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  1. telkwa

    How to revert version?

    This is screwed up. I played a scenario last night, saving games regularly for about 2 hours. Got up this morning to play the same scenario and it didn't say "resume" like it does normally. All the saved game files in C:\Users\me\Documents\Arma 3\Saved\steam\hunter%20six%20-%20special%20operations%20unit.altis have been mysteriously deleted. The mix of any game and Steam is a cluster****. So what do I have to do make a batch script I click regularly to save my saved games in case either Arma or Steam wipes them out. Unbelievable. My lack of confidence always comes and goes with this game franchise over the years regarding problems. Just been reinforced. *sigh*.
  2. telkwa

    How to revert version?

    Thanks for the suggestion. I pasted "Arma3Legacy174" into the beta code and it confirmed that its "now available". I don't see anywhere in the game's interface where I can make use of yesterdays version. I found it. Open Steam right click Arma3->Properties. After pasting into the code box and clicking Check Code button, Arma3Legacy174 appears in the drop menu above for the "beta" you want to opt into. Now you have to wait until the game you had the day before download again. Beta my ass, it was the game I played yesterday!
  3. telkwa

    Laws of War DLC Feedback

    This DLC ruined my saved games. I spent countless hours saving games from user missions, now can't use any of them. Thanks Steam for forcing this upgrade.
  4. Not only that why is my name not capitalized and why can't I fix it :( Oh nvm I thought you were talking about forum names.
  5. Steam upgraded my Arma3 today without my permission and now my saved games for user missions don't load. How can I get around this. How can I revert to the version I had yesterday or can I update a saved game so that it loads?
  6. Steam upgraded my Arma3 today without my permission and now my saved games for user missions don't load. How can I get around this. How can I revert to the version I had yesterday or can I update a saved game so that it loads?
  7. Steam upgraded my Arma3, I never asked to be upgraded. It wouldn't play the game until it upgraded. Now I start Arma3 and my saved games from user missions say not compatible. What the hell. Can I either revert to the version I had before or update a saved game file?
  8. I've changed my password a dozens times and the Store login is still stuck in a loop telling me for security reasons I need to change my password. I click the link in the header, I change the password, it sends me a confirmation, I go back to the site I enter the new password, it logs me in then stops and says for security reasons I need to change my password. I've already emailed the Support contact for the BIS Store months ago and their brilliant idea was to make sure I click the link in the email. Seriously! Every time I change the password it updates the forum password so I know it works on the forum. I bought TrackIR and wanted to buy take on helicopters while I waited for A3 but I gave up and have been throwing money on Planetside 2 for cheap thrills. Can someone please fix my Store account login.
  9. telkwa

    How do I report my position to the AI?

    Even if the "where are you" "report position" is cosmetic it is annoying because they are lagging behind, why can't they move the **** up? The fact that they can't keep up to me pisses me off. I'm on point and they can't keep up leaves me vulnerable in an ambush. Why do I have to wait for their sorry asses, can't they run just like me!
  10. You could make one in the editor. You could download one and extract then put in editor and lighten up it's difficulty by removing some units etc. then export. ---------- Post added at 16:50 ---------- Previous post was at 16:43 ---------- http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?155795-CO-03-Overwatch
  11. I've played it a lot. TheHunter.com is the most photo realistic 3D environment I've ever seen. Heck if you enjoy hiking it's fun to just explore the environment it is that good. 85% of the game's need for power goes straight into its environment rendering, 10% in animal AI and maybe 5% or less in the player, speculation on the numbers but I bet I'm close. ARMA or any FPS won't achieve this level of photo realism because there is so much other stuff the game needs power for, they have completely different goals. Agreed, even if you don't like hunting, I recommend everyone download this freebie and spend a couple hours in it.
  12. telkwa


    This looks like a great Coop to use for a friend I just introduced to the game. I'm having difficulty though. The Pilot squad member #5 never gets in vehicle and never joins the squad. Never regroups or accepts any commands. He always says he will comply but never moves. Since he seems to stay anchored to his original position he's always nagging me to report my location.
  13. telkwa

    Alpha Lite no multiplayer

    I don't care about battle eye and Multiplayer. I only care about giving a friend a key and doing a Coop mission running on a server I host on my own PC. At least that would help gain new player fan base. But just giving a friend a key and say here you go play by yourself and figure it out on your own. Hope you buy the full version adiós. BIS should have made it so that the only way the Alpha Lite user could do Multiplayer/COOP was if My GUID was on the same server as theirs to enable their Multiplayer.
  14. telkwa

    [SP] Woods Sweep

    The trigger for the new waypoint doesn't work if you don't take the correct weapon and ammo. I went through a lot of trial and error.