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  1. Tomislav

    StarGate : Challenged Empires

    so how about if you first of all split the "planets" in: goauld ruled, then res is pro you human ruled, res/civs/government can be pro, against or neutral alien ruled, depending on if there will be, like una, wraith or dunno which were on the show too res = tokra? possibility to buy different weapons, vehicles technology, or sell you'Re own stuff, guess i am exaggerating atm :P otherwise i don't know to be true, but i guess the gate system is at least as good as in ofp, and that worked pretty good in the old times
  2. Tomislav

    StarGate : Challenged Empires

    amazing dingmatt really amazing, how about some shots of the Goa’uld, and i guess to give every gate an own "army/civilization" is also kinda tricky, you got an idea how to come around that?
  3. Tomislav

    Wip-m4a1's pack v1.0

    really nice, good work wip
  4. Tomislav

    CSLA Studio

    i am not to familiar with the vehicles used by the czech forces, but are those new vehicles you talked about are more kind of extraordinary ( or rare), in your forces inventory, or do they somewhere in the world fulfill their task for the any forces? edit: to make it clear i would love to see some "rare" used vehicles, and on the pics the "Lizzard" looks cool, will be great work as usually when the final textures are on it
  5. i always thought discussion about senseless topics get closed
  6. Tomislav

    StarGate : Challenged Empires

    what stuff is made already is the question? i guess you're using the stuff you already produced, in that case additionally i'd love to see such robotor unit they send through the gate to check the area via video, dunno how it is called in english, maybe a system like the drone of fennek made by the bwmod for ofp, though i am aware of the fact that this won't be made very fast, +give it a fire option, like the robots used by us army
  7. Tomislav

    ArmA photography - Questions&Comments

    @parvus: shaw looks really relaxed in that pic , nice shoot
  8. Tomislav

    Who would you like to see interviewed?

    how about Terp or any other one from the bwmod. or raedor of course
  9. Tomislav

    Wip-m4a1's pack v1.0

    lovely statement wipman though i hope you're trying to get the M16A4 DMR working, or?
  10. err, i guess it is somehow useless to keep on discussing here as long as no official answers to the question about that grey zone. looking at the thread about 1 % of the questions was answered by an official, and i don'T want to sound rude in any way, but it was an easy question.
  11. Tomislav

    ArmA Turkish Mod

    i havn'T seen one either nice stuff you're producing here i really love those G3s
  12. I think the answer is: everything that's not disallowed is allowed. err, i guess that's a little bit too simple, but how should one know before. and on most points i agree with miles teg i must say, as i guess most addon makers got anyhow very few time due to school, university, job family etc., doing addons eats ones free time, i mean i am sure bis is thankful for the fact that people do that, but that the community, in this case mainly rock has to do a "usefull" tutorial, in order to help people who would like to start with addon making is a hard i must say. of course it is really appreciated, and good to know that an expert like rock is offering to do it, but wouldn't miles teg suggestion be something bis could take in consideration for future?
  13. another thing is that ofp was for about 5-6 years on his own out there, now ArmA is out, the stuff from BIS e.g. sample models, but also tools came a bit late if you take in consideration, that ArmA 2 is going to be released this year (yes, one never knows as history shows), but in fact things came really late from bis, and you can read the rest from earlier posts here, with which i agree. it's not that i wanna tell you wait with arma 2, but make things at least compatible, and this time for sure, not that it ends like ofp and arma, than better tell that before.
  14. Tomislav

    ArmA Photography I - No images over 100kb.

    Vector german retex