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    Sounds from in game chat?

    Posted after Bulldog. Just as he said - The player sounds you here from people in game are cached to your pc so they are pretty much there for the taking. Just make sure you can view hidden files and go to the address (I use windows XP): C:\Documents and Settings\[Your login user]\Local Settings\Application Data\ArmA 2 OA\players\[Player Name]\sound In there will have the sounds and filename you heard. As far as making your own, I can make any you like if you have the .wav or mp3 format. I have a home music studio with software so I can use that. At the moment I have a download with some game commands I ripped from Joint Operations Typhoon Rising. I'll be taking this download away at some point, but at the moment here it is. http://tomanger.home.comcast.net/Sound.zip NOTE: You can only have 10 audio commands setup at a time so if you want others, go to the other folder that I setup and replace some with the new ones keeping only 10 in the main Sound folder. If you don't have an .ogg player you can probably get one free on the net. Good luck and enjoy... If you have a request and have the audio file you need converted feel free to PM me or email me. I'm a busy family, church, working guy, but I'll do my best to get it to ya... Take care and have a great weekeend.
  2. Tom_Anger

    Looking for a bi weekley co-op meetup

    What's your location?
  3. Awesome interface - kudos. A problem I have is I cannot find any of the servers I play on, yet they are in my game as active with many people on. Is there some type of problem recognizing servers?
  4. Tom_Anger

    The Future of Arma

    I've never played MMO's because it honestly sounds queer when you hear grown men on teamspeak talking about dragons, guilds, and warlocks. From what I have heard some guilds would team up to take over land and build fortresses (just typing these words makes me want to hit my penis with a hammer). Having said this - In a Tactical Military game that could be interesting. I do think ArmA's Warfare model is the best to give folks a very close aspect of FPS, RTS, and MMO, however, the concerns are stability and when the game is over so is your character. ArmA Life also has the MMO playability, but not to the magnitude that it could be. :D I believe one of the main reasons ArmA is what it is today goes to the engine and ability to customize missions as well as addons. If ArmA looked to structure the game for MMO capability "globally" I bet there would be a fall-out with those who work on missions, addons, other customizations, unless that could be implemented in the process. Interesting post and I for sure will see how it unfolds.
  5. Welcome to the community GM.
  6. I believe my problem was with .NET Framework 3.5 SP1. I am working out the problems, but if I get hung up I'll PM you. Not an issue with the Mission Creator as far as I can see. I'll keep in touch. Tx!!!
  7. I wanted to use the mission maker program again, but am having trouble getting it to run. I get a weird error which may be on my end. Mac - if you do get back to this we will hook up. I am writing some small scale coops for single and MP, but no rush bud. Thanks for a wonderful year of results you helped the community put out.
  8. Tom_Anger

    Fallujah 1.0

    Oh Yeah!!! Thanks.
  9. Tom_Anger

    Ace Warfare

    FATMAN chiming in here. Thanks to Tav and Schmidt for taking the initiatives and a special thanks to Benny and others who really deserve much appreciation. ArmA was designed for folks like those who code and mod the game for the players. Schmidt's passion is to take an already excellent Benny Warfare and couple with something that will surely be fun. When it is in good testing I'll look to work on some useful articles (along with others) to help people look for the useful tips and tricks to enjoy the most out of the game. I started articles a few months back, but got sidetracked:man3:
  10. Tom_Anger

    lots of players?

    I would say it is better probably because many who played ArmA 2 went for OA. The multiplayer seems to be mainly Warfare, Advance & Secure, and Hold with the occasionals who setup events. As a whole I think the community has slowed to a lull, but you do get the occasional servers that fill up 32+. I personally like to find a buddy when I game and try to work together on AAS or HOLD. Way more fun than going solo. As far as the community I think it is still quite active. Sure there will be the occasionals who opt for MW, MOH, but in the end many still find the tried and true ARMA 2 OA!!!
  11. Tom_Anger

    co07 mission pack for dedicated servers

    Thanks for the effort to put these out Light. I'll check them out shortly. I made an Eager Smoke mission in arma 2 and never made it public because of minor bugs. It used the Rescue logic to rescue the pilot and weapons officer and once rescued they were under the rescuer's command. It needed work and time which I didn't have. This should be some good stuff. I'll try to get this on one of our servers today. Thanks again.
  12. Tom_Anger

    HOLD gametype

    School happened I think. I am planning on some AAS sessions for sure in a few hours and hope to get some folks I spoke to who are installing the game for the 1st time (veteran Joint Ops players) to join me.
  13. Tom_Anger

    [TvT 54] Takistan Rumble!

    The Urban Task Force enjoyed it for a bit. Give it time and more players to work on cool sessions for battle. The beginning preparation is like the rush before the battle. Work fast and organized... Get the pilot into position, move, drop, come back, move, drop, then get ready!!! I am on the east coast, USA and we have others in the UK so if anyone wants to put together a session or have us do it I would think we would be in. Is there a devheaven for this or should we use this forum post for suggestions?
  14. Tom_Anger

    Mission Wizard does not support Shapur?

