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  1. That's one of Richiespeed13's videos. He's a forum member (and official "pied piper" of ArmA2 thanks to his videos). Send him a PM and ask about the mission (Richiespeed13). He's a great guy and I bet he'll point you in the right direction.
  2. Thirdup

    Argh, how do I play ace 2?

  3. Try just pasting in the part of the YouTube link after the "=" (in you case "rw-FocEP3Fo") and they placing the forum YouTube tags on either side
  4. Thirdup

    Does ArmA 2 support surround sound?

    I use Creative Fatal1ty HS1000 headset and surround works great.
  5. Thirdup

    Medevac Module

    Complied pbo and launched on dedicated server. Helo and crew present. Call Medevac present and functioning All radio text appears to be functioning *No audio (nine-line, etc) Abort option present until smoke Abort functioning and medevac resetting Smoke functioning *Smoke duplicated if call/abort/recall Helo arrived and team disembarked *Helo still warping/teleporting between 5 and ~50 feet *Cannot board helo RTB radio call present and functioning Helo RTBs *Cannot test reinsert (cannot board warping helo) Did not test with second player, yet. Looks like you're getting very close to all "working as intended". Issues: No radio sound fx Helo hover/warp Might want to look into a way to delete smoke shell from inventory if aborted
  6. Thirdup

    space bar poll

    As with most threads like this: More options = GOOD for more play styles Trying to force everyone else to play the way I feel is more realistic = BAD I don't have a horse in this particular race, but anytime someone suggests removing features from everyone in the name of realism it's something I'm opposed to it. Optionally (as a server rule), sure I'd support changes like this. More options is always a good thing. If you really want total realism, keep a loaded 45 next to the monitor. When you get shot in-game, you'll know what must be done. Just don't expect everyone else to share your level of enthusiasm. ;)
  7. Thirdup

    co30 DominationA2! One Team

    OK, this was why I didn't have the call_action for atillery. Equiped the PRC radio pack and it appeared. I searched the ACE2 thread, the ACE2 wiki, and Google and never once could I find any mention of exactly how to call atrillery in ACE2. The closest I found was some obscure 10-month-old ACE dev post on a possilbe interfaces they might use when released. /sigh I don't play ACE much. If I did I guess I'd learn these things. But not being able to find answers to this sort of thing is why I don't play ACE much. Thanks Mr. Charles. edit: btw has anyone tried to call in flares in Domi2 w/ACE2? I get the radio traffic from arti but the salvos never appear.
  8. Thirdup

    space bar poll

    Making it a server-side option for admins to turn on/off.
  9. Thirdup

    space bar poll

    I don't see a problem with making it a server-side setting (on/off). I personally can't say that I find it "killing everything" about the game. I think that will largely depend on the type of play. My squad plays coop against AI. I've never gotten in the habit of using the spacebar and see no reason to ever use it (I like having to use my eyes). And I could care less if my squadmates use it. So to me, it's a non-issue. But as I said, I could see where it would be a good server-side control for those admins who want more reality. So my vote would be for a selection not offered in your poll. I certainly don't want BI to remove the feature (I'm certain some people depend on it to play). I seem to recall that disabling spacebar is an ACE2 feature. Like I said, I never use it so I wouldn't know.
  10. Thirdup

    Hiding in a bush vs AI

    Here's a REALLY good way to actually view how/when/where/and for how long the AI sees a player. http://forums.bistudio.com/showpost.php?p=1525272
  11. Thirdup

    Medevac Module

    Let me check it. ---------- Post added at 03:09 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:44 PM ---------- Neg. The "Abort Medevac" is present but not fucntioning on the dedicated server. Confirmed with three passes. I'm headed out for a bit but will check back in when I return.
  12. Thirdup

    Medevac Module

    All radio chatter (voices) are present. Both to-and-from helo. The only text I see is my character transmitting "Smoke Grenade Out" at marking LZ. Also getting notice when corpsman joins team ("Four follow one"). Did another pass to test: Helo and crew present. Call Medevac present and functioning Abort option present until smoke Smoke functioning Helo arrived and team disembarked Can board helo *Again, no radio call to RTB available. Stuck at that point. *also noticed that the coprsman/crew can get stuck trying to cross under hovering helo. Corpsman would not re-board when ordered. I *think* this is related to the hover/holding patern itself.
  13. Thirdup

    Medevac Module

    Tested in editor and all appears to function as intended. Compiled .pbo and placed on dedicated server. First Pass: Helo and crew present. Call Medevac present and functioning Abort option present until smoke Smoke functioning Helo arrived and team disembarked *Helo kept teleporting between 5 and ~50 feet *No option to board or abort. Stuck at that point (my guess is that it just glitched in the hover and was out of range to get the boarding option. We've seen this before in early testing.) Second Pass: Appeared to function normally. Boarded helo. *No radio call to RTB available. Stuck at that point. Third Pass: Appeared to function normally. Boarded helo. *No radio call to RTB available. Again, stuck. I'll have another go at it during lunch. * Did NOT test with another player yet
  14. Thirdup

    co30 DominationA2! One Team

    Same here. Looked thru the code and don't see where it's disabled anywhere obvious.