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  1. Are you running other mods with CWMOD? If so, and there are conflicting files (such as dta\Anim.pbo), OFP loads the last one in the list of mods to be loaded in the shortcut source field (for instance, C:\Program Files\Codemasters\Operation Flashpoint\FLASHPOINTRESISTANCE.EXE" -mod=onemod;anothermod;CWMOD). Pistol anims in the mod use a file in the Addons folder, "CWPistol.pbo" or something like that, and is independent from the "Anim.pbo" file. This is why your pistol anims work although the rest don't.
  2. Sepe

    Training Base HELP!

    What exactly do you want them to do? For running around (eg. through a set of obstacles), just place a bunch of waypoints where you want the unit to go (you'll need to play around with them a bit if using objects so that the AI doesn't just go around them or stuff like that) and place a "CYCLE" waypoint where they started. For shooting, I use the invisible targets addon by Lester (which can be found at OFPEC). Place them near whatever you want the units to shoot. For constant shooting, create a script that rearms the units every now and then (and possibly sets the target object's damage to zero every time it's destroyed)
  3. The easiest way to achieve this would propably be using the doFire command. When the target is wherever you want him to get shot, run the following lines by script, trigger or other means (the target getting off a vehicle or similar maybe?): group sniper1 reveal target1 sniper1 doFire target1 Sniper1 and target1 are naturally whatever names you have given to the units. Not on a Flashpoint computer now so I can't check whether the reveal command required one to use a group like I did, but no harm in that (even lone units are "groups")
  4. If you don't wan't the units to start inside the vehicle but board it at the beginning of the script, use the "getin_veh.sqs" Nikiller posted. "moveinCargo", "moveinDriver" etc immediately teleport the unit inside the vehicle, regardless of their position (and are, AFAIK, automatically assigned to that vehicle)
  5. Sepe

    To encode a mission

    The missions you download (and the ones that come with the game, for that matter) are in .pbo format, and cannot directly be opened in the mission editor without un-pboing them. Is this what you mean? To make your mission into a .pbo, save it in the editor with "export to single missions" as ProfTournesol said. If you want to open others' missions (which is indeed great for learning!), you'll need to de-pbo it and place it in your users/username/missions folder. For this, you need to use an external program. I personally like PboX, as it allows you to both create and extract .pbo files, as well as look inside them without depboing. You can find it from ofp.info under "utilities".
  6. Yes, the problem with the boat is that the player is still assigned to the boat. You can either use a "GET OUT" waypoint for when you want the player to disembark, and/or the command "unassignVehicle player" in your waypoint/script/trigger. If the player is a member of a group (and not the leader) he will also be commanded out. As for your second question, I think the easiest way to get a leader of a group to follow another leader would be using a script, for instance: #loop ~10 ?(leader group1 distance leader group2)<50:goto "loop" group1 move getPos leader group2 goto "loop" That way you don't have to add specific waypoints to group1 (the group following), though if all units in group2 (the group being followed) get killed, group1 will just stand around at the leader's corpse. This can be avoided by checking if there are any units left in group2 and telling group1 to move (using the "move" command and targets such as game logics or markers).
  7. Sepe

    Halo Jump

    It's a script that makes the selected unit to appear at a selected height and then open it's parachute (or spawn a parachute and insert the unit into it, to be precise) at another selected height. For instance, put Miki45's script to the mission folder (/Operation Flashpoint/Users/missions/missionname/) and then name it, say, "parach.sqs". Then, in the mission editor, put [this,1000,200] exec "parach.sqs" to the init line of an unit. He should now appear at air and automatically "open" his parachute when he comes closer to ground.
  8. Sepe

