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  1. sygsky

    arma gold servers after gamespy shutdown

    https://www.gametracker.com/search/arma/ - this is main resource over Inet for remained Arma-1 servers.
  2. sygsky

    I need some FPS boost guide

    1. Migrate from old desktop to newer with better processor (above Core 2 Quad). 2. My ancient Nvidia card (1Gb) is produced in 2011 and named as GT 560. So change to better. 3. Not try missions/campains with multiple addons. E.g. ACE is greate but hard to load and play. 4. Ensure your Arma to consume 2 Gb memory without swapping to SSD. That is all I can advice at first glance. P.S. To check your speed, try to connect COOP server at sygsky.no-ip.org:2302, using Arma 1.18 and ACE 1.09 (from 18:00 to 24:00 of GMT +3). If you connect successfully but get low FPS you really need hardware upgrade. Else - use normal missions and be happy.
  3. sygsky

    Heli fight

    Серьёзный подход, с планированием, импонирует. Первичные соображения: 1. Аддоны, кроме Map EU, не слишком обязательны, в них мелкие и приятные детали, без которых можно и обойтись. А если брать ACE, то в нём есть вполне достаточные замены, например Glock 17-18, мелкие западные вертолёты - их можно видеть и в известной тебе миссии "Красные инженеры". 2. Map EU даёт доступ к множеству объектов. Похоже, он ещё и добавляет кучу новых. Это интересно, как минимум. Т.к. QG является стандартом, то его искать долго не придётся. Это я рассуждаю с т.з. уже имеющихся игроков, как долго им придётся обновлять свой ярлык запуска. Даже не знал про этот аддон. На слуху только EditorUpdate, открывающий стандартные объекты ванильной Армы-1. Что тоже полезно. Если MapEu открывает и их, он - лучше EditorUpdate и закрывает все его достижения)))
  4. sygsky

    ArmA Photography I - No images over 100kb.

    Last known permanent Arma-1 servers... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1985, no virtual reality, no Inet, only we and they. All still is honest. The images were taken within the last 2-3 years: Night jitters on Sahrani. The heat of battle Base is cleaned New objective received Under fire Important mission In ancient forest Saboteur's moon Crimea on Sahrani Last photo (February of 2020) in Mercallilo
  5. sygsky

    Female voices RUS

    Soviet women are out. Remaining Russian ones can't speak anymore, not only in game but in life too. This is next future mission goal, to make voices to them again)))
  6. sygsky

    arma gold servers after gamespy shutdown

    Anybody can try to attach to remote address sygsky.no-ip.org:2302 from 21:00 GMT+4 to 22:00 GMT+4 on working days and during whole day on weekends. Versions are: Arma 1.18 + ACE 1.09. Mission is Xeno Domination 4.+. Totally localized.
  7. sygsky

    arma gold servers after gamespy shutdown

    Use Tunngle room "Arma: Armed Assault". Some servers are situated over there. E.g. "Red Engineers" server is rather stable one in that room, 16 hours/day, 365 days/year. Versions are: Arma 1.18 + ACE 1.09. The single mission of Xeno is always running - "Domination 4.0", modified from run to run during last 2.5 years. Mission is almoust totally localized.
  8. sygsky

    Anyone still playing this?

    Use Tunngle room "Arma: Armed Assault". Some servers are situated over there. Sometimes runs server on sygsky.no-ip.org:2302 (21:00-24:00 GMT+4 work, whole day weekend)
  9. sygsky

    Bring back ArmA Armed Assault servers please?

    Use Tunngle room "Arma: Armed Assault". And the force will be with you!!! Or try attach to sygsky.no-ip.org:2302
  10. sygsky

    Arma Online play

    http://master.bistudio.com/?page=1&count=10&filter[status]=1&game_id=2 Also look to Tunngle room Arma: Armed Assault. You can find from 1 to 4 servers in any time. Sometimes runs server on sygsky.no-ip.org:2302 (21:00-24:00 GMT+4 work, whole day weekend)
  11. "Black obelisk", Erich Maria Remarque, the eighth Chapter, the last sentence. Read it once and became smarter forever.
  12. Specially for you, server v. 1.18, last : yadi.sk/d/hEhFtBwTZEW58