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  1. I have tried everything everyone has suggested even uninstalled reinstalled OA but every time I trying and launch the game under any scenario I get the following error "!!! MISSING STRING"
  2. Currently all players will spawn somewhere along the coast line either south or east of the island, it was our goal to leave the northern towns less populated leaving it up to the players to make there own way if they wish. Side missions plus boats are on the cards and will be implemented in furture updates to come.
  3. Haha Classic story love it! Not to give too much away but a build system maybe coming...
  4. If your having any issues you can drop us a line at dayzdevteam@gmail.com and make sure to include your arma RPT file. You can also drop us a line at to report any bugs or suggestions at https://dev-heaven.net/projects/dayz.
  5. Keep up the good work Rocket.
  6. TheKaing

    RFA Sir Tristian

    Really really awesome good work
  7. I have one request A snow island. Very simple, large fairly flat and snow terrian, no buildings or roads, or trees. Basically based on Antartica. If someone could make this would be awesome!
  8. TheKaing

    Uhao island

    One word sums up this island. Awesome!
  9. TheKaing

    Alien addon

    nice work
  10. TheKaing

    Tomb addon

    looks awesome!
  11. Heres some further screen shots of our USEC C130 in action which is soon to be released pre alpha to the community. I am also very dissapointed with these actions
  12. TheKaing

    New Island from USEC

    Cant wait to get stuck into this map Have to say opening and closing doors on both sides of the backhawks is gonna look so awesome
  13. TheKaing

    refuel the tanks of fuel trucks ?

    Yes, we have also had the same issue with fuel trucks totally running out of fuel after being used in the field for quiet some time. We have found you cant even refuel a refuel truck again even if you take it to a fuel station in game. So in the end you basically need to disgard the truck. I think this is also the case for ammo trucks also.
  14. TheKaing

    USAF F-16C Falcon

    Really nice work
  15. TheKaing

    Bank Building

    I love it! great idea