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  1. Hi, I like to enjoy BIS forums on my cellphone and have been using Tapatalk to manage all forums that I visit. As of late, I cannot log in to the BIS forums via Tapatalk. I have noticed that this site changed a lot since I lat viewed it on a PC. The log in here now requires an email address, versus a user name. I have tried my user name, email address that works on the website via pc. Tapatalk has changed several times within the past few months. The changes don't seem compatible with this website. Any insight? Thanks! PS if this is not the correct forum to post in, please correct.
  2. sailindawg

    Performance is Ridiculous

    Try running the game with everything at high. Don't go higher with view distance than 3000 m. Also, I'm assuming your running Win 7 64 bit? If so, unpark your cpu cores. Just Google "unpark cpu cores". It's well documented & will stop win 7 from under utilizing your cpu. Also, try to get closer to 4.8 on the cpu.
  3. sailindawg

    WW AIMenu (complimentary commands)

    All right, SP noob here. I liked the mod, downloaded, extracted it as explained and placed the mod file in the "Arma 3 Alpha" folder in your "My Documents" folder. There is also a userconfig folder under the ARMA 3 Alpha Folder. I placed the userconfig file there from the mod. I have also set the mod into the launch properties. The mod shows up under the Expansions inside the game lobby. I cannot get the menu to show up in game. I replaced the key bind with the convention as described in the link inside the userconfig file. I used "9" and keypad 9. All I get is assign team to a color. Where am I going wrong?? Thanks. EDIT: I think I have it sorted. I stopped trying to use the My Documents approach and installed the mod directly into the main ARMA 3 folder. The AI Menu showed up when I was running a test with the mission editor.
  4. Dslyecxi , could you make it public so the SP people like myself can hide/show the tactical hud ? If it brings back the hud after restarting a saved SP mission that would be terrific. Your tactical hud is great and very useful for SP as well as MP. Thanks for your efforts for making Arma more immersive.
  5. Kibot, Does this recent fix address the ability to put HQ fireteams into available vehicles? Thanks! Edit: I'm using the stock ARMA 3 with only CBA mod, fullscreen night vision mod & stancxe indicator mod
  6. OK. So what I need to do is break up the fire teams into individuals and command them individually? OR, use the fire teams as support & go with a direct squad of AI. Hoping Tim can figure out how to get HQ units to board vehicles. That would really improve the mission and bring it to a larger scale! Good work! Keep it going.
  7. I have just started playing this mission as SP. So far, great mission. I'm having a problem though. How does one get the fire teams to board a vehicle? I'm using fire teams not single AI. When I have a vehicle, such as the helo taxi, I'll highlight a fire team, say F1, and there is no command to board a chopper. The manual says to select the AI, hit 4, and there should the commands for boarding nearby vehicles. All I'm seeing when I hit 4 after selecting the fire team, is speed movement selections. What am I missing? Thanks!
  8. sailindawg


    @ kylania, Try checking the unlimited save option under difficulty. Unless the mission maker overrides this option, just use unlimited saves to save your place as you progress through your mission.
  9. sailindawg

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    To all of the above posts regarding how to load mods / manage mods, instead of using launch parameters, why not just use the ingame Expansions module? It's a very elegant solution. Between that update and Six Updater, managing mods had become very easy. Steam is easy as well as long one users Properties/Launch Parameters. The ingame Expansions module is best.
  10. sailindawg

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    Lord Jarhead, Thanks for your effort. Between your 1.5 mod and COWarmod, you have taken ARMA2 to whole new level! I just fired up the hike in the hills single player mission and with those two mods, it's a whole different experience. Thanks for your effort!
  11. sailindawg

    ACR DLC available on Steam

    I downloaded ARC via steam and tried running directly from the steam client using the OA Combined Operations selection option. When doing it this way, ARC doesn't load. I'm also running the most recent beta patch. Launching the beta patch shortcut, ARC launches fine. If I go directly to the Operation Arrowhead directory and launch the OA .EXE file, ARC launches fine. Only time ARC won't launch, is when trying to launch directly from the steam client. At any rate, ARC launches and is available in Combined Operations. Maybe steam client needs update. What's different from the other DLC, is this ARC doesn't have is own thumbnail in the steam client like the other DLC. And yes, I follow the hints already posted in this thread before launching from the other .EXE files.
  12. sailindawg

    Amd 7970: antialiasing unusable

    @Nicholas Yes, I'm using the latest beta patch. I did edit the cfg file successfully and I was able to use the PPAA. I'm not sure what happened initially with the PPAA error. @erupter The beta patch works well & solves the white bushes / AA thing. The beta patch executable also fires up Combined Operations, if you have it. : p You should give it a try, just create a shortcut for the beta patch exe on your desktop for easier access. One of the best features of the patch is that one can load / unload mods from within the game from the Expansion button. Thanks All.
  13. Thanks for the link. I had previously bookmarked it. I have tried what you suggested & I had an error regarding PPAA. Does one set FXAA to zero when using PPAA? I'll give it a try again.
  14. Does this patch have the PPAA setting? I installed this patch & I went to edit the My Documents/cfg file, FXAA was there not PPAA. Am I looking in the right place? Thanks.
  15. sailindawg

    Amd 7970: antialiasing unusable

    Is PPAA located in the My Documents/ARMA2OA.cfg? I'm running the latest 1.60 beta build posted yesterday & it's not in that cfg file, FXAA is. I tried to edit to add PPAA, but when Combined Operations ran, it noted a PPAA error.