    What mission wizard? SBSMacs?
  15. 1st off - welcome to the community. 2nd - Agreed on the joining clan aspect. Until you can find a nitch of folks to game with and share thoughts, the game will lose it's flavor as you become dissapointed in your own little world of trying to have fun :)
  16. Mac - Not sure where my issues it, but I am having trouble getting vehicles to respawn and not able to see the no entry signs to prevent spawn killing. I am testing this on a server, but with just me in the mission and no others - the timer doesn't start. Not sure if the player threshold has anything to do with it or not, but wanted to see what your thoughts were on this. I can send you the files if you like, but I have a feeling you may know what it is. Cheers...
  17. Tom_Anger

    1 Sector Control map?? and No template??

    I just played the sector control map in Zargabad for the 1st time and now know why Jump was requesting it. Truly a robust style of gameplay where both teams fight for 3 areas of territory and as the team's status bar reaches the limit, the mission is a victory and then the system shows the game move to the next area of frontline battle. To be able to take that and provide a template for custom islands would be a great asset to gamers. As you play you are awarded mortars, air strikes, etc. Not sure if they work because I couldn't get them to work, lol. The closest thing that comes to this is either Mac's C&H templates or the SBS Advance & Secure. Good stuff and now I know more why the post was made. Me and my group had a blast playing it yesterday.
  18. Tom_Anger

    1 Sector Control map?? and No template??

    Mac - Is sector control with 1 zone the same thing as the Hamburger Hill or Team King of the Hill gameplay that is part of your pack? I want to say yes. Your editor is the best asset to the community for those with little to no scripting knowledge and want to structure their own pvp or coop sessions.
  19. Tom_Anger

    Warfare multiplayer hacking

    I haven't experienced this type of activity, but then again - I join servers like ours who have signed keys only and allow a small set of specific addons. Those that don't are prone to all sorts of addons where some could be considered a hack/cheat. I remember back in arma 1 where there were addons changing the look of the OPFOR team where you could see them better (like a flourescent uniform addon) Honestly more info from your post may be required to successfully do any type of movement regarding hack prevntion. For starters you may want to contact the server admin regarding the server you were on, the mission that was played, roughly how many people were on, the date, etc. so that they can review and keep an eye out this type of activity. I believe it starts 1st with the game host to gather the known info and convey to the developers. Hope this helps.
  20. Tom_Anger


    Good luck with your efforts bud.
  21. Tom_Anger

    co9_Castle Day

    Looking forward to it lightspeed!!!
  22. I would agree to a point in regards to folks looking to game in vanilla. Benny's is vanilla with very nice features, many if not all that have been requested by Warfare gamers. With Benny's you get what most large respectable servers desire & enjoy in the game. You also will get, requests and changes enhanced quicker without the need to wait for weeks or months on some requests. In my opinion it is a complete dedication to the majority of gamers who enjoy great sessions of warfare.
  23. I understand and accept that ARMA is a simulation style game and blah blah blah, so accepting the fact that there are those who enjoy TDM gameplay I wanted to throw this poll out there. Going on my opinion there are many failed attempts at making TDM missions. I have failed as well in various areas :-) I swear there was a post on this somewhere, but maybe I saw it in a dream or something, lol. I did this in a POLL Like fassion so that individuals could rate their feelings toward various categories. Hopefully mission designers who see this can possibly work together at simple mission sets for the community. Please answer the poll and feel free to comment. Communication is the key.
  24. Tom_Anger

    (POLL) TDM Colaboaration

    Good stuff K. In adding to the discussion I'd like to say that ArmA really doesn't fail with MP game modes. Most arma players don't want to be bored in entering a DM/TDM style server with only 2 or 3 players. Players then conform to Coops or similar styles of games and that keeps the MP servers at a low which slowly diminishes. I think failure partially comes from the designers ability, or lack thereof, in colaborating efforts to establish a standard for these various types of games. ArmA 2's demo had a nice TDM gamemode and in the Full version there is Close Quarters. Where are those editable missions to be found? No-where and yet those seem to be a standard that we should see given to the community. Maybe I just don't know how to get those pbo's, but it would be nice to have them. I'm not saying it has to be your way, my way, etc., but there really should be some standard to go with and then with that standard have parameters for servers to customize their mission for various features to be used or disabled. I believe most would agree with me that we have the Standard Model for AAS (thanks to special boat service and others), we have Warfare (and let's not forget Benny's warfare which seems to be the dominant model), we have Domination, etc. Without a standard to go off of for Deathmatch Team Deathmatch Attack & Defend Search & Destroy Rescue V.I.P we may be fooling ourselves into thinking we will ever get these off the ground to stay. And when I say standard, I mean a shell template where a person can take the mission and move stuff around to have the gametype in a different environment. The gameplay and parameters would all be there so to the player the gameplay is the same, just with different surroundings. I think many folks who really want to see these gamemodes in ARMA and at a fun level of playability would agree. 8-16 man servers aren't all that expensive and I've seen some host right from their home. If there were standards set for some of the gametypes I just mentioned it may help the community a bit. I am not a great scripter by any means, but do know how to help get the word out there, lol. I think the only way you will see mission scripters put the time into setting any type of standard is to get the word out to others. Having said that, lets continue on the TDM discussions and see if anything comes out of it. Looks like we have a few polled answers moving in the right direction.