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  1. sama

    Stacking things on Malden...

    In the objects properties tick the checkbox for 'simple object" perhaps.
  2. Ok ive seen this come up a few times from others in game with no firm reason or solution.What do you think causes this banding.I know from making my own models that it occurs when you dont have a shadow volume LOD.
  3. sama

    Is bigger better?

    Thanks for replys. Its definetly DPI.Im tweaking it and have found i need double or more DPI to achieve the same sort of "feel" as i had.In regards to FPS,i can still pull 40-60.AA can be turned down with the higher resolution so ive saved some there.
  4. sama

    Is bigger better?

    Hey all Ive just upgraded from 22inch 1080 monitor to 27iinch 1440p.Now for a game like dcs its superb.I can see targets much easier.Now for arma it seems i have lost all my skill in pvp.Im finding it hard to pinpoint why but my aim seems off,small adjustments seem to be not as precise and targets seems to be not as distinct.Its allmost like theres a larger movement on screen with the smallest of mouse movements now.Shouldnt mouse movements be proportional regardless of monitor size? Any thoughts?Also enemys seem to sink into the ground more and look more concealed.Is it that i was so dialled in with the old monitor and its just gonna take time to adjust? Anyone else had trouble adjusting? Seriously considering going back to the 22 inch as stupid as it sounds.
  5. sama

    BI taking on DCS

    I love my arma and i also play/played a bit of DCS. The arma jets ,although being fun,arent very hardcore,and in BI,s defense, arent targeted at the hardcore flight simmers.I have wondered why BI havent ventured into a fully fledged flight sim. Without the need for performance draining internal building details/animations etc. (that a flight sim does not require)you would think that the current engine and BI,s ability to create vast terrains would suit such a venture.Employing the help of companies like belsimtek,leatherneck etc. or even going it alone they could produce the perfect flight sim i think.Maybe they tested the water with take on helicopters and werent impressed with the publics response? Maybe they figure theres not a big enough market for such a venture and its not viable? Maybe there just not interested? Who knows. I know id be interested in such a venture.
  6. I haven't reported it as a bug. I thought it was a feature and not a bug...who knows.
  7. Playing a bit of pvp last night and noticed a change with the titan AT.Not a complaint just an observation that i thought id share.
  8. Thanks beno,good to see someone with the answer reply,cheers mate.
  9. geez man get off ya high horse,i have no idea about this stuff,itd probably be better if you didnt answer at all.
  10. variable name : hunter init field : hunter setVehicleTIPars [0,0,0]; Thats how i tried it in editor.Please correct me.
  11. Hi all Does anyone know if its possible to make a hot vehicle not show up on thermal imaging? Ive seen this https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setVehicleTIPars but it dosent seem to work in arma3 or perhaps im implementing it wrong?
  12. Yeh I had the same experience.The amount of options and addons and poor interface turned me off instantly.Plus really,performance wise a very ordinary game mode.It's a shame BIS did drop it after arma2.u The best cti game mode I believe is on the EUTW servers,tho it hardly resembles cti warfare of old and is more AAS mode pvp orientated but with all the assets.By far the best hardcore pvp mode there is.