-size regenerate?
  3. Treelor


    Overall, stellar work. Performs great, no early-game downtime, and a joy to play. Couple gripes, though. 1. Reinforcement request claimed my group was full when I had only 2 other men in it. I did just hop in an Ifrit - hopefully you're not limiting group size based on owned vehicles, too. 2. Airdrops appear out of thin air. Convenient, sure, but perhaps have an off-map vehicle bring them in or have them fall from an out-of-sight altitude before deploying a parachute. Bit of an immersion breaker to be assaulting the BLUFOR base to see a bunch of Hunters automagically appear 100m off the ground.
  4. I really dig how the MP5N 9mmAR actually has the firing sound from the, you know, 9mmAR. Big ol' blast from the past.
  5. COOP 08 Operation Wolverine Steam Workshop - Preferred, always up to date Armaholic Mirror ODST detachment 'Jackal' suppresses a local insurrection with the help of 'Raygun'. Features dynamic jukebox and good use of most, if not all, the assets included in The Eridanus Insurrection. A great mission for smaller groups of players looking for something more linear and driven. Features, in addition: -Full voice-acting -Performance-oriented programming -Scripted insertion (unitPlay) -Roughly 30 minute play-time, depending on player count Known issues: -JIP is bonerblasted, gather everybody before you start -Jukebox (rarely) forgets about enemies Credits: -DIDDLER9000 (Treelor): Programming, Story, pretty much everything -Farooq, for his revive script -The Eridanus Insurrection mod team - your mod's dope bros -qna, Ginger Bandit, Dean, ScottyB, master of derps - my mad QA team, accepting my crazy requests
  6. Treelor

    Speed Of Sound Pure

    As of the time of writing, the Mega mirror is loads faster than the armaholic mirror. I've got a G930 'round my ears, and I loved the old SoS, so I'm excited to give this a go.
  7. Treelor

    [MP] WASP Warfare CTI

    I don't think we'd be so concerned with it if we weren't passionate about the project. I think this is as close to the oldschool warfare from ArmA 2 as we've ever gotten, and that is absolutely fantastic. However, the execution leaves much to be desired. Poor code leads to performance issues and obscure, difficult to solve bugs. It is of course your choice if you wish to release your missions with unreadable code but do bear in mind that will raise concerns with a large portion of your audience. SQF isn't a hard language to learn, and a lot of us on the forum are proficient in it too. Thank you for releasing the spawn fix, though. That was certainly causing problems for me and the boys last night, and I'm glad to see it resolved.
  8. Treelor

    [MP] WASP Warfare CTI

    So uhh, about an hour and a half into the game, CSAT AI is spawning at NATO's base and vice versa. I'd be glad to attempt fixing it for you and sending you the patched files, but you also seem to have removed all the linebreaks from your scripts, making them unreadable. Worth noting this is on a listen server, not a dedicated or any official WASP servers.
  9. Treelor

    Simple CTI Warfare - Reborn

    Include respawning at strongholds/encampments (or a way for squad leaders (not commanders) to build FOB's or something) gets my download. I stopped playing CTI all together because Altis is just too damn big, and traveling 5+km to the battlefield every time I died was simply not fun.
  10. Welcome to TSM-21C, advanced qualification and practice course for veteran pilots. In this scenario, you will face an unlimited number of AAF fighter aircraft in an attempt to survive for as long as possible. Welcome to the Infinity Gauntlet. Features: -Endless wave-based aerial combat -Automatic resupply -Fully voiced -Basic scripted jukebox, picking from some of the best songs in the ArmA 3 sound track Requires: F/A-18 by John_Spartan and Saul http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?164308-F-A-18-Super-Hornet-for-ARMA-3 Future Plans: -Ground or Helicopter waves -Include flares for rearming (Under consideration) Available exclusively on the Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=182085716 Shameless plug: if any of you mission designers like my voice and want me to VA for you, consider this an audition.
  11. So is this module in the pipeline? I made extensive use of this during ArmA 2 and was a far more elegant solution to commanding subordinate groups than the community had made. I miss it :C
  12. Treelor

    crCTI Kastenbier Edition

    Neat! I'll be running a listen server with this for a little while. If you're lucky enough to see the post in time, do a name-filter for Treelor and you'll see it.
  13. Treelor

    COOP 22 Operation Caged Bear

    Just updated indev link with a bunch of fixes and a new VIP objective. Hopefully this one works better than it has before ;) Once I work out all the kinks with Operation Caged Bear, I have plans for Operation Dire Wolf in the brain begging to get out of my head and onto the screen.
  14. "A small NATO task force stands poised to cripple the Iranian presence on Stratis." Armaholic Mirror Dropbox Mirror <-- Latest and greatest (and probably broken use armaholic please) A 22-man coop mission that plays like an objective-based domination, with a couple of nifty features, namely: Consolidate AI to Leader: if you are a team leader, you can teleport all AI to you in the event they get stuck or separated. Teleport to squad leader: if you are a team member, you can teleport to your leader. Magical Teleportation Field Toilet: there is a field toilet located near the MHQ (unarmed Hunter) that will teleport you to the MHQ. This would be the first mission I've deemed sufficient for public use, so have at it! Credits: Treelor: Author Tophe: Simple Vehicle Respawn script Tonic: Fill Ammo Box script Dreadnought: Vehicle service script TORTOISE_FISTFIGHTER: Invaluable feedback, great host. Known Issues: Script load seems heavy during the battle at Marina Agia, and respawn times for vehicles shoot up as a result. Sometimes objectives spawn a few more enemies than they should. Am looking in to it, but not a show-stopper. Tasks, actions do not seem to sync to jip players. I'm using the built-in tasking modules for tasks; any help would be appreciated. [Workaround; disable AI blufor] Task information for Camp Rogain and Marina Agia could probably do with some clarification: there is a flag which one man must capture there, instead of completely sweeping the area clean. Send feedback to treelor@gmail.com, or post it here. Changelog: 1.0: Release 1.1: Fixed a massive derp with the Agia Marina flag. Sorry for that! Thanks to Simppak for pointing it out. 1.15: Mission now fails upon losing the prototype Ifrit, expanded upon description.ext file, helicopters at base replaced with two (more more versatile) KA-60's. 1.15a: Now using Dreadnought's vehicle service script - simply drive any vehicle to the concrete where the helicopters are parked. Also added VIP objective, and overhauled objectives and ending checks. Still subject to testing, and dropbox mirror is subject to microversioning for the next 24 hours (08 March 2013 today).
  15. Landing insertions should be done in relatively "safe" areas (no hostile camps within 1km or something). Could also script your own safe landing zone script that looks for clear land and sticks an invisible H down for the helicopter.