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  1. Hey guys, Triglav here. If any of the old CWMod crew ever by accident still come to this forum, look up the American Civil War mod for Empire:Total War on TWcenter and find me there. Would be cool to get in touch with some of you again...
  2. Triglav

    WW1 Mod Expansion Pack

    Hey old friend, Just downloaded your mod today. Glad to see you're still at it Regards, T.
  3. Looking good! Congrats!
  4. Hey there. Sorry for not logging in for a while... Sure, you have permission to release the new optics and any other upgrades to the mod any of you feel would benefit to the gaming experience. On beards...there are quite a few men in there with beards (that match haircolour too), but I'm not exactly sure which name they have in the editor. Most of the generals, obviously, and a few troops too. The whole list is here: http://www.petrov-petrov.si/~triglav/CW/CWsoldiers.htm All best to everyone! T.
  5. Wow. Looks great if you guys are gonna continue this project also for ArmA.
  6. Thanks for the mirror Artak!
  7. If I were a state official, an application for such a permit would be instantly denied! But I used to live in Ontario and didn't find things too restrictive. I remember shooting guns twice when visiting some friends farms. Was no problem shooting in the field behind a farm. Now back here in Slovenia you can only shoot in shooting clubs, in safe indoor galleries, except if you're a registered hunter. Don't have any guns currently and don't want to either.
  8. Soon, Pickett, you're gonna be packing more punch than your entire division at G'burg.
  9. Wow! Great photos, wonderful looking countryside. Wish I can visit someday...
  10. Online works fine. Besides it'll be ages before they get any good games into stores 'round here...
  11. If anyone is still unfamiliar with the excellent Civil War game Forge Of Freedom, I strongly recommend it! http://www.matrixgames.com/games/game.asp?gid=333
  12. You do only get regular missions, unless you downloaded the various missions scattered around this thread and placed them in the Missions Folder. All the elements of the mod are then available in the mission editor... Do you see a different GUI? With some Civil War soldiers sitting around a campfire, when OFP starts up? If not, then you didn't install it right.
  13. Tried it out. Really cool! Even trying out a little mission.
  14. You need old CWMOD stuff or new Stonewall_Jackson's stuff? Either way, send me a PM...
  15. Connors, It's not a matter of comparing how good what is, but comparing how much stuff Gavin has stolen from CWMOD. Though he claims "he was once part of CWMOD" and that "that gives him right to take whatever he likes for his mod", that's cheap manipulation. He was nowhere to be found in the first year, when CWMOD beta was released. He was nowhere around in the second year when CWMOD v.1.0 was released. Then he forced himself into the team saying if we don't let him he'll go an make his own mod using our stuff (which he eventually did anyway, and also did a very similar thing before to a WW2 mod, so it seems it's a pattern of behaviour for him to force himself upon mods, cause trouble, then rob them blind), but as he got kicked out of CWMOD, he once again didn't contribute one single thing in the third year to the release of CWMOD 1.2. Now if you open the files of House Divided you'll see 90% of them are taken directly from CWMOD, some just slightly altered or retextured. That's theft. And theft is what all this "bickering" is about! It's NOT about "omg they made a better mod than we, we're so jelous and pissed", but about "omg they stole 90% of CWMOD, put on new textures and released it as their own"! Yes it is stupid to "bicker". But respectable modders don't work that way. See how ProfT works. Not only did he contribute a huge pile of things, scripts, solutions, etc to CWMOD, which would automatically grant him right to use any CWMOD part for his mod, but still he ASKED permission, and of course, received it in full. Do you ever se us "bickering" with Napoleonic mod? No. Guess why...