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    Recycling, repair, resources, etc.

    Recycling would good.
  2. Hi All, Got a wierd problem when I join my friends game, my wasd movements is skewed by 45 degrees. So I press W and I'm walking forward and right by 45 degrees whilst facing forward. Same for all other keys where 45 degrees is added. Is anyone else getting this to even have a solution ? l MP with me hosting and single player is fine. Cheers.
  3. terminus

    Horrible multiplayer lag

    Myself and quite a few others get the same when there is alot of objects. So no problem at the start of your game but as you build more objects, the problem starts to occur. From what I've read, at the moment the devs are not acknowledging this as bug within the game and instead are suggesting the clients PC's/setups/links.
  4. HI, Got a problem where objects are disappearing and re-appearing when playing in MP. i.e. Doors, walls, light tripods etc. The following video at 21.04 shows an example of an object disappearing, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iq4Hqmw7lEE Anyone got a fix ? Terminus
  5. Thanks for this great script. Quick question about respawning. When I waiting there unconscious for someone to revive me, I don't see a respawn button. Is it a matter of just escaping to the BIS menu and clicking respawn if I wanted to respawn ? or am I missing something in the config ?
  6. Just tested again and found Combat logistics is working again for me. Not sure what happened. ---------- Post added at 14:46 ---------- Previous post was at 14:22 ---------- Just another problem we are having with Alive on Chernarus. We can never complete the task Attack Civilian objective. It spawns little base out in the middle of nowhere. We blow up everything at the base it fails to complete. It does says to clear a town nearby, but there are no indicators as to which town. link to screenshot
  7. Hi All, Since the latest update I cant seem to get Combat Logistics to work properly on a Dserver. It works if I host it and I call a air drop or convoy etc. But in the Dserver, they ( AIcom?) acknowledge my requests , but nothing ever turns up. Could someone test it on their dserver and let me know if its working for them. Thanks in Advance. Cheers
  8. terminus

    tanks sinks after update

    Bump. Any updates to this problem with sinking units ? I'm getting it with RHS on AinATP as well.
  9. terminus

    =BTC= Quick revive

    HI, Just using the chernarus map in allinarmaterrain pack and the script works, except for the "cry for help" which says we don't have players nearby when there is a player standing over me.. Also. my kit changes back to the default instead of retaining the my custom kit when I respawn at base. Your original revive script used to retain your custom kit when you respawned back at base. Any ideas ?
  10. Hi All, Just need some help.. We had a mission in alive to "Destroy civilian facility" which was in a small base. We had no idea what to destroy and didn't complete the task. There was sacks of foods, empty weapon and ammo crates and a piece of machinery with fans on it. we destroyed it all with satchels except for the base walls. Anyone got any ideas as to what we needed to do to complete the task. We've come across similar tasks and never been able to complete them.
  11. Getting closer, got a problem though. Stop list at column 1034 "["SmokeLauncher","FlareLauncher","CMFlareLauncher","Laserdesignator_mounted","ItemWatch","ItemCompass","ItemGPS","ItemRadio","ItemMap","MineDetector","Binocular","Rangefinder","NVGoggles","NVGoggles_OPFOR","NVGoggles_INDEP","Laserdesignator","FirstAidKit","Medikit","ToolKit","launch_NLAW_F","launch_RPG32_F","launch_B_Titan_F","launch_I_Titan_F","launch_O_Titan_F","launch_B_Titan_short_F","launch_I_Titan_short_F","launch_O_Titan_short_F","srifle_DMR_01_F","srifle_DMR_01_ACO_F","srifle_DMR_01_MRCO_F","srifle_DMR_01_SOS_F","srifle_DMR_01_DMS_F","srifle_DMR_01_DMS_snds_F","srifle_DMR_01_ARCO_F","srifle_EBR_F","srifle_EBR_ACO_F","srifle_EBR_MRCO_pointer_F","srifle_EBR_ARCO_pointer_F","srifle_EBR_SOS_F","srifle_EBR_ARCO_pointer_snds_F","srifle_EBR_DMS_F","srifle_EBR_Hamr_pointer_F","srifle_EBR_DMS_pointer_snds_F","srifle_GM6_F","srifle_GM6_SOS_F","srifle_GM6_LRPS_F","srifle_LRR_F","srifle_LRR_SOS_F","srifle_LRR_LRPS_F","LMG_Mk200_F","LMG_Mk200_MRCO_F","LMG_Mk200_pointer_F","LMG_Zafir_F","LMG_Zafir_pointer_F","hgu
  12. Just to clarify, this will include all magazines, weapons and evrything else that player can choose to equip in vanilla ?
  13. Which I've been searching for with no luck as yet. Have you got a list for all vanilla items ready made in a BL array ("item1,"item2" etc) ?
  14. Actually that was mentioned in another thread. The use of blanket banning sides like BLU_F and OPF_F, which would be easy way solve my problem. ---------- Post added at 03:29 ---------- Previous post was at 03:22 ---------- I never insinuated that BIS was involved with VAS, only stating that BIS would make it easy for any gear setup script like VAS, if they allowed for a switch for all their vanilla items used say in the mission's init.sqf. Thanks for the suggestion, and find Tonics BL arrays which I wasn't aware of.