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  1. Have a look into HWM site and you will find separated each pbo of our MOD Althought you will need the "Core" and "Weapons" PBOs. Please be awared man ... you can use it the way you like it ONLY local. Read the manual disclaimer for more clarifications regarding this issue. Thanks Whereabouts on the HWM site can you find individual pbos? Can you provide a link? I've got the weapons.pbo but can't see the 'core' one. I'd like to try the Huey without downloading the full HWM mod also.
  2. Shins

    Sigma Six Vehicle Pack

    Do a Daisy Duke model THEN I'll be impressed. (But seriously, top looking stuff )
  3. Shins

    ArmAlib v1.0

    Any thoughts about the rotating stars Kegs?
  4. Shins

    ArmAlib v1.0

    ..and i retract the complaint about it not being universal. It was a doddle to do one myself No complaints Keg's, top, top work. Noticed one tiny, inconsequential but interesting bug. If you rotate the camea while in external view while firing a gun (like the Gau 12 on the harrier) the tracers rotate with the camera. NOT THE rounds, they still land where they should, just the VISUAL EFFECT of the tracers. like i say, hardly of note and definately not something one's likey to see during normal usage, but interesting Edit: Bummer, it's worse than just tracers, the stars rotate with the camera too. Can be quite confusing :/ At least i now have proof that the universe revolves around me...
  5. Shins

    ArmAlib v1.0

    Quick and dirty 6DOF track IR vid for those asking. It's ace Might take a few mins for it to clear through youtube. Top work Kegs, clever bugger that you are... Only complaint is that it's not universal (depends on script in mission to work) but I suppose an addon version that applies the effect to all vehicles could be done. Looking at the script i think it's even possible to define the amount you can 'move around' in each vehicle by class, so you could have an addon that lets you define more latteral freedom in an open-sided chopper than in one with doors for example. Top!
  6. Very cool, any update on that pbo version? I take it would work as a server side only addon? (for non-player-led squads anyway).
  7. Shins

    Startled birds

    Awesome idea. Looks superb. Good work man. I think ideally this would be packaged in two forms. 1) A 'general' gamelogic that when placed in a mission acivates random sizes of flocks across ALL woodland and 2) an 'Area Effect' trigger that only functions within the trigger area.
  8. Shins

    Evolution (Red+Blue)

    Go on a server then look in C:\Documents and Settings\Your User Name\Local Settings\Application Data\ArmA\MPMissionsCache you should find the file there in XP. On Vista its in the C:\Users\Your user name\AppData\Local\ArmA\MPMissionsCache. You will find the mission files for every version you have ever played there! Yeh I did try that but all the servers i see it on are passworded. Anyone got a link?
  9. Shins

    Evolution (Red+Blue)

    Can someone please post a ink to HoHei Evolution RED. It's hard enough finding Blue but RED seems impossible to grab from anywhere I've seen servers running a version http://stats.swec.se/game/data/924989 but i'll be buggered if i can find it. Anyone?
  10. I'd still give my left nut for a flyable, steerable, deployable parachute (coloured smoke trails optional... )
  11. Shins

    Backpack idea

    The UK bergans were sweet. I believe the RAAB guys may have included ports of the OFP ones in their RAABOpen addon. These bergans were great in ofp because you could even sling them between your legs when using flyable chutes http://www.zen61235.zen.co.uk/OFPGRABS/para/3.jpg
  12. Awesome work. HUGE congrats to everyone who put any work into this. Too.. much... giving..! So... much... Christmas spirit! Head... melting... EDIT: Had to come back and say WOW! WOW! How polished is this? Soooo impressively presented. Sooo accessible. Even the interface blows me away, amazing what you've been able to produce with the GUi... Masterpiece, pure and simple.
  13. If I use this addon on my dedi server will all server AI use the suppression script? ( I guess not player squad AI cos they're handled client side right?)