    About Addons

    Bah! Did people believe in 2001 that we could ever get things like swimming or melee combat? Well, we did, thanks to the creative modders and scripters of the community. What makes OFP is so great IMO is it's hidden capability. It didn't have top-notch graphics when it was released, and now they are considered ancient. Instead, BIS created a scripting engine with huge potential, which inspired creativity never seen before. But sure, the active days of OFP are over. But lemme tell ya, it will join the hallowed halls of greatest games of all times - possibly not the mainstream section, but the one with Dwarf Fortress, Nethack and the like. OFP is currently one of the few games installed on my computer. They don't make stuff like that anymore.
  9. Sepe

    radio alfa e HQ

    That won't show the sender of the message as Papa Bear though. If you want to use them, run this line in init.sqs, a trigger, or whatever (doesn't matter how you run it, as long as you do): papabear = [West, "HQ"] And then, for the message: papabear sideChat "This is Papa Bear to Alpha. It's tea time. Over." You may also use "Firefly Base" in a similar way, using: fireflybase = [West, "airbase"] And then: fireflybase sideChat "This is Firefly Base. We're running low on beer. Requesting support. Over."
  10. 10 seconds is a relatively long time for a moving unit, though, even an infantry one. But that's always the art of balancing (a too short time can cause problems especially on older computers and CPU-heavy missions) If you want the 10 meter radius, this should work: objectname setPos [(getPos leadername select 0 + random 10 - random 10),getPos leadername select 1 + random 10 - random 10),(getPos leadername select 2)] This will place the object within 10 meters of the leader, at the same height. If you want the altitude to be randomized, simply add a "+ random 10" to the last variable (wouldn't suggest the "- random 10" after it, as the object will end up underground about half of the time)
  11. Sepe

    Terminal Mistake???

    Shouldn't be that. I have pretty much all notepad-editable formats OFP uses - or I use, that's mostly ones related to missionmaking. (EXT, SQS, SQM at least) As long as the file name stays the same it should work. At least Win7 has an option to define default programs in the start menu. Don't have an XP computer at hand right now, but I recall a similar function can be found from the control panel. It should allow you to change the program used to open certain file types, though I'm not sure if defining default program as 'nothing' is possible. My guess is the file has been incorrectly saved (as said by above posters), so that the name is "description.ext.txt" when it should be "description.ext". Do you have your Windows configured to show the file types, eg. if you have a picture on your comp does it show up as "picture.jpg" or other extension or just "picture"? But if you are absolutely sure you have not touched the description.ext file in any way, I have no idea. My closest guess would be FADE, but that might just be me being pessimistic.
  12. Sepe

    Tommygun for everyone :D

    What Korea/Vietnam version? The M1A1 (used in WWII) was the last of the line (except for the semi-autos manufactured for civilian markets), and was still used in Korea. And very little in Vietnam, too. Nimravus, looking good! I hope they'll be realisticly inaccurate. To create great gangster gunfights if nothing else.
  13. ProfT, you know, judging by the stuff you've come up with during the years, you seem to have an unhealthy obsession with breaking the engine limits. Looking good, especially the reflections! Shame tight formations tend to bug and lots of troops on the battlefield tend to lag though, but the Napoleonic and US Civil War mods could stand pretty respectable amounts of troops at a time, so the latter isn't such an issue.
  14. Hi, For the second question: Yes, you can make the choppers fly at a set height with the flyinheight command. Make sure you set it a couple meters over any buildings or trees in the area though, or the AI might crash. If it's an open area you should be fine. For the landing part, you can use the "land" command: chopper land "GET OUT" The land command has three modes, which are "land" (stop on the ground, engine off), "get in" (hover very low so that units can get out) and "get out" (hover low enough, at about 1,5m for units to get out without damage). In this case, "get out" is propably the best. Make sure you place a helipad object (if you don't want it to be visible, there's an object called H (invisible)) to make sure the chopper lands where you want.
  15. Sepe

    Multiple weapons

    Actually, you CAN take AT ammo from fallen soldiers/ammo crates. The thing is, to simulate their weight, bulkiness and single-use nature, the ammo takes a whole bunch of magazine slots (something in the lines of 6-8) You may have to select your AT weapon from the action menu though for the option to pick up the ammo to show up.