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  1. Turkeys

    PMC02 What do you do with the Civies?

    I threw smoke at them and they dispersed.
  2. I found a typo that was causing a mess of problems for me in your custom argument for using Combined Operations with the beta patch. The part at the end of the argument which reads expan sion should be one full word. If it is kept seperated than the game gets constant CTDs using certain commands such as Move There, some commands get jumbled up (Status commands), and there are constant bin errors and such. I'm just letting you know incase more come in with the same error :)
  3. Turkeys

    Move There Command Bug

    Yeah it is in the default location. I have the Steam version so it installed into Drive C and Program Files (x86). I'm running Windows 7, but I already turned off UAC. This isn't the only bug I noticed with the commands for my game though. I noticed that when I order the AI to get into a vehicle the game interprets it as me commanding them to observe it. The status commands are also all screwy for me and point to completely different things (Ex. If I select Injured! then the game thinks that I'm saying that I need fuel). This only occurs in the beta patch for me; I tested the commands in vanilla Operation Arrowhead and Combined Operations, and they both work just fine. Edit - Ah I figured out the error. I was using the method described in this thread to get everything to work with AddonSync (http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=102666) and found a small typo in the custom argument area (Expan sion should be Expansion). Thanks for the help anyway though :)
  4. I've been playing through the last couple of Operation Arrowhead beta patches and I've noticed one bug that is persistent in all of them. If I try to command my team to move somewhere the game always locks up and crashes to desktop. I was wondering if this is just happening to me, or if anyone else has been noticing this because it should be hard to miss?
  5. Resolution is set to 1440x900, AA is on high, View distance is set to 2400
  6. AMD Phenom 9850 2.5Ghz Quad-Core ATI HD4890 1Gb Windows 7 64-Bit 4Gb DDR2 1066 I have no problems running the game and infact it runs much much faster than Chenarus for me. I haven't tweaked anything and all my settings are on high. I got 44 average FPS on the Benchmark for OA.
  7. I had to manually copy over the registry values for Bohemia Interactive and Bohemia Interactive Studios from Wow6432Node into SOFTWARE. I have 64-bit Windows 7. It worked like a charm after that.
  8. Turkeys

    Should I buy from STEAM or Sprocket??

    I also have a question pertaining to this, however, I have the Steam version of ArmA 2 already. I was wondering if they can still be properly intergrated and all of that even if one is Steam and the other is Sprocket?
  9. Will I be able to max out or be near maxing out with this computer? CPU : AMD Phenom 9850 Quad-Core Black Edition GPU : MSI 8800GT (Slightly Overclocked) RAM : 2 gigs of Kingston DDR2 1066 MOBO : MSI K9A2 Platnium AMD 790FX
  10. Turkeys

    Ultimate Flashpoint Mod Beta 0.6

    How is it moving along?
  11. If there is anyone out there that has it and a Phenom, could you please tell how good does it run? Does it utilize the 4 cores effectively?
  12. Turkeys

    North America Release / Publisher

    I saw a preorder popup for ArmA 2 on Steam that has a release date of June 26th.
  13. Turkeys

    Beta Patch Changelog

    Hold up, did I see the words Starforce in that changelog? Please tell me that abysmal copy protection won't be on the US or EU versions PLEASE.
  14. Turkeys

    Ultimate Flashpoint Mod Beta 0.6

    That error can be fixed by downloading these custom faces. ftp://ftp.ofpr.info/ofpd/unofaddons2/facestex0-29.zip Source : http://ofp.gamepark.cz/index.php?showthis=9172