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  1. Hello Alwarren, and thank you for participating in this. Not recognized this, cause everytime I put a group in a vehicle, I put the leader in first by "this moveincargo Vehicle". But what I also forgot to mention is, when I put a group in a already crewed CUP-BMP2 of the AFRF by using "moveincargo" in each units init, the first few take seat in the bmp, while the last few are taking seat on the external mount, despite there are still free seats in the bmp which are seemingly not possible to be occupied by my group. *confused* This is also something I had witnessed with some RHS-BMPs and BMDs. So you basically loose transport-potential somehow. *wired* Sorry for potentially not getting the whole problem behind that and still having no clue what to do to make it work.
  2. Hi Chairborne, thanks for your response. Sry I went not much in further details. It is ecaxtly as described in here -> http://dev.cup-arma3.org/T1367 So I´m having a squad with 4 BMP2s of the AFRF-Fraction, filled with Soldiers and the AI-Leader sitting in the first BMP2 of that convoy (by "this moveincargo BMP01a") with waypoints across Kulgojev, but the convoy does not start its tour 😞 Once I had the same problem with some RHS-BMPs and BMDs, which I got rid of by their attribute-option to "disable external mount", so I had a dejavü somehow. "Add "[this] orderGetIn true;" to squad leader's init field." as stated in T1367 also did not help me, but that might be my unability..
  3. Hi there, first to say, I´m really sorry for digging this out - but it still seems to be a problem (at least for me). Already checked the above mentioned ticket, which is meanwhile labeled as solved, but I cannot see it working yet 😞 So cool, playing all that "old stuff", enjoying Kulgojev right now after years but that possible bug bites me hard right now. I really would apreciate any help solving this or pointing me to a workaround as I could not find one..
  4. straubinger82

    AI Suggestion

    I feel you and just can recommend the "Fire For Effect"-Mod bigly 😛
  5. Hey there, sorry for digging this up but I might be to dumb to use this. Say I have a group V01 which has to join group TAG01 at some point, what exactly do I have to write then (in an on activation-field for example)? (units _group) join _yourgroup; ..that looks promissing, but I just don´t get it. (V01) join TAG01; ..that was my first guess, but to be honest I don´t check the whole _XXX thing - I´m sorry
  6. straubinger82

    Devas Turkish Armed Forces (TAF)

    Hey Devastator, just want to thank you for your great mod and effort. I really like all those mods representing the forces of the varis countries out there. Will follow your progress and enjoy it. These days I´m fidling around with some SP-Missions going turkish forces against hellenic forces on Statis (fight for the air-force-base). For now, turkish Air Force wins, but it´s ground forces takes it hard from the hellenic groundforces not getting a stand on the base. @all: Did someone already test if the ships are working with the FireForEffect-Mod? That would be really cool I think.
  7. Hello my dear comrades, first please apologize, I´m just going nuts and need your help. I could not find any related information to my problem which is crazy, cause it is the very first time noone seems having what I am experiencing. Being on editor-duty since OFP I made thousands of (easy) missions for me and my friends sofar. To ArmA 3 I´m new I have to admit. But the very basics are still in my head I think. My Problem is, that a triggered waypoint seems only working when the trigger is near the waypoint it is synced or related to, as written in the topics tittle. Trying to give you my "mission-goal" in the very short form: When a blufor-group arrives at a certain location, an enemy helicopter has to fly to a waypoint to unload it´s cargoed troops. #01 - This is the working test-scenario: - A ind-group is sitting in a helicopter, with a waypoint (move) right in front of it, the waypoints condition is T1, followed by further waypoints to it´s designated landing zone - Right behind the helicopter, I place a blufor-soldier (played by me) with a small trigger in front, set to blufor present, on activation T1=true - So when I pass the trigger, T1 equals true and the helicopter starts it´s way to the landingzone caused by the trigger (a blufor being present) -> This is working fine! How couldn´t it, right?! #02 - That is the non-working test-scenario: - A ind-group is sitting in a helicopter, with a waypoint (move) right in front of it, the waypoints condition is T1, followed by further waypoints to it´s designated landing zone - Far away a blufor-group in a vehicle drives throu a trigger, set to blufor present, on activation T1=true - So when the blufor group in the vehicle equals T1 true -> Nothing happens!? I only made up scenario #01 for checking the overall functionality and am still being surprised, that the very same scenario does not work, seemingly only caused by the trigger not being right near the helicopter wich is waiting for T1=true. I also tried the easy-going waypoint-synced-to-trigger-method, but came to the very same insane outcomes. So my question is, am I the only one experiencing such insanity? Are there any distance related things I have to care for? If so, why? What I´m doing wrong? May all this relate to some Eden-specials? My thanks in advance for any help in my broken arrow scenario..
  8. Hello folks and sorry for doublepost. I just got behind my problem and now know what had caused it. Maybe some of you guessed it. I somehow accidently checked the "Enable Dynamic Simulation" on the units far away triggering the waypoint for my helicopter. So when sitting in the helicopter, waiting for the triggered start far away from the blufor vehicle that should cause this - it simply did not move in trigger-area.. ..shame and laughs at me I´m sure. So anybody else who might get mad as I did - be aware that Dynamic Simulation also stops units from following waypoints in case you didn´t know 🙂
  9. straubinger82

    Ragdoll, should Arma2 have it?

    Ok, all that comes a bit fantastic in ArmA^^, but I think you forgot an alternative. My favorite would be the EuphoriaSystem. But, I guess the effort for hardware would increase even more. So perhaps you add this to your poll? Arrrgh! Still one month till I get GTA4 for PC. Rockstar are using Euphoria in it. Look on youtube for some nice vids... - Euphoria - At least I would prefer more physics generally than by dying.
  10. straubinger82

    WIP: stuff you are working on!

    Oh, yeah! Nice to see Footmunch again with a nice promissing pic. Will stay tuned^^.
  11. straubinger82

    WIP: stuff you are working on!

    Damn! This looks really interesting.. but the more interesting question would be.. will these silos be able to "light up some cigars"?
  12. straubinger82

    Project RACS

    After a little testing, I haven´t found any real bugs. Just enjoyed it for 2 hours... and will do more  . I think you pimped the lights too, so it looks really nice at night. Great textures with very nice little details. (only some green parts on GunShip are not really nice I think) Not to forget the awesome flightmodell from the BuWa-Mod. Only one thing I would mention, but it´s just my opinion. The AutoGearIn/Out-function could act a little more less. Don´t know how to explain...  but when you´re hiding behind trees and stuff like that the Gears are allways coming out... (ok, it´s some kind of detailfishing here, sry) but it would be nice if the gears would expand under 10 meters than 30 as now. I guess this is a personel wish... so can I even tune this by my self? Don´t know if this is a stupid question^^, nothing found for that. At the end I just want to thank you for all that great work, especially the (in my opinion) first and really nice civil helicopter.
  13. straubinger82

    Project RACS

    Wohou! Great news... download is allready aktivated. Will test that stuff even tonight after watching RamboII a few minutes ago^^. Thanks to all the teammembers for making my night. Cu..
  14. straubinger82

    SAP Air

    Oh, well pictured nice looking azzkicking new units. Nice classic color for the civil ones and cleaning streets hovering 1 miter high will be very great with that two gunners. Go! Go! Go!
  15. straubinger82

    Su-27 Conversion

    Yes! Nice idea. This Project I will follow... would love to fly Su´sann in Arma. Ok, now it looks somethin paper, but this is wip and I know your good work already released. So keep it up, express your self and make us happy Â
  16. straubinger82

    Portuguese Mod

    Damn! That lookes really good. A nother new Fraction, will test it a soon as it comes to release. Thumps up.
  17. straubinger82

    Blackhawks and seahawks

    Oooh... thought something was happening here.... This project is(was) really interesting, I hope it doesn´t stop.
  18. straubinger82

    SAP Air

    My Vote for it ! As one of the helicopterlovers I would jump around with various Rangerversions maybe with doors and in a well used plain color. Tried out the stuff I´m really glad having these Babies on HD. Keep on rockin...
  19. straubinger82

    SAP Air

    Wohooow! Porno Ranger is back! Nice to read about some civil stuff too... I remember a Rangerversion with a small fixed Assaultrifle on side.... this would be a nice and not so overwhelming loadout. Great work, please don´t quit^°.
  20. straubinger82

    Eurofighter Typhoon

    Nice to see some equipment for the german units released in very past^^. Will take a seat in that in a few minutes. Thank you very, very much.
  21. straubinger82

    Project RACS

    Hm... didn´t know you plan infantry too... nice. Do you plan different camo for the RACS-Infantry? Matching better with the vehicles? I´m a little friend of "cooperate identity", so it would be really nice to have some green sections on it like the vehicles have. Now I use RACS only on SouthSahraniIsland, or on MAP_SouthSahraniIsland, cause the bright deserttheme jumps in eye on green ground. (yes I use MercT1/T2 or woodland RACS Addons than in other cases...) Thats something anoying me with the default ones.. Seems like your lineup will never end , so don´t take this as a request, just an ask for information. On this run, .... just want to ask if talented EddyD is doing a civil MD500 too?
  22. straubinger82

    RKSL Studios : Reloaded

    Looks very interesting... Sometimes I walkaround on your homepage... and your projects are looking very impressive. Remembering some stuff out of ofp-times *dreaming* Would be uberhappy to test something out of your great stuff. I bet your flightmodels will kick ass. All positiv Chi to your work
  23. straubinger82

    GLT's CH-47 "Chinook"

    Thank you very much for your detailed information. I guessed the hidden selections are something like you explained. When I have changed a flag, I think it worked way the same. Sry, didn´t know that the wheels aren´t retractable at all... So keeping it authenthic will be the best dicision.. but maybe we can get a few miles more per hour^^ caused through better windflow. (vry sry 4 my english). It´s so nice adding some civil evacuation to all my little chaotic missions^^. Thank you again for your afford.
  24. straubinger82

    Project RACS

    YiggiediYagg! I´m so excited, and I just can´t hide it^^ Would love to play with your new toys on that weekend... wish you all the best .
  25. straubinger82

    GLT's CH-47 "Chinook"

    Quote: "There's a plan to add hiddenselections on the sides so missionmakers may add own markings and flags, fitting the mission scenario." Hey, that sounds extremly porno. Now I just have to look what these damn hidden selections exactly are, and how they work^^. I think the cockpitview in your chopper isn´t that bad. But the wheels I would love to be able to pull them in. Are there plans for that.. cause the modell looks like... Keep up the good